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Everything You Need to Know About Party Hall Rentals

December 4, 2015

Looking for a party hall to rent online can be a confusing and daunting process. Use this guide as a tool to help you find a party hall, and choose between different available venues.

How Much Do Party Halls Cost to Rent?

The cost of a party hall can vary widely based on the region your located. Large Cities on the East and West Coasts are the most expensive with smaller towns in the central US being cheapest. With that said, here are a few statistics on the cost of a party hall:

  • The average price of a party hall is $1,244.
  • Party halls typically charge between $500 and $2,500
  • The most expensive venues will cost above $10,000, but that is for urban lofts, resorts, and fancy hotels in places like San Fransico and New York City.

Additional Costs For Party Hall Rentals

There are a few hidden costs when renting part halls which are often forgotten about and result i going over your budget. Don’t forget these additional costs:

  1. liability insurance. Most party halls will require some form of liability insurance. If your homeowners insurance has a rider for off-site events you won’t need to worry, but if not you should expect to pay around $200 for liability insurance.
  2. Some venues require you to hire one or two security guards. These can cost around $100 each.
  3. Some venues require a refundable deposit which can be $200+

Shopping for a Party Hall Online

Finding a party hall online can be a difficult and confusing process because your searches will often yield only a couple of venues at a time. Using VenueCenter you can easily compare hundreds of party halls with easily seen pictures features and amenities.

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The 3 Things Every Party Hall Should Include

  1. Parking for all of your guests should be included at no additional cost to you.
  2. There should be atleast 1 or 2 staff members to oversee the event and the better venues will provide an in house event planner.
  3. You should be able to access the veneu ahead of time so that you can plan and decorate.

How to Rent the Best Party Hall

When looking for a party hall, it’s important that you take into account many factors. First, you need to take into account the practical things like guest capacity, seating, parking, lighting, and whether there is a kitchen for the caterer. After taking the practical needs into account you can decide based on decorations, theme, and price.

It’s important to discuss a few items before signing your contract like whether outside catering is allow, the policy on alcoholic beverages from outside the venue, and whether an apporved bartender is required to serve your quests. Many venues have very strict rules on food and drinks that can quickly put you overbudget.

Renting the best party hall requires you to compare many halls to each other, and doing that one by one will take a large portion of time, cause much more stress and will usualyl result in you missing out on the perfect venue. Avoid all the stress by searching with VenueCenter:

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