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The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Corporate Party

February 5, 2016

Planning a corporate party gives you the opportunity to showcase company accomplishments, create camaraderie among employees, and build meaningful relationships with clients. It may also end up a total disaster with your event going over budget, you being over stressed, and your attendees being bored out of their minds.

Planning a Corporate Party

The perfect corporate party takes planning, and this guide covers all of the details.

I. Planning and Researching Your Corporate Party

In this first phase you are going to

  • Brainstorm and decide on the party’s theme
  • Set a Budget
  • Determine the goal of the party
  • Choose date, location, and time
  • Research vendors, speakers, entertainers, etc.
  • Make a to-do list/timeline

II. Booking and (More) Planning

In this phase of planning your corporate party you are going to do the following:

  • View locations and meet vendors
  • Choose preferred venue and vendors
  • Discuss rental costs
  • Determine if the venue is right for your event
  • Plan decorations
  • Book entertainment, vendors, and photographer/videographer
  • Book your venue
  • Order and rent necessary equipment
  • Find hotels to accommodate out of town guests (if needed)
  • Put together a program (if needed)
  • Put together a back-up plan if your venue is outside
  • Determine the menu with your caterer or facility
  • Sign contracts

III. Promotion, Invitations and Confirmations

Successfully promoting your corporate event could be done in a number of different ways. This section will cover all the following:

  • Send out the save the date
  • Send out invitations
  • Confirm the venue, entertainment, caterers, etc.
  • Let guests know hotel and transportation information (if applicable)
  • Confirm Volunteer/staff responsibilities
  • Visit the venue and if possible set up decorations, tables, etc.
  • Determine security needs
  • Have a designated errand person chosen

IV. The Day of the Event

On the day of the event you will want to do the following:

  • Meet with staff and volunteers
  • Perform a walk through
  • Listen to what attendees like and dislike
  • Encourage guests to be active on social media

V. After the Corporate Party

After the party you will want to do the following:

  • Put video, photos and text on your site or social media
  • Send thank yous
  • Take note of what went well and what didn’t
  • Save budget, venue and vendor info
  • Save items that can be used at the next party or event


Some of the specifics may vary between events for example one party may call for a hotel and catering for 200 while another may forgo the hotel choose pizza for food. The key to planning a great corporate party is staying organized and following a plan. 


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