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How To Prepare For Your First Dance

August 17, 2016

how to prepare for your first dance when you have two left feet

Are you afraid or uncomfortable dancing in front of others? The bad news is one of the most common wedding traditions is the newlywed’s first dance. Of course you have the option to take this out of the program but why let go of a tradition if you can learn how to do it?

The wedding’s first dance does not necessarily require you to move so much, it’s more like slow dancing but with a bit of choreography. But then there are no rules in terms of how you want to carry out the dance. How long you want it, what type of music to dance to, slow or fast, all depends to you.

Find your beat

The great thing about first dances is that there are no rules and no limitations at all. You can dictate what type of music you want to use and choose whether you want to dance slow or fast. So in selecting your first dance music, choose the one that gets you grooving most of the time. Also, choosing a song you both love or have meaning for the both of you will help you enjoy that spotlight moment.

Go to classes together

If you don’t have any dancing background, better to begin taking classes early. 3-4 months before the wedding will be ideal to get you comfortable with dancing. This will also be a great opportunity to spend quality time together and a good way to sweat out all the stress you have been feeling while planning the wedding.

Hire a good teacher

If you are not at ease with being in a class together with several other couples then you can opt to hiring a pro. Not everybody is born with body coordination and blessed with a knack for dancing. So get someone you are comfortable with who will create the perfect dance steps for your wedding and will patiently teach you the moves.

Keep it short and simple

Keep the dance short and sweet and use very basic steps so that it will be easier for you to memorize and keep up with your partner. You can do a routine for the first half of the song and use the rest to get everybody on the dance floor.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

As they say, practice makes perfect. You will not get it the first time around so take time to practice the dance together as frequent as you can. Here’s a tip: Practice the dance using the shoes you are going to use at the wedding so your feet will be comfortable with it and you can check whether the shoes is a good fit for the routine that you have.

Enjoy the moment

Finally, learn to embrace the moment. Who cares if you are not the world’s best dancer? No one really knows the routine except you both and no one expects you to dance professionally anyway. Lighten up and laugh at the mishaps. Remember your audiences are the people who love both of you dearly. So just dance your heart out and enjoy the moment.

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