The Secret to Throwing an Intimate Wedding, Regardless How Big

January 4, 2017

Did you know that a larger wedding may make your marriage more successful?

If not, I highly recommend you check out that link as it has some interesting statistics on size of wedding and quality of marriage. One reason couples choose to forego a large wedding (besides price, which is the most obvious reason to avoid a large wedding) is that it is tough to retain intimacy in a large wedding. It’s not impossible though and and with the following tricks, you’ll be able to make any size wedding feel more intimate:

1. The Pre Party

One of the best ways to increase intimacy is to host several smaller events like a pre party or dinner with groups of guests leading up to the wedding.

2. Incorporating Lighting

Lighting is a powerful tool for setting the mood of your wedding, and when used right it can increase the feeling of intimacy and make a large venue feel smaller. The keys to using lighting to create a more intimate feel is to avoid bright lights, make use of non-traditional lights such as candles, lanterns, bistro lights, and to use uplighting. This will create a more romantic and more intimate setting.

3. Semicircular (and Circular) Seating

If your space allows, you can set up seating in a semicircle or even a complete circle to achieve a more intimate feel during the ceremony. This allows more guests to remain close to you during the ceremony.

4. Long Square Tables

For an immediate increase in intimacy, forego round tables and make use of long, recatangular tables instead

5. Small Centerpieces

Tall, extravagant centerpieces look great, but can hinder conversation. For a more intimate wedding, decorate with small centerpieces. This will give guests a chance to see and converse with each other.

6. Food Stations

Many weddings are already starting to feature multiple food stations rather than a traditional buffet line or serving food to guests, so you may already be planning to do this. If not, consider using food stations instead of more traditional options as it’ll enable guests to mingle while getting food – something they wouldn’t necessarily do in a buffet line or while waiting to served.

7. Greeting Guests

While considered a must and tradition for some, not all couples take the time to greet guests during weddings. Don’t settle for letting guests come up to greet you and instead take the time to visit each table and greet the guests/thank them for attending your wedding. This will drastically improve the intimacy of your wedding.

8. Dance Surrounded by Friends and Family

Instead of taking your first dance with guests seated, consider dancing while surrounded by friends and family. Inviting guests to come to the edges of the dancefloor for the first dance will be a surprising and intimate gesture.

9. Lounges, Activities and More

Create spaces which your guests can utilize away from the main festivities. These spaces should be an area for guests to gather, talk and even take part in activities. They can be set up to cater to a small group of guests so that they promote feelings of intimacy most. Ideas for such spaces include whiskey and cigar lounges, areas with small group activities such as board games, and fire pits.

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