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What Venue Managers Don’t Want You to Know About Finding Venues

December 7, 2015

Finding venues online is a daunting process that often has more downs than it does ups. Searching for venues on google often brings up a cluttered list of names and spaces all competing for your attention.

Some of the results simply say [city name] event venue, and that’s it! You have no clue as to how much they will cost, what they look like and what features and amenities they provide – let alone what kind of venue it is.

Google wasn’t designed to find venues.

It doesn’t matter if your’e searching for your dream wedding venue, an effective off-site meeting space, or a unique venue for your best friends bachelorette party – you wont find it on Google. That’s because Google wasn’t designed to find venues. Searching for venues with Google is tiresome, stressful and ineffective, but venue managers love it.

Because of how hard it is to find venues with Google, you’ll settle with whatever venue is on the first page. That means that if a venue has good enough search enging rankings it will be chosen by you – even if it’s priced higher, offers less amenities, and doesn’t work with your event’s theme.

What They Don’t Want You to Know:

Finding venues in your area can be simple, easy and effective – if you use an online matching service like VenueCenter.

Venue matching services do a few things that venue managers don’t like:

  • They level the playing field. Venues with a bigger budget won’t rank any higher than the smaller more unique venues.
  • They allow users to narrow down the results with advanced search criteria.
  • They allow users to compare the features, price, and practicality of different venues easily and quickly.

Here is what VenueCenter looks like when searching for a venue in Austin:


Look at the difference between those results and Google’s results! With VenueCenter you have images of each venue, the price, the capacity and the location all displayed at a glance. From there you can click the venue to see all the features, amenities and accomodations, but don’t just take my word for it: look for yourself!

What is the Best Way to Find Venues Online?

We’d love to say that VenueCenter is the best and only way to find venues, but we’d be lying. Depending on your region, there may be a better venue matching service site. In the UK for example, there is venuefinder.com – VenueCenter doesn’t have any venues listed in the UK, but venuefinder.com has plenty. It works the other way around too! VenueCenter has thousands of venues listed in the United States, but venuefinder.com only has a hundred or so. (See the full comparison between VenueCenter and venuefinder.com by clicking here.)

The point we are trying to make it that VenueCenter will be the best option for some of you, but not all of you. The best way to find venues online is to use a venue matching service that’s free to use, has a large number of venues in your area, and a modern and easy to use design.

With many venues in Dallas, Austin, and Houston, VenueCenter makes a great choice for anyone wanting to find venues in Texas.

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