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How to Plan Your Wedding Seating Chart

December 15, 2016

The seating chart for a wedding is one of the most detailed, thought-intensive parts of the entire wedding planning process. It is super important because you can’t have guests that don’t get along at the same table or guests that came solo with heavy-PDA couples.

You want your guests to be happy, comfortable, and be with people that have similar interests. Here are some key things to consider when you are making your wedding seating chart:

Do you need a formal seating chart?

If your guest list is 50 or less, then you probably don’t need a formal seating chart. Having a seat yourself reception would be fine in this case. For receptions with more than 50 guests, it would be best to have a seating chart so everything is kept in order. Having a seating chart no matter the guest size is still good because then people know you put thought into where they should sit. You arranging the seating chart will also allow for you to have people together that will get along and this will minimize unwanted friction between guests. Ultimately it is up to you but the rule of thumb is that if you have over 50 guests, make a seating chart.

How it should be set up

You need to start planning the seating chart after you received all the RSVPs; start as early as possible! Then you need to decide if you and your groom want to sit at a sweetheart table or not. If not, you need to decide if you want the wedding party at the table with you or if your families get along you could have the combined family table that you both sit at. The sweetheart table will allow for you and your groom to have a cute secluded table for yourselves but all of your guests came to be with you and your groom. Arranging for the sweetheart table to be in the center so all the other tables are equidistant will keep your guests happy and feel included.

Make sure to mix and match your guests so everyone is seated with a person they know and people that they have something in common with. Not all of your guests have to know each other at the same table, but try your best to have a nice variety. Avoid combining people that have a bad history or don’t get along together, it could ruin your day. Single guests should be placed with other single quests but also add a couple or two so there is a variety.

If you have a good number of children attending, think of having a kids table so all of the children can have their own fun space. This will also allow the parents to relax and enjoy the wedding much more!


The seating chart is important to ensure your guests enjoy your wedding to its fullest, and by putting in the time and effort to seat guests next to those they’ll get along with, you’ll have a more enjoyable, less stressful wedding day.

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