DIY Photo Booth vs. A Rented Photo Booth

June 24, 2016
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It seems like every day there is a new way to make your wedding more memorable. One of the most popular ways at the moment is to use a photo booth at your wedding, but there’s still some debate on the best way to do so.

Photo booths are becoming quite trendy because besides the fact that they provide an original experience and fun for the guests, they also make wedding photography more interesting and a little bit different. Couples that are interested in using a photo booth on their wedding often face the same dilemma – should they rent a photo booth or should they buy a camera and make a DIY photo booth. Every option has its own advantages and disadvantages which will be analyzed below:

Renting a photo booth

Renting a photo booth usually means that you will get a better end product. The cameras used in the photo booths are often modern and very powerful. In other words, they create photos with better quality because the cameras are professional.

The production is automated and fast and this is another important reason why so many people choose photo booth rentals.

If you rent a photo booth, you might be able to save some money too. This might sound illogical to some, but when you take into account the time spent setting up your own DIY wedding photo booth you’ll realize that it can be a significant investment. Time can be quite expensive when you are preparing a wedding ceremony.

Another benefit is that renting a photo booth means that there is an outside professional that will take care of this machine in case something goes wrong.

When it comes to disadvantages we will mention two serious disadvantages.

First of all, these photo booths can sometimes be quite expensive making them financially unreasonable.

In addition, availability can be limited and it can be tough to snap one up before it’s too late!

Buying a camera and creating a DIY photo booth

Creating a DIY photo booth can provide a feeling of satisfaction and pride. You will learn something new and you will do this together with the people you love. Needless to say, this process can be quite fun too.

Another great advantage of using DIY photo booths is the fact that you will create a photo booth according to your needs, requirements, and desires. You can select different backgrounds and decorations and shoot any kind of photo you want. If you buy a camera you will be able to use it after the wedding too.

You can also give the photo booth to other people.

Of course, this option comes with some disadvantages like the cost of buying a new camera (don’t forget that you can borrow a camera), and, in some cases, this option can be quite difficult especially if you start doing this without a good plan.

No matter which option you choose, having a photo booth at your wedding is a fun and unique idea sure to be remembered for years to come. Have you used a photo booth at your wedding? Let us know about your experience below!

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