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What You Need to Do When Planning a Business Event

January 19, 2017

There is a lot of preparation and planning that goes into making a business event come to life. Here are the key points that need to be met to have a successful business event.


You need to reserve a venue that will accommodate your entire guest list. Knowing your party size is important to get the right venue. For example, a large party size may require an outdoor venue while a smaller party would do better in a more intimate, indoor setting. Once you have your event’s size figured out, you can begin to think about the location.


Your event’s location is the most important thing you need to plan out. Some guests may have special requests such as wheelchair accessibility, a non-smoking environment, designated smoking areas, and more. Make sure you plan for these guests accordingly. If you have an outdoor event you need to account for bad weather possibilities. Indoor venues require extra care as a venue can quickly feel cramped if too many guests are in the space. Different venues can also help inspire certain messages so you need to find a venue that will match the message you are trying to get across. There are pros and cons for both indoor and outdoor events which will help you determine which site is best. It is crucial to reserve the venue early enough because many spaces fill up very quickly and some even have a wait for an entire year!

Food Choices

The food and beverages that are served are very important to making your business event a success. Diverse options are crucial if you plan on everyone being satisfied and happy with the food choices. Your attendees need to be able to choose between an assortment of healthy options. Some guests will have dietary restrictions like gluten allergies or religious requirements that you’ll need to take into account. Variety is key!

Meeting Guests’ Needs

Everyone uses the internet and now rely on having access to it at all times. Having free, fast, and reliable Wi-Fi is key to pleasing your guests, so be sure your venue has it. Creating an app for your event will also make life easier for your guests to check in and keep track of the event’s agenda while also making it easier for you to keep track of your RSVPs.

If the event is longer than 3 hours, guests need to be able to get up and move. Some venues offer creative exercise breaks, like a yoga sessions or a zumba classes. These are great for keeping guests energized and happy!

It’s important to keep guests happy by having good entertainment options. You can look into having a team building exercise the day before the actual event at the same venue. It will help make your team communicate better, benefit those who go, and depending on what you do, the community as well.

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Wedding Venue Trends: 2011 to 2017

November 3, 2016

Wedding venues come and go, but these last few years have been full of surprises. Couples are choosing new, unconventional wedding venues and at the same time, are moving away from venues which were long the most popular choice.

Here are our 5 key findings in our Wedding Venue Trends Report:


Beach Weddings

Beach weddings have long been the most popular wedding venue, but in the last 5 years, they’ve been on the decline. How much have they declined? Beach weddings have dropped in popularity by 27% over the last few years.

Beach weddings still remain the most popular type of wedding by far, but in 2-3 years we could see another venue at the top, and we may already know which venue…


Barn Weddings

If the last couple years have proved anything, it’s that barn weddings aren’t just a fad. They’ve been steadily growing in popularity these last few years proving that they’re here to stay. If current trends hold true, barn weddings will become the most popular wedding venue by 2020.


Hotel Weddings

Hotel wedding venues haven’t seen a major increase or decrease in popularity in the last few years. Any change in popularity has been insignificant, meaning that hotels remain a common choice for many couples.


Castle Weddings

Castle weddings have always been rare. Even though they make for a fairy-tale wedding, their cost is often prohibitive for many couples. 2014 and 2015 saw a rise in their popularity, and things were looking promising, but their increase in popularity was short lived and they returned to pre-2014 levels of popularity this year.

summer camp

Summer Camp Weddings

After several years of relatively low popularity, summer camp weddings appear to be on the come up. There have been small examples of summer camp weddings and they make for epic wedding venues, but many couples may be reluctant to try such a radically new type of venue. Still, many couples are leading the way and thanks to their courageous choice in wedding venues, we are seeing an increase in summer camp wedding popularity. 2017 should see even more summer camp weddings, and we can’t wait for this unique type of venue to get the credit it deserves.

The Data

In order to find these key points, we analyzed search queries across the U.S. using Google Trends. Here is the raw data for those interested in seeing the facts for themselves:

Google Trends Research

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Choosing a Venue – items that should be on your checklist

September 7, 2016

We all have an idea of what our perfect wedding venue is. It should be somewhere you can see yourself walking down the aisle at, exchanging vows and grooving to your first dance. Don’t make the beauty of the place your only consideration when booking the wedding venue. Make sure you only book the best wedding venue that meets all your event needs and gives you your money’s worth. Arm yourself with the right questions to ask and knowledge of what has to be considered. Be sure to clarify the items below before you sign any contract.

1. Budget and amenities

Check out the cost of the venue and verify if it matches your wedding budget. If it’s a no, don’t get disheartened yet. Check all the facilities that they provide and see if they offer some freebies that cross out some of the items on your wedding checklist. Value for money should always be considered.

2. Outdoor considerations

If you are eyeing for a beach or garden wedding, check if the venue offers contingency plans for rain and other unexpected situations. You may also want to visit the place on the same time of your wedding as well to check other important elements; best lighting spot, venue ventilation, etc.

3. Number of guests

Be sure you already decided on or at least have a ballpark figure of the number of guests that you will invite for the wedding. The capacity of the venue should be able to hold this number and still have enough spaces for an activity area, a registration and a few spaces for your other wedding gimmicks like a photo booth or dessert table.

4. Proximity

If you are having separate venues for the wedding rites and the reception, make sure that the distance from the preparation venue (if you will stay in a hotel for make-up and pre-wedding shoot) to the church and up to the wedding reception is not that far from each other.

5. Venue house rules

Be aware about every rule in the wedding venue so you can adjust your preparations (wedding decorations, effects, etc.) accordingly. Also good to check what other fees they will charge if you bring in outside food and beverages or not accredited wedding vendors.

6. Parking spaces

It is important to check if there are enough parking spaces to accommodate your guests’ vehicles and how secure it is. Check also if there will be another event same time as yours so you can check for shared parking rules and make reservations if necessary.

7. Venue hours

How long will they let you rent the venue? Is this enough to cover the wedding rites, reception program and a few more hours for the after party? How early is the ingress time and how late is the allowed time for egress?

8. Facilities for special needs

Are you having elderly or PWD guests? Be mindful of their needs and check if there’s a ramp at the entrance and also if there are PWD restrooms available.

9. Other amenities

Is there a changing room where you can retouch before the wedding reception starts? How about the basic sounds system offered? Are there built-in lights available and how does it look like?