Top Birthday Party Themes for 2017

January 24, 2017

Children are unique and have their own special interests. However, there are certain things that all children love which is why you often see similar themes repeating each birthday party. Here are the themes that will be popular for children’s birthday parties in 2017:




Pokémon has been big ever since it came out in 1996 in Japan and 1999 in the United States. With multiple generations, a TV show, video games, and a trading card game, It is loved by many, no matter a person’s gender. None of the kids will want to be on their phones with a theme this fun! The possibilities are endless and there are plenty of DIY projects related to Pokemon that can be found online.




Shopkins was very popular in 2016 and in 2017 it’s expected to continue to be a popular theme! If you have a girl, you should really consider this theme. By adding cute faces onto inanimate objects this theme will make the objects, feel alive and as if they have personalities. Bright colors, sweet treats, and cute faces on objects; what little girl wouldn’t love it?

Star Wars


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Need I say more? This theme is every boy’s dream, even some girls would love this! There are so many decorations for Star Wars out there and there are plenty DIY projects you can do. You can easily turn your living room into space with some curtains and glowing stars. Your creativity can go crazy with this theme and all children will love it!

Disney’s Moana


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Moana was a big hit when it came to theaters. Boys and girls loved this movie and who doesn’t love a good luau? You can bring a slice of Hawaii to your backyard by getting the children leis, making fruit kabobs, and having flower and tiki decorations. If you want to really impress everyone and get some great pictures, you can get a balloon arch of coconut trees and a balloon statue of Moana!

Petting Zoo or Reptile Encounter



Petting Zoos are great for boy and girl birthday parties! You just need to be careful that none of the guests at your child’s birthday party are allergic to the animals.This theme allows for children to learn in a fun way and make your child’s party special. You can also opt to get a reptile and amphibian party if that is preferred. Either way, it is a fun way for children to learn about different animals.

An Emoji Party


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If your kid loves emojis then this is the party theme to choose! Emojis are super popular and new ones come out every year. The yellow face emoticons are the classic loved ones that are the icons for all emojis. There are many decorations to get for this theme and all the kids will love to see the cute funny faces everywhere.

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