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How the Increasing Threat from Terrorism Impacts Venue Security and Safety

December 14, 2015

In a perfect world, we would never need to write or think about venue security, but many venue managers, event planners, and attendees forget that this world isn’t perfect. The recent attacks in Paris have served as a terrible reminder that venues aren’t as secure as they should be.

Russ Simons, the managing partner at Venue Solutions Group says “It’s [referring to the Paris attacks] a sobering reminder that we can never again afford to become complacent. Just because something hasn’t happened to us for awhile it doesn’t diminish our need to be prepared.”

Unfortunately, acts of terrorism are changing and targeting soft targets in a manner that is extremely hard to predict. We no longer need to fear attacks on national monuments as much as we need to fear attacks on innocents at conferences, concerts and other large events.

If we can band together as an industry and take a stand to make our venues more secure, we can create an environment where the safety of our attendees will never come into question and acts of terrorism may be stopped right in their tracks.

We need to take the following 3 simple steps to increase venue security.

1. A Change in Attitude

One of the biggest threats to the security of today’s events is the attitude we all have. For most of us, venue security is nothing more than an after thought, something that is “important” but not important enough to budget and plan for.

Cory Meredith, the founder of Staff Pro, says “Our industry must realize incidents like this can happen to any of us at any time at any event. Budgeting and planning to implement industry best practices is imperative.”

If we don’t change our attitude quickly, we will never learn from the mistakes made and we will see an increase in the number of safety related incidents during events.

2. Increased Presence from Security

After changing the way we think about security, our first step as an industry should be to increase the presence of security at our events. This can be done in a few ways:

  • Increasing the number of security guards at events
  • Having guards patrol the event rather than stand stationary
  • Having security checks of bags and persons at events

3. Reviewing Evacuation Procedures

This step is so simple, and so crucial yet so few professionals actually take the time to review their evacuation procedures. Simply go over evacuation procedures at the start of each event so that your guests will know what to do in the case of an emergency. Guests will understand and appreciate the time taken to ensure their safety.


Hopefully, there comes a day that we can truly not worry about the safety and security of our events and attendees, but until that happens we need to have the right attitude, increase the presence of our security and go over evacuation procedures with our event’s attendees.

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