How to List Your Venue Online

June 17, 2016
how to list your venue online

A huge number of restaurants and hotels are now joining the profitable business of hosting birthday parties, weddings, conferences, seminars, baby showers and other events. In addition, there are some specialized event venues too. Of course, the decision to become involved in such activities should not be taken without good planning.

This is especially true when it comes to being found online. Without properly listing your venue online, you should not expect significant success for your venue. In the past, venues were usually found with the help of newspaper and magazine ads, billboards and TV and radio commercials. Today, thanks to the fast technological advancement that the world has seen in the past two decades, you can list your venue online and allow potential event hosts to find your venue with the help of their computer or mobile device.

The Internet has become the ultimate tool for consumer research. By listing your venue on certain online database you will be able to boost web traffic and let more potential clients find your venue. If you use a combination of an online listing and a simple marketing campaign you will be able to increase your revenue. So, how exactly can you list your venue online?

The Basics:

Listing your venue online requires two things – a computer and Internet access. You don’t need any special knowledge or experience. The process is simple and even a beginner Internet user can finish it in a matter of minutes.

According to many experts, signing up for a local business listing service like Yelp and Google Places is a must. These two popular free listing services will increase your venue’s exposure because as you are probably aware millions of people use Yelp and Google on a daily basis looking for different things including venues. In order to list your business on these free services you will need to make a unique username and password. In this way you will get an account for your business. After that, you should log in to the account and provide basic information about your business as requested. Don’t forget to fill the forms that require your venue’s phone number, business name, working hours, address and website in case you have one. Once you are done, just click the Submit button and that’s it.

Taking it to the Next Level:

Even though these two services are useful, and have a significant user base, they weren’t designed for venues specifically, and because of that, your venue can get lost in the crowd fairly easily. This is why it’s crucial to also list your venue on is the perfect website for listing your venue. This is actually an online tool that serves as an efficient search engine for users who want to discover the ideal venue that suits their needs and requirements. They have excellent search system that will help you present your venue to the right audience. So, in addition to Google Places and Yelp, you should be on VenueCenter because in then you will get better exposure and access to users who are genuinely interested in your venue.

We hope that this short guide will help you improve your business, and if you’ve got any questions share them in the comment section below!

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