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Holiday Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

January 11, 2016

Valentines Day and New Years Eve have long been used for holiday weddings, but now many couples are experimenting with having their weddings on other holidays like The Fourth of July, Halloween, or even Christmas!

A holiday wedding can be loads of fun, provide a theme for you to incorporate and even be more convenient for your guests – If it’s done right!

Here are the do’s and don’ts of holiday weddings:

Holiday Wedding Do’s:

Send Save the Dates At Least 8 Months in Advance

Many people plan their holiday vacations in advance. In order to not be rude to your guests, and make it more convenient for them to come, send your save the dates before they plan their holiday vacations. This will keep you from making a friend of family member decide between a vacation they already planned and your wedding.

Be Prepared to Have a Higher Decline Rate Than Normal Weddings

Some people have long standing family traditions that they won’t be willing to miss, even for your wedding. This is especially true with the more family oriented holidays. If you receive more declines than a wedding would usually expect, it’s probably because that is the only weekend they see their grandparents (or something like that).

Plan to Spend More on Vendors and Venues

Your caterer will have to pay staff overtime for the holidays, flowers may be more expensive due to a higher demand, and venues may even raise their rates for the more popular holidays such as New Years Eve and Valentines Day. Some holidays may see lower prices for venues, but expect to pay more unless told otherwise.

Subtly Include the Holiday Theme

Emphasis on subtly. Holiday weddings are great because they provide a theme for the wedding, but you don’t want to go overboard and make the wedding seem like a holiday party instead of a wedding. Check the related articles section at the end of this post to learn more on subtly including the holiday theme.

Holiday Wedding Don’ts:

Stress Out If Guests Call You Rude

It’s your big day. If you want to have a holiday wedding than you are entitled to a holiday wedding. No guest should determine the way your big day happens, and so if a couple of guests call you rude or get upset it’s best not to stress out about it.

Make Your Guests Travel

On many holidays travel will be more expensive and less convenient. It is rude to ask your guests to travel as traffic is often worse, plane tickets usually cost more and traveling can take up their entire holiday weekend. Keeping the wedding local means guests get to spend the rest of their holiday weekend however they please.

Play Seasonal Music

Your wedding is exactly that, your wedding. It isn’t some big holiday party and while it may be tempting to play holiday music at your wedding it can and often will make guests feel like they are at less of a wedding and more of a big holiday party.

Choose a Big Holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving

Larger, more important holidays (be it religious holidays or otherwise) should not be chosen for your wedding date as they will be highly inconvenient for your guests and will often make your guests choose between longstanding family traditions and attending your wedding. Just a heads up: Most guests will choose their family traditions over your wedding.

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