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Why an Outdoor Wedding is the Best and the Worst

September 2, 2016

One of the most important decisions that an engaged couple will make is choosing their wedding venue. Not only will this dictate when the wedding will take place, but it will also be that place where you will exchange your vows to forever. It will also be marked on your mind and your guests’ memories. So it has to be special and perfect.

Contemplating if an outdoor venue will be great for your wedding? Let us help you by pointing out some factors why outdoor weddings are the best and could be your worst nightmare.

Pros of an Outdoor Wedding

1. Natural beauty
Whether you choose to get wed at the beach or a garden, you can be assured of amazing photos in an outdoor venue. With its breathtaking scenery, your guests will have fun taking their selfies because every area is a photo worthy background.

2. Natural light
Photographers love natural lighting. And any outdoor venue will offer this with the presence of the gorgeous sun.

3. Kid-friendly
Good thing for couples who have so many guests bringing kids. Kids by nature are restless when enclosed in an area such as indoor venues. They run around and throw tantrums that sometimes interrupt the prepared program. An outdoor venue will distract the kids and will help their guardians manage them better.

4. More affordable
An outdoor venue can be more affordable especially if chosen venue is not your typical wedding venue being rented. In addition, an outdoor wedding offers more options for themes and has very minimal need for styling – letting you play with your creativity better and guarantee you more savings over an indoor wedding venue.

5. Great ambiance
There is always something about outdoors that gives off a romantic and calming vibe among the guests. Guests feel more informal and relaxed that adds up to the intimacy of the event. Whether it is a fantastic sunset as the backdrop or garden lights and lanterns, it will certainly set the mood for a romantic night.

Cons of an Outdoor Wedding

1. Uncontrollable weather
Probably the biggest challenge in an outdoor wedding is the unpredictable weather. It could be sunny all week but suddenly rain on your wedding day. This can certainly be a disaster if you have not prepared any Plan B.

2. Bugs
In a wedding, sometimes surprise guests come. But you wouldn’t want this unwanted guests to ruin your wedding– bugs! Summer season attracts flying insects everywhere. It can be an irritant for guests and distract them from the ceremony or reception program.

3. Heat
Warm summer season with the sun blazing down could be a good thing for your photos but certainly not for the comfort of your guests. Sweat clinging on the backs of your guests and constant fanning can be really irksome. To reduce this concern, provide refreshments or fans as gifts and you may also set a dress code so your guests can come ready.

4. Uneven ground
Outdoor weddings will help guests get comfortable with nature. But their feet rarely do! Imagine your guests coming in high heels or their best shoes without a decent cemented pathway to walk at. It could ruin their favorite shoes forever and will make them uncomfortable all throughout the wedding.
In the end it’s all up to you. The key here is to be proactive and always be prepared for the inevitable. Best of luck!

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