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The Ultimate List of Dos and Don’ts for Winter Weddings

December 3, 2015

Winter weddings can be one of the most unique and magical ways to say your vows, but that’s if you follow the dos and don’ts of winter weddings! If not, you can end up with a stressful wedding, upset guests, and possibly even a ruined wedding day. To avoid that, VenueCenter has constructed the most up to date, and comprehensive list of dos and don’ts for winter weddings.

Winter Wedding Dos

Do Apply a Winter Theme – If you’re getting married in the winter, you should apply a winter theme to the save the dates, the wedding invitations, and the wedding decorations themselves. Think of using icicle lights, frosted glass and windows, and evergreen/pinecone centerpieces for great winter decorations.

Do Think Out of the Box – Being different with your decor will help you personalize your wedding. Maybe you could do a vintage winter wedding, or a disney inspired snow white wedding, the options for unique winter weddings is endless.

Do Use Winter Activities – As long as it’s not too cold, you can hold the cocktail hour outside and provide your guests with the materials to make snowmen while servcing hot chocoolate or apple cider.

Do Choose Your Favorite Bridesmaid Dresses – There is an old rule that says you must wear certain fabrics and styles of dress depending on the year. Choose whatever works for your wedding’s style and don’t let the season rob you of your dream wedding!

Do Create a Comfortable Reception – Romantic candle lighting, soft textures, and a cozy lounge area will all make your reception a totally inviting space.

Do Give Winter Inspired Favors – Holiday and winter themed gifts are always a hit. Here are a few great examples: Ornaments with each guests name on them, truffles, hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies.

Do Keep the Reception and Ceremony at One Venue – Because of the potential for snow and the effects that will have on guests ability to travel, you’re going to want to keep the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all at one venue.

Do Provide a Coat Check Area – There isn’t really much to say about this one except for the fact that it’s nice for your guests.

Do Use Warm Accessories to Keep Your Bridesmaids Warm – wraps, shawls and jackets will all keep your bridesmaids warm so embrace them with open arms and choose accessories that go with your wedding’s theme!

Winter Wedding Don’ts

Don’t Skip Out on the Comfort Food – Comfort food will keep guests feeling nice and full as well as warm. Think of a hot soup instead of a salad for example.

Don’t Forget to Keep Yourself Warm – Don’t let yourself freeze on your special day! Opt for a dress with heavier fabric and pick out a thick shawl and boots that match your look. It also helps to have a venue with a fireplace and/or central heating.

Don’t Think That Winter = An All White Color Pallete – All white weddings can be beautiful and create a wonderfully unique wedding, but don’t forget about the other color possiblities like red and evergreen or gold and white. Choosing even more unexpected colors like an orange or yellow can also result in a fun and unique setting for your guests.

Don’t Be Inconsiderate of Your Wedding Party – Allow your bridesmaids to bring a pair of sneakers or boots instead of heels (or at least along side heels). Trust me, you don’t want your bridesmaids plowing through snow in heels, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Don’t Make Your Wedding Too Hot – Remember how we mentioned having central heating or a fire place? Don’t make your venue so hot that guests are sweating on your dancefloor, if you notice that it’s too hot, ask to turn down the temperature a bit.

Don’t Make Guests Wait in the Cold – Plan your reception line so that guests don’t end up left outside in the freezing cold by recieving guests inside.

Don’t Choose Out of Season Flowers – Best case scenario, out of season flowers are extremely expensive. Worst case scenario, they are impossible to get. Use winter appropriate flowers like tulips.

Don’t Use a Thick Sauce or Heavy Meat – Using comfort foods is great, but if you use a heavy meat or thick sauce your guests may feel to full to dance!

Don’t Choose a Venue That’s Inconvenient for Guest to Travel To – For the same reasons you want the reception and ceremony in one place, having a venue that’s too far out of the way can present a safety issue and late guests.


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