Wedding Photographer vs. Crowdsourced Wedding Photos

June 21, 2016
Pro Wedding Photographer vs. Crowd sourced Wedding Photos

Wedding photography is one of the fastest growing businesses today. Even though wedding photography is used for many years, the fast advance of technology has allowed this industry to evolve.

Today, people can choose from many different photography styles and make their special moments even more interesting, exciting and memorable. In addition, taking wedding photos is an activity that can be conducted in a few different ways. This is why many couples are wondering which option is better. Hiring a professional wedding photographer and using Instagram to crowdsource wedding photos are two options that are getting very popular today.

Let’s see which method is right for you:

Hiring a professional photographer

Hiring a professional photographer on your wedding day will provide access to high-quality camera equipment. These professionals usually work with their own crew that can help them make the best photos. They have experience in taking photos in different styles. You can choose the one that you find to be the most attractive or ask them to use different styles at different stages of the wedding.

Pro wedding photographers are skilled, talented, experienced and knowledgeable and if you choose the right wedding photographer you can rest assured that this activity is left in safe hands. With their help, you will also save some time.

True professionals often provide some additional services like creating wedding albums and editing of photos. They have taken photos in different venues and they are able to capture the best moments of your wedding. In addition, they’ll take hundreds of photos and it is up to you to choose the best ones.

Obviously, all these advantages don’t come without disadvantages. Namely, hiring a professional wedding photographer can be very expensive. In addition, you will need to book them a few weeks before the wedding.

Crowdsourcing your wedding photos on Instagram

Fast technological advancement has changed the way we are thinking, so it’s not unusual for modern couples to avoid hiring a professional photographer and ask their friends to use their smartphones and tablets to take photos and post them on Instagram.

As you probably know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks specialized in taking and editing photos. The biggest advantage of using Instagram for taking wedding photos is the fact that this procedure is fun. Every guest will be engaged in this activity and you can ask your guests to use the same hashtag whenever they post a photo.

Another advantage is the fact that you will gain instant access to all the photos taken from different angles and edited with some interesting filters and editing tools. Obviously, another great advantage is the fact that you won’t pay anything for this activity.

On the other hand, using Instagram doesn’t guarantee high-quality photos from your wedding. It will also mean that many of your guests will spend a lot of time on their mobile devices.

Don’t forget that you can use both options if you want and get the most from your wedding photography. Let us know about your wedding photo experiences below!

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