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DIY Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

June 17, 2016
wedding photo booth ideas

In the last few years, people are trying to bring new elements in the wedding day in order to make this day more unique and memorable. One of these trendy things is the use of photo booth.

Photo booths are entertaining and they will activate your guests. In addition, they will get memorable photos and add them to the newlywed’s album. Photo booths are able to capture the spontaneous moments on the wedding which is a great addition to the formal posing. What is great about photo booths is that you can make one yourself or hire one. In this article, we will present a few DIY wedding photo booths ideas.

Hay Bales

This solution is ideal for outdoor weddings especially for those who don’t have classic weddings. All you need to do is to cover the background with a dozen of hay bales and hang a few empty frames on them. You can also hold one frame in front of your faces when you are getting photographed. The floor can be covered with an old rug, set of planks or simply stand in the grass.


Balloons are items that remind us of celebrations and festivals, so using them for DIY photo booth is always a good idea. Find a white background (or create one) and hang some balloons on it. You can use regular balloons, but in this case you will have to glue them or you can use balloons filled with helium. It is a nice idea to form some symbol with them like heart – the universal symbol of love!

Lace Sheets

Create a few thin frames from aluminum poles or plastic poles and cover them with lace sheets. Remember to use lace sheets in different sizes and in different styles. You can replace the poles with fishing lines too. If you are using lace sheet sin different colors make sure that they are matching.

Paper Flowers

What is good about paper flowers is that you can create any type of flower you want and of course you can choose their size. There are few successful DIY wedding photo booths that include gigantic paper flowers. Just place these impressive flowers in front of a white wall and the photo shoot can start!

Unique Plates

Now here’s another simple, yet effective DIY photo booth idea. In order to get the most from this photo booth, you will need to find as many unique plates as you can. The best thing that you can do is to opt for stylish, retro or vintage plates. Just hang them on a wall and you are good to go. Since the plates are usually predominantly white, try to hang them on a wall with dark colors.

Fresh Flowers

Besides paper flowers, you can use real, fresh flowers too. Create strings of flowers and hang them in rows on your wall. You can stand in front of them and take photos or place a beautiful sofa and sit on it.

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