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Social Media Tools for Event Planners

June 17, 2016

Planning events is much simpler when event planners rely on some of the many free tools available today. These tools can be used in different phases of event planning. Because there are so many different tools available for event planets, we have decided to create a short list of the some of the best social media tools for event planners.

Tools for Invitations

Twtvite.com is a great tool which as the name suggests is based on one of the most popular social media networks – Twitter. You can create an event in a matter of seconds and you can easily send invitations and check the responses of the invitees via Twitter.

On the other hand, Doodle.com is a tool for determining the right meeting times for different categories and groups of individuals. In case these individuals have different preferences about the timing, Doodle can help them find the ideal time.

Tools for organizational activities

If you are looking for good tools for organizational activities then you can’t go wrong with wikis. A wiki serves as the ultimate organizational platform for any type of event. One of the best things about them is that they support people’s engagement.

In addition, event planners can use Google Maps if they event takes place on several venues or for events where attendees come from different places. It is very easy to determine the location of every venue with Google Maps.

For multiple presentations, Slideshare is a must. You will get a chance to keep and collect all the presentations in one location.

Online marketing tools

As the largest social media network out there, it is quite logical for Facebook to have an online marketing tool. Facebook Events allows users to invite their friends with one single click.

Those who want livestreaming of their event can count on Ustream. Many people use this platform to make interviews and other activities that can help them promote their event.

In addition, Avartize.com is here to help event planners market any event with their avatars.

Networking, Communities

We will suggest Meetup for this purpose because this social media tool aids planners to create offline meet-up groups. For a certain fee you will get access to a vibrant community and efficient invite tools.

Don’t forget the Twitter Lists because you can make the lists public and aid invitees to connect not only during the event but prior and after the main event.

Tracking of conversation

TwitterFall.com is used for live searching of keywords related to events. You can easily organize these keywords for better analysis. Some event planners say that VisibleTweets.com is a good tool too. It comes with attractive animations and the set up process is quite simple and quick.

Event Planning with full range of features

For full-featured event planning event planners can rely on Amiando.com which is the largest global event management service. It is available in many languages and strong community. Users can use elements dedicated to commenting, photos, videos, polls etc.

Finally, we should mention Eventbrite.com which according to some statistics is the most used event planning tool of this kind. It has user-friendly interface and offers all the resources needed for event management. In other words, with its help you will finish the majority of the tasks in one click.



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