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Why Nontraditional Wedding Dresses Will Never Be Popular

January 8, 2017


Traditional wedding dresses may be the one constant in our pinterest fueled wedding trends. Though spectacular looking, floral print, dip dye, color, crop tops, rompers and other nontraditional wedding dresses will never be more popular than a more traditional styled wedding dress.


The yellow line indicates color wedding dresses, dip dye wedding dresses in blue, and crop top wedding dresses in green. Floral print and romper wedding dresses are shown in red and purple. When we added traditional wedding dresses to the graph, the nontraditional dresses became a little more than a line on the bottom of the graph.

Nontraditional dresses have never seen a true increase in popularity

These nontraditional dresses tend to have one-time spikes in popularity, but they return to their previous levels of popularity (or is obscurity a better term?). These short-lived boosts in popularity are likely the result of a viral article, post or picture of one of these styles.

Looking back at the last 5 years, we can see that these dresses don’t become more popular over time, instead, they remain at their same level of popularity. The only dress which didn’t conform to this rule was the crop top wedding dress, but that may be because it’s a new style of wedding dress.

So the next time you read about the new style of wedding dress that’s “sure to become the most popular style” take it with a large dose of skepticism. At best, the dress will have a momentary spike in popularity but will settle at a lower popularity level.

Does this mean that you should avoid nontraditional dresses?

Not at all! If you feel drawn to a dress that doesn’t conform to the norm, choose it by all means! It’s your big day, and you should feel free to have it just the way you want it. Besides, nontraditional dresses have tons of character and look beautiful! Just take a look at these dresses:

wedding dresss nontraditional

These dresses are modern, colorful, and full of personality. While you may catch some of your guests off guard, their surprise will turn to awe as they marvel at the beauty of your gown, and maybe it’s a good thing that these dresses will never be popular. If they were, they might lose some of their appeal.

At the moment, these dresses are reserved for the daring brides. The brides who are willing to take a big risk and as a result end up with a big pay off. Are you a daring bride? Or do you like to keep things traditional? Let us know in the comments below!

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