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7 Ways to Slash Your Wedding Budget

June 17, 2016

The wedding day is one of the most important days in our lives. Unfortunately, there are many people who are postponing this joyful day because they believe that the wedding is very expensive and that they cannot make it memorable on a budget. But, it turns out that these people are wrong. There are many ways to slash your wedding budget and still have a spectacular wedding. The following is a list of some simple, yet effective ways to cut the expenses.

1. Shorten the wedding guest list

There is no doubt that you want to share this special moment with everyone you know. When you are getting married you want the world to know about this. But, keep in mind that every guest you add on the guest list means extra cost. So, invite the people you know and care about – your closest relatives and your friends and colleagues.

2. Use the help of your friends and relatives

Sometimes it is a good idea to ask for their help instead of asking for a wedding gift. For example, instead of hiring a professional wedding photographer, ask your cousin who is a talented photographer to take photos. You can do the same with the musicians. Of course, in order to use this opportunity to save money you have to know people who are truly talented and skilled in these fields.

3. Opt for home wedding ceremony or outdoor wedding ceremony

The venue you are renting will probably be one of the most expensive items in your wedding budget. So, if you are able to hold the wedding in your home that would bring you significant savings. People who have large and beautiful gardens should definitely take this option into consideration. In addition, you can also hold the ceremony in the local public park if it looks beautiful and has sufficient space. The only thing that you should think about when choosing this option is to rent or buy tents because rain can ruin your wedding.

4. Don’t spend too much money on flowers

Wedding flowers are beautiful and there is no doubt that they can beautify any space. But, the fact is that using expensive flowers and too many flowers can cost you a lot and while they are beautiful flowers don’t last long. You can still use flowers, but reduce their number. If you find the right way to do this, your wedding may become more elegant. Some people suggest the use of fake flowers too and if you believe that you can find attractive fake flowers then this might be the most convenient solution.

5. DIY invitations

All it takes is a good printer and creativity and you can create the best wedding invitations ever. Use your printer at home to print the invitations and use the Internet to find inspiration. Keep in mind that you can use different types of paper.

6. DIY or used decorations

Every wedding needs decorations, but the truth is that you don’t have to spend tons of money on these decorations. There are many DIY guides on the Internet and you can also buy used decorations and centerpieces too. It is not difficult to find used decorations offered by recent brides on classified ad websites.

7. Purchase tuxedos and dresses on sale or rent them

Custom bridesmaid dresses are beautiful, but expensive. So, in order to save some money, buy a bridesmaid dress from a store preferably a store with dresses on sale. It is not difficult to find such stores especially on the Internet. However, if you use the Internet for this purpose you must be very careful because you won’t get a chance to try the dress before buying it. The best idea in cases like this is to make the order weeks before the wedding day. The groom can rent a tuxedo.

These are only some of the things that you can do to slash  your wedding budget!


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