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How to Plan a Rooftop Event: 6 Simple Tips

April 15, 2016
Rooftop Corporate Event

Rooftop event venues offer spectacular sights and a one of a kind experience. That’s why we see so many rooftop weddings, parties and more.

Planning a rooftop event (whether its a wedding, a party or a corporate event) requires some special considerations though. Here are the 6 simple tips to planning a better rooftop event:

Rooftop Bar

1. Have a Backup Plan

Always have a backup plan, preferably one included at the venue.

Many rooftop bars and venues will offer both indoor and outdoor spaces. In order to ensure that your event will be excellent in any weather make sure you have a backup plan that takes the following into account:

  • Will the number of guests comfortably fit into the indoor space?
  • Can the indoor space be accessed quickly so guests don’t get rained on?
  • If you’re using tech, can it be moved inside quickly as well?

You should also consider using your rooftop venue’s indoor space during the event anyway so that guests can easily transition from inside out and be comfortable at the event.

Rooftop Party

2. Take Wind into Account

Be prepared for wind, and lots of it.

Something that often is forgotten is to consider how being so high up may result in strong gusts of wind affecting decorations, guests, audio, and more. Depending on your buildings location, there may be some areas on the rooftop which are more prone to strong winds then others.

Your best bet is to ask the venue about wind and prepare by staying paper free and ensuring light and delicate items are in secure places. If you are using a microphone, ensure all speakers are in ares with minimal wind.

Rooftop Event

3. Be Mindful of Lighting

Lighting for rooftop events is especially important because it sets the event’s theme and let’s guests see.

Most rooftop events will be in the evening near sunset, so you will need to ensure the lights are perfect. This means more than just letting your guests see because rooftop events often incorporate minimal decoration so lighting plays a powerful part in setting the event’s mood and theme.

Ensure that your venue’s lighting fits the mood of your event and if it doesn’t or your rooftop venue doesn’t have lights, ensure you rent lights that provide ample lighting and set the right theme/mood.

Rooftop Wedding

4. It Will Take Longer to Set Up

Plan to spend extra time setting up and setting aside extra hours for vendors to access the rooftop venue.

Another often overlooked consideration is the extra time it will take to set up on the day of your rooftop event. It will be more difficult for vendors and your rentals to access and set up on the roof – especially when it’s an older building.

Rooftop Corporate Event

5. Keep Decor to a Minimum

A rooftop venue’s biggest feature is its skyline. Don’t cover that up with a large amount of decorations!

Your event’s backdrop is going to be the view of the city all around you  (or maybe below you!) so keep the decoration to a minimum so you don’t take away from that awesome view.

Images from Thrillist: 8 Best Rooftop Bars in Dallas

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