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The Secret Reason Why You’re Losing Your Attendees Attention

November 17, 2015

What makes for an epic corporate event? Is it the technology, the speakers and the activities?

There is no doubt that those 3 play a big factor in throwing a successful corporate event, but there is one other factor that every event planner needs to consider when planning their next event.

An Intro Multidimensional Events

Any event, no matter how good the speakers, will put its audience to sleep when the content is all the same. One of the keys to a great event is making sure the event has multiple dimensions.

A dimension is either an emotion or sense. For example, you could use humor to get your attendees to open up and network a bit, then use a beautiful visual to capture attendees interest and wrap it up with a tragedy which touches the compassionate side of your guests.

A Few Dimensions to Use at Your Next Corporate Event

  • Beauty / Visuals
  • Laughter / Comedy
  • Love
  • Connection
  • Tragedy
  • Compassion
  • Heroism / Inspiration
  • Peace / Tranquility
  • Wonder
  • Joy

Does My Event Need to Include All of the Dimensions?

Luckily no. Using more dimensions to get in touch with your audience will increase audience engagement to a point. If you use too many your event attendees may leave feeling confused and overwhelmed. The key is to use between 3 and 5 dimensions. 

Using less than 3 dimensions in your event will run the risk of leaving your guests bored, but more than 5 can result in a diluted message and a confused audience.

Where Does the Idea of the Multidimensional Event Come From?

The idea of employing multiple dimensions to leave an audience with a positive impression is not new. Movies, books and TV shows have used this idea of multiple dimensions to capture their audiences for years.

Let’s take a look at the very successful TV comedy The Office.

Even though The Office is a comedy, there is more than just humor. It contains aspects of love and romance and it connects with the average American by accurately depicting the 9 to 5 job and all of it’s annoyances. That’s 3 separate dimensions which it uses to connect with the average viewer, and, because it had a great multidimensional approach, it became a hit television series.

Your next event can become a hit if you employ multiple dimensions to capture the attention of your event attendees.

How to Easily Plan an Event with Multiple Dimensions

Planning an event which taps into the emotions, feelings, sense and lives of its attendees is a difficult task, but if you follow a few simple steps it can be a seamless part of your planning process.

  1. Find a venue with AV, lighting and decoration which will complement one of your dimensions or be used as a dimension of its own.
  2. Choose speakers with different dimensions. For example, one speaker may be offering a funny speach, while another presenter uses a heart touching story about his mom’s battle with cancer.
  3. Choose to focus on 3 dimensions which reinforce your events core objectives

If you need help finding a venue which complements your events dimensions or even becomes a dimension of its own. check out the great collection of events on VenueCenter. With VenueCenter you can easily find, price and book your next corporate venue whether its a seminar venue in Dallasa conference venue in Austin, or any other venue.

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