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The 5 Levels of Social Media Engagement for Events

March 21, 2016

One of the quickest and easiest ways to measure the successfulness of your social media efforts is to check your audience’s engagement level, but if you don’t know the 5 levels of social media engagement you’ll never know where you (and your audience) stands! Learn everything you need to know below:


Here are the 5 levels of social media engagement with details:

  • Observing (Level 1): Your audience is watching your posts and deciding whether it is interesting enough to follow or like. At this level you will see a high number of impressions, but a lack of engagement on individual posts and a small number of new followers (or people liking your page on Facebook)
  • Following (Level 2): This one’s sort of self explanatory. At this level your audience will begin following your event’s social media accounts and liking it’s pages. You won’t see a lot of engagement on individual posts yet, but the increase in follows will be a sign you’re headed in the right direction.
  • Engaging (Level 3): At this point, your audience will begin to like and favorite your posts. You won’t see many retweets, reposts or shares at this stage. You also won’t find very many comments. This is the level that most people begin to consider their social media campaigns successful. Be careful of falling prey to this misconception. This is only the half-way point.
  • Endorsing (Level 4): Now you’re really starting to see some success. Your audience will begin sharing your event’s posts and updates. This is a good place to be, as your audience is directly endorsing your event’s brand, but you can do better.
  • Contributing (Level 5): The last level for good reason, this is the point where your audience begins contributing to your event’s social media pages. Your audience will do this in the form of meaningful discussion in the comments of your posts, tweeting @yourevent, using your event’s hashtag, and posting directly to your page. This is the best time to launch things like photo contests, and it’s the best time to use your event’s pages for increasing event engagement.

How to Get to the Next Level

Advanced Guide to Social Media for EventsIf you’re stuck at one of the levels and can’t figure out how to move on, check out our eBook “The Advanced Guide to Using Social Media for Events” It’ll give you all the knowledge you need to master social media and take your social media (and consequently, your event) to the next level. Plus it’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!




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