Wedding Traditions in the US

July 10, 2015

Every country has its own wedding traditions. Chinese like all the things red in their wedding ceremony such as red wedding dress, red wedding veil and red high heels. However, American oppositely like all the things white in their wedding ceremony. Besides, Chinese put money in the red envelope and give it to newlyweds, but American newlyweds would list up what they want and have their family or friend to choose what they want to give them. If you will marry a person who has different culture from yours, it is better for you to understand his or hers marriage tradition in advance.

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoes“, which is a famous saying for American weddings. Each item in this poem represents a good luck for the bride. However, in ancient Rome, brides would wear a blue wedding dress, that is why here says “something blue”. “But how did white become the predominate color for American wedding dresses?” You may ask. Well white was not the predominate dress color until 1820. In 1820 Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress on her wedding ceremony. Americans began to gradually adopt this tradition.

blue_wedding_bouquet_9Wedding Reception venues

In a typical American weddings, the bouquet and garter tosses are must-do traditions.The bride tosses the bouquet into a crowd of single women. The lucky (or not so lucky) lady who catches the bouquet supposedly is the next person out of the group to get married.

The garter toss is slightly different. The garter is ceremoniously removed from the bride’s leg by the groom. The garter is then tossed over the shoulder of the groom into a group of single. And wouldn’t you know it, whomever catches the garter is the next man to be married out of the group. This is far off from the origins of the garter toss. The garter was originally given to a ‘witness’ by the groom after the wedding ceremony. This was proof that the marriage was ‘consummated’ that night, and therefore made the marriage ‘official’. Good thing we lost the end of that tradition.


Newlyweds provide food, drink and WEDDING CAKE! The tradition of wedding reception is to show host’s gratitude and appreciation to those who attended their wedding ceremony. Entertaining guests after a wedding ceremony is traditional in most societies, and can last anywhere from many hours or even days.


Weddings are as old as the human race For many people, marriage means a milestone of life or a symbol of a new family. Marriage is like a kaleidoscope, which you can see many different cultures and customs from different countries and eras. Different cultures prefer different wedding reception venues and different food. But thats what makes every wedding unique and fun.

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