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8 Easy DIY Wedding Ideas

April 11, 2016
DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas

Some DIY wedding ideas can be ridiculously complicated and end up making your wedding planning way more stressful than it needs to be.

These 8 DIY wedding ideas are simple and easy – so you can enjoy your wedding instead of stressing out about your DIY project:

Simple Wedding Ideas: dancing Sandals

1. Sandals for Dancing

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, or you’ve got a lot of guests in high heels, a bucket full of sandals will make a welcome addition to your wedding.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces

2. Mason Jar Water Candles

These look fantastic, and they are so simple to do that it’s a no brainer to include them in your wedding. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Add water in a mason jar.
  2. Drop a tea candle into the jar so that it floats on the surface.

Wedding Photo Ideas

3. Picture in Front of Flag

This is a great idea and you can rep either your state or just sport Old Glory behind. It makes for a fun and creative backdrop for any photo and works well to cover up otherwise unattractive photo locations.

DIY Wedding Ideas

4. Popcorn Bar

Creating a candy bar has been all the rage, and it has spawned other great ideas like bacon bars and more, but even though a bacon bar is a wonderful and terrific idea, it is certainly not something you can easily do on your own! A popcorn bar is much more DIY friendly and will still be a great treat for ally your guests.

DIY Wedding Cake Stands

5. Barrel Cake Display

Wow does this look awesome, and all it takes is a whiskey barrel and you’re good to go! That’s as simple as it gets.

Cute Wedding Table Number Idea

6. Books for table numbers

For a classy, yet simple table top decoration, use these books with the table number written on them.

DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas

7. Using a Canoe for Drinks

If you’ve got access to a canoe, this is a real easy, and very cool (pun intended) idea to store drinks at a wedding!

Wedding Ideas

8. Social Media Hashtag ChalkBoard

Perhaps it’s a bit well known, but it’s still one of the easiest ways to get more photos for a wedding! and the board itself can be used for decoration!


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