Live Streaming Your Wedding

June 17, 2016
live streaming your wedding

The wedding day is one of the most important and most memorable days in our lives. This is the day that people who have spent significant time together and people who love each other use to publicly show their love and determination to spend the rest of their lives as husband and wife. While it is true that almost every wedding is memorable and people gladly talk about the wedding they have attended for years, it is also true that these memories eventually fade. This is the reason why so many people use professional photographers to take photos of the best moments on their wedding. Many couples also want to have a video of their wedding too. With the advance of technology, modern couples have one more option to make their wedding more interesting, document it and share it with the world – live streaming.

Live Streaming Weddings is the Next Big Thing

You have probably heard and maybe even used live streaming services, but many of you are wondering why someone would want to live stream their wedding. The fact is that there are many different situations in which you can take advantage of modern technology and live video streaming.

Intimate Weddings with a Large Audience

For example, there are many couples (or one of the newlyweds) that want to have an intimate and small wedding ceremony where only the closest family will witness that special moment. At the same time, their friends and distant relatives would like to see how the ceremony went. Instead of providing videos after the wedding, you can use live streaming and make them feel that they are part of this special moment. The best part is that everyone will get together for the wedding reception and they won’t feel like they have missed anything. This live streaming can be performed in a specially created area or they can watch it at home before they arrive on the wedding reception.

Guests Who Can’t Make it Are Still a Part of the Wedding

Furthermore, there are situations where some of the invitees are unable to attend the wedding from different objective reasons. For instance, some of them are too old to attend a wedding; others might be sick or have some urgent activities. This is where live streaming comes into play. They can watch the wedding ceremony and reception regardless of your location.

The Perfect Option for Destination Weddings

In addition, destination weddings are quite popular these days and we all know why – they are fun, exciting and unique. The only downside is that you won’t be able to share these great moments with all the people you want. Once again, use modern technology and get live streaming for your wedding. In this way, all your friends and relatives will witness the exotic wedding you had.

A Cheap Way to Include More Guests When Your Venue is Small/Budget Limited

Finally, there are cases when the venue is inadequate for the number of guests you have invited. Instead of trying to explain the situation, you can make a short list of your closest relatives and friends who can attend the wedding ceremony and provide live streaming for the ones that will have to wait for the wedding reception.

Don’t forget that these are only some of the advantages of live streaming your wedding.

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