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Unique Bridal Shower Themes

February 7, 2017


Many brides regret not having a memorable bridal shower. Whether you’re the bride, maid of honor, mother of the bride, or whoever planning the bridal shower, you need to make the day memorable. Luckily, we have compiled many unique and memorable bridal shower themes both coed and just for the girls. So read through and pick which one fits the bride best:

A Date Night Station

Have the guests write down a great date night idea for the couple to try. This can be written on a popsicle stick that can be tossed in a container that the couple can choose from at random. Take it a step further by using colored sticks that allow the couple to choose the price point of each date. Orange could be free, yellow could be less than $20, and green could be above $20. You could make it more specific if you have more colors.

A Memory Game

Each guest needs to write their favorite memory with the bride or couple, and then have the couple or bride try to guess who wrote each one. This would also be a fun way to get to know the bride or couple better.

No Guestbook

The guests could write letters or any words of wisdom for the couple that could be compiled into a book. Another option is for the guests to write on puzzle pieces or even jenga pieces. This would be more meaningful for the couple so they could play with the games or look into the book and always see what people wrote.

Arts and Crafts Party

Have you heard of “Painting with a Twist”? Hire an art student or instructor to teach you all and enjoy painting while drinking some booze. An alternative could be to complete a wedding project with your friends while enjoying some drinks.

A Camping Trip

Go enjoy some nature and have fun being kids again. Play lawn games, go swimming, sing songs, and roast marshmallows for smores! Maybe try a game of truth or dare; things could get very interesting.

A Sweet Escape

Candy! All of the sweet treats that you can think of! Since everyone will be indulging in the desserts, nobody needs to feel bad. Find cheap containers and set up a candy bar. Play a movie, eat the sweets, and then use the sugar rush to work off a lot of the calories.

A Lingerie Party

Lingerie parties are more common, making them nonunique but they are still fun and memorable. The bride-to-be will be blushing when she opens the really risqué ones. Make sure all of those faces are caught on camera!

A Tea Party

Have all of the women dress up in sundresses and big hats. Make all of the decorations be floral and buy enough tea sets. It will feel like one of those fancy Sunday brunches in the movies. Each guest can keep their tea cup as a party favor.


Bridal showers are meant to be fun and memorable! Make sure the bridal shower theme matches the bride-to-be. If it is a coed party, then match the couple.Have fun and make the day unforgettable!



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Checklist: Everything You Need as a Bride

December 6, 2016

As a bride, it’s always difficult to remember everything you need on your big day. Between all the traditions, the stress and all the work you’ll have to do, you’ll have a tough time keeping track of everything. That’s why it’s crucial to keep a wedding checklist handy so you don’t forget anything on your big day.


Here is a checklist that makes it as easy as possible for you to keep track of everything you need:

  • Your bridal gown – it’s a must-have! Keep it clean and unwrinkled in a garment bag!
  • Your headpiece or veil – your dress wouldn’t feel complete without it.
  • A slip for you gown – if necessary. Not all types of dresses will need it.
  • Shoes – you need these to walk down the aisle!
  • Bridal hosiery – not necessary but it gives your look that extra touch.
  • Your garter – it is tradition for the groom to take it off and toss it during the reception. It would be hard to do if you don’t have one. You can usually buy them in pairs so you can keep one.
  • Gloves – again not necessary but they do look nice!
  • Your bouquet – bouquets are tradition and beautiful.
  • Lingerie – you are going on your honeymoon after the wedding and lingerie is a must-have for you and your new groom. If your bridal shower was lingerie themed, then you should be covered.
  • Jewelry – you should sparkle on your wedding day because it is your big day! Wear jewelry that is special to you.
  • Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue – it is a fun tradition. You get to be creative with it. Your shoes or jewelry can cover some of these categories. Usually your dress is the something new, but it is up to you!
  • A bridal emergency kit – if a button from your dress falls off, a spare button and sewing kit is essential. Gum in case you forgot to brush your teeth, or deodorant just in case it is hot or you are more nervous than you thought.
  • Your vows – if you wrote your own, it would be a good idea to have the paper you wrote them down on so you don’t forget.
  • Your groom’s wedding ring – you will give it to your maid of honor to hold until it is time to exchange the rings, but you need to make sure you have it.
  • The wedding favors – more specifically for the wedding party. It is customary to gift the wedding party with special gifts that you and your groom picked out as a special thanks for their support and help.


That was everything you need to have as the bride. If you are like most brides, you have to worry about the wedding party as well. Here is a list of things that they need so that nobody forgets anything.

  • The groom – his tuxedo, dress shoes, boutonniere, socks, and your wedding ring.
  • Your bridesmaids – their dresses, shoes, bouquets, and accessories.
  • The groomsmen – their tuxedos, socks, dress shoes, and boutonnieres.
  • The flower girl – her dress, shoes, basket, and flower petals.
  • The ring bearer – His tuxedo, socks, dress shoes, boutonniere, and the pillow with rings on it.

Following these checklists will make sure you, your groom, and wedding party are ready to go on the big day! Just relax and take care of yourself and delegate the tasks to responsible, trustworthy people if necessary.


7 Engagement Photo Ideas

November 22, 2016

Taking engagement photos is one of the best ways to document the entire process. Planning a wedding can be exhausting and taking engagement photos can bring the much-needed relaxation. This is also an opportunity to unleash your creativity. At the same time, taking these type of photos lets the couple learn more about their wedding photographer and vice versa. The photographer can learn more about the couple and what they really want when it comes to photography the more time they spend together. Even though professional photographers can provide suggestions about the best engagement photo session, we will present seven engagement photo ideas that may inspire you.

First dates

This is definitely one of the most beautiful parts in every relationship. The initial excitement and the effort to learn more about your partner are feelings that cannot be forgotten. That’s why it is a smart idea to go to the places where you dated and even wear some clothes that you used to wear back then if possible. If you remember this day because of the specific weather (for instance if it was raining), you can get some umbrellas and use sprinklers if you are taking photos on a sunny day.

The special place

Many couples have a special, exclusive place where they don’t go with other people (and we are not talking about the bedroom). It might be some hill or park where you used to visit alone. Visit this place and take some memorable engagement photos.

Athletic photo session

Do you love sports and fitness? If you and your partner are athletic types of people then you can visit the local gym and take some great photos. Don’t forget that you will need to dress adequately. You can also make an athletic outdoor photo session in case you usually use the local park for fitness activities.

Shared hobbies

Every person has specific interests and hobbies, but there is a great chance that both you and your partner share at least one hobby or activity that you find joy in. For example, maybe you both like baking cakes. If this is the case, ask the photographer to come to the kitchen and let them take some fun and interesting engagement photos.

Places abroad that you have visited

Do you remember the time when you enjoyed your holiday abroad? Well, it might be a good idea to visit that place again and take some engagement photos there.

A rustic ranch

Are you a fan of the countryside? There is no doubt that couples can take some incredible engagement photos if they visit some rustic ranch out of town. There is something about nature and the surroundings that make the photos special. In addition, the couple will feel completely relaxed and happy in these calm and peaceful areas.

Run from zombies

The last engagement photo idea is for the brave ones and those who want a completely different engagement photo session. You can use the help of your friends and turn them into zombies trying to catch you and your partner.


7 Wedding Traditions That Nobody Expects You to Follow

October 26, 2016

Recently, couples have been dropping wedding traditions left and right, both managing to make a more creative and personal wedding than ever before while also going back to the basics.

As such there have been many traditions that have been losing popularity, and now some of the traditions that just 10 years ago were in more than 50% of weddings are now in less than 10%.

Here are the wedding traditions that you can skip without anyone so much as batting an eyelash:

1. Large Weddings with a Large Guestlist

What originally started due to the financial constraints many couples faced has become a trend of its own. We’re talking about small guest lists and intimate venues. Many couples are now throwing smaller weddings by choice and here’s why:

  • You won’t need to chaperone your guests on your special day
  • You’ll be able to spend more time with those who are closest to you rather than spending only a few seconds with each guest
  • The smaller wedding contributes to a more soulful and intimate feel.

2. Large Bridal Parties

Similar to the trend above, many have downsized their bridal parties as of late. While you still hear of the 12 or 15 person bridal party, it’s becoming more and more common to see small or even nonexistent bridal parties.

This is both financially easier on your close friends who will no longer need to worry about their dresses as well!

3. A Bride’s “Going Away Suit”

Some of you may not even realize this was a thing, as it has become an increasingly rare thing. For those of you who are unfamiliar, a “going away suit” is simply where the bride changes into a more comfortable outfit when leaving the wedding. It can also be applied to the groom as well.

While it would seem like it’d be popular, it’s actually quite rare to see this tradition at weddings.

4. Carrying Over the Threshold

Surprisingly, this tradition has seen a steep decline in the last decade. It’s reported that only 12% of couples still follow the tradition. It’s falling out of favor could have something to do with its not so innocent roots or just laziness.

5. Matching Bridesmaids

It has become increasingly popular to have mismatched bridesmaids and groomsmen. This originally was because one color and style may not be flattering on all body types, but has allowed couples to add more character and style to their weddings.

This trend will likely grow in popularity and become the norm along with nontraditional wedding dresses.

6. Assigned Seating

As weddings get more intimate, traditions like seating the family of the bride and groom on separate sides have quickly fallen out of favor. We see this in the popularity of the “pick a seat, not a side” signs and decorations:

7. Traditional Vows

Traditional wedding vows have also fallen out of favor. You may often see personalized vows in their place. Even wedding officiants are offering multiple options for wedding vows and examples of previously customized vows they’ve seen

It’s Your Wedding!

Ultimately, it’s your special day. Don’t feel pressured to follow (or skip) traditions based on their popularity. Instead, plan a wedding that will make you and your partner the happiest.

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How To Turn Any Venue into A Dreamy Wedding Place

August 30, 2016

How Decorations Can Add Wow To Your Reception

Not everybody can afford to celebrate their wedding reception in a 5-star hotel ballroom or a vineyard. So if you have chosen a plain white tent or a blank space such as a loft for your dinner reception, you can still dazzle and mesmerize your guests upon entering the reception venue with just a bit of creativity here and there.

Here are some elements you can use to transform your wedding reception venue:


Flower Power

Flowers have a way of cheering up an otherwise boring room. Choose colorful mix of blooms that matches your wedding motif and use it in different elements at the reception: your stage backdrop, centerpieces, etc.


Highlight the Ceiling

Hang lots of lights at the ceiling and be amazed on how these immediately change the ambiance of your reception venue. Anything from chandeliers, lanterns, to bulb strings will do as long as this is well coordinated with the overall theme that you are going for.



Take on a Wedding Theme

Take your reception on a different level by embracing a theme for your wedding. Beach-themed, Coachella, Hollywood, and Rustic Chic are just some of the themes you can use. You can even personalize your wedding by using a theme that speaks a lot about how you and your partner met or something that you both love doing such as a travel-themed reception.



Display several photographs of you and your partner all over the venue to keep your reception interesting. Aside from adding your own personality in the venue, it also serves as a conversation starter for your guests while waiting for the reception to begin. You can display some snapshots of your love story, travel photos with your partner and even some cute pictures from your childhood.



Ceiling Décor

If your venue has a high plain ceiling, you can choose to add few elements to beautify it. You can install drapes or hang Chinese lanterns, chandeliers, paper pom-poms or a combination of any of this at the ceiling.


Handwritten Messages

Scatter several chalkboards or wood planks with handwritten notes such as important milestones or dates of your love story, love quotes, or a few lines from your vows to keep it interesting and cute.


Cozy with Candles

Use lots and lots of candles especially for a dinner reception. A candlelit room will immediately cozy up the mood and make the ambiance apt for a romantic evening.




Check out our Pinterest boards for more inspiration!



Most Commonly Forgotten Things by Brides on Their Wedding Day

August 20, 2016


No matter how many times you prepare and run through the wedding scenarios in your mind, there will always be something (or things) that will be overlooked and forgotten. Avoid the panic and stress by making sure you get all the items ready and done before your wedding.

Check out our list below for some items that brides forget during their wedding day so you can include these items on your wedding reminders.

Vendor meals

On your wedding day, your wedding vendors are going to be up really early and will be working hard until the last hour of your after-party. Keep their energy up by making sure they are well fed during the day. Prepare more than one meal especially if you know that the hours will be really, really long.

Marriage license

Forgetting to bring probably the most important document in your big day is the worst. Of course in the worst case scenario, you can always sign a mock up license or a blank document. But then you would not want to get into the hassle of tracking all of your witnesses again after the wedding and let them sign the license one by one.


So you got your marriage license ready but then lo and behold, you also forgot to pack a pen. Be sure that on your big day you have a pen or two in your bridal purse along with the other necessities.

Wedding rings

Yes believe it or not, there are some couples who forget to bring their wedding rings to their own wedding ceremony. So make sure you entrust this to someone, like the best man or the wedding planner a day or a few hours before all becomes busy during wedding preparation.

Thank You notes

Never forget to thank all those people who took a part in your wedding day. Not too elaborate, just simple notes saying you are grateful for their presence and for the wedding gifts. This goes to your wedding vendors as well. Write them an honest review online so that other brides can hear straight from you how awesome they made your wedding celebration.

Media files

We know a lot of couple who got so stressed out a few minutes before the reception because they forgot to bring that flash disk that contains all the media files for their first dance and engagement videos to be shown during reception. You can avoid this by simply making multiple copies saved on different storage disk and entrusting it to someone or by giving advance copy to your DJ and technical team days before the wedding.

Gadget chargers

Avoid panicking at the last minute because your wedding vow is saved on your mobile notes or worry about missing out on some of your wedding moments just because your phone battery is running low. Always bring your phone charger or power bank so you are always ready.

Wedding invitation

The wedding invite is an item that most photographers love to take a shot of before the wedding but most brides forget to bring this. So just to make sure, ask your photographer for a checklist of the items they need you to bring during the pictorial so you can be confident that you don’t forget any.

The items above are just some of the common things that brides forget to do or bring during their wedding day. How about you? Did you forget any other items during your wedding? Feel free to share your list by leaving a comment!