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Unique Bridal Shower Themes

February 7, 2017


Many brides regret not having a memorable bridal shower. Whether you’re the bride, maid of honor, mother of the bride, or whoever planning the bridal shower, you need to make the day memorable. Luckily, we have compiled many unique and memorable bridal shower themes both coed and just for the girls. So read through and pick which one fits the bride best:

A Date Night Station

Have the guests write down a great date night idea for the couple to try. This can be written on a popsicle stick that can be tossed in a container that the couple can choose from at random. Take it a step further by using colored sticks that allow the couple to choose the price point of each date. Orange could be free, yellow could be less than $20, and green could be above $20. You could make it more specific if you have more colors.

A Memory Game

Each guest needs to write their favorite memory with the bride or couple, and then have the couple or bride try to guess who wrote each one. This would also be a fun way to get to know the bride or couple better.

No Guestbook

The guests could write letters or any words of wisdom for the couple that could be compiled into a book. Another option is for the guests to write on puzzle pieces or even jenga pieces. This would be more meaningful for the couple so they could play with the games or look into the book and always see what people wrote.

Arts and Crafts Party

Have you heard of “Painting with a Twist”? Hire an art student or instructor to teach you all and enjoy painting while drinking some booze. An alternative could be to complete a wedding project with your friends while enjoying some drinks.

A Camping Trip

Go enjoy some nature and have fun being kids again. Play lawn games, go swimming, sing songs, and roast marshmallows for smores! Maybe try a game of truth or dare; things could get very interesting.

A Sweet Escape

Candy! All of the sweet treats that you can think of! Since everyone will be indulging in the desserts, nobody needs to feel bad. Find cheap containers and set up a candy bar. Play a movie, eat the sweets, and then use the sugar rush to work off a lot of the calories.

A Lingerie Party

Lingerie parties are more common, making them nonunique but they are still fun and memorable. The bride-to-be will be blushing when she opens the really risqué ones. Make sure all of those faces are caught on camera!

A Tea Party

Have all of the women dress up in sundresses and big hats. Make all of the decorations be floral and buy enough tea sets. It will feel like one of those fancy Sunday brunches in the movies. Each guest can keep their tea cup as a party favor.


Bridal showers are meant to be fun and memorable! Make sure the bridal shower theme matches the bride-to-be. If it is a coed party, then match the couple.Have fun and make the day unforgettable!



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