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Top 10 Factors to Consider When Looking for Your Next Corporate Event Venue

November 11, 2015

Do you want your next corporate event to end in a standing ovation? Yes – of course you do! In order to create an ovation worthy event, you need to create a corporate event which is a cut above the rest. How do you do that? Well it all starts with choosing the best corporate event venue.

Here are the 10 key items to look for when choosing a venue for corporate event use:

1. Friendly and Knowledgeable Event Staff

A corporate event venue which provides both knowledgeable and friendly staff will help take some of the burden off of you as the event planner and will also help the event to run smoothly and error free. Check online reviews to see how friendly and knowledgeable the staff are.

2. A Flexible Schedule

A venue with a flexible schedule will allow you to get discounts on dates which aren’t filled.

3. The Size and Configuration of the Venue and its Rooms

An ideal venue for hosting corporate events will be large enough to accommodate a crowd without feeling cramped, but no so large that it’s cavernous.

4. Quality and Variety of Food

Many forget about the food when it comes to corporate events, but the food can make or break the event – even if it’s just appetizers!

5. Location and Accessibility

Having a venue at a scenic location always adds to the memorability of the event, and don’t be afraid of an event which is a little bit out of the way. Depending on the type of corporate event you are throwing, a road trip with the team may be a great way to encourage creativity and build team strength.

6. Activities and Amenities

Activities and Amenities may not seem that important, but they can be great for teambuilding exercises and provide a fun break for the moments in between speakers.

7. WIFI and Cell Reception

Unless one of the goals of the event is to unplug and unwind, internet access and a good cell phone connection is a must.

8. Lighting and AV

Any good corporate event venue should have AV and lighting capabilities. You’re looking for things like projectors, TV’s, PA systems, etc.

9. Environmentally Conscious

This isn’t required for every event, but it is becoming increasingly important. Check out my previous article on choosing a sustainable event venue for more on this topic.

10. The Mood, Theme and Feel of the Corporate Event Venue

Every venue has its own style, and that style translates into a theme, feeling and/or mood. If the venue’s style clashes with the feel of the event, it should be skipped. Use photos and an in person visit to get a feel for the theme and feel of the event venue.

In Conclusion,

A great venue is one of the most important parts of creating a memorable event. Due to the large role of the venue in an event’s success, careful consideration needs to be given in choosing the best corporate event venue. Save time and money by searching for event venues on VenueCenter whether you’re looking for a seminar venue in Dallasa conference venue in Austin, or any other venue.

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