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Congratulations! You’re Engaged! Now What?

March 31, 2016
What to do after getting engaged

You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, congrats! That’s not easy – but neither will the next few months.

You’ve got checklists, budgets soon to be in-laws, your own parents, your friends, that one person who didn’t get an invite, and so many other things to worry about. So what do you do now that you’ve just gotten engaged?

Step 1: Celebrate and Enjoy Yourself!

Before you get ahead of yourself and dive into the more stressful stages of planning your wedding, take a day to let the engagement soak in. Get some engagement photos if that’s your thing, head on a staycation or a mini vacation, or do whatever else you like doing with your new fiance. You should also take some time to daydream about the big day!

Step 2: Call Everyone.

Don’t change your Facebook relationship status, don’t post pictures of the ring on Instagram, and don’t make a tweet about it. At least not until you’ve called all of your friends and family. Something as big as an engagement deserves a phone call and many friends and relatives may feel left out if you don’t give them a call.

Step 3: Start Saving for the Big Day

Weddings are expensive. Affordable weddings are possible, but your first budget will almost always be wrong. If you begin saving early, you can help offset the cost of the wedding and avoid having any sort of budgeting problems.

Step 4: Look into Premarital Counselling

My wife and I did this and we highly recommend it. Most churches offer premarital counselling for free and the transition into married life will be much smoother. You’ll get the chance to talk about subjects that you may not have considered and you’ll set a foundation for a lasting marriage.

Step 5: Start Looking at the Most Important Details

The guest list. The Venue. The Date. All of these things should be on your mind and you should look into them now. Getting the big wedding details out of the way first will help you avoid a lot of stress closer to the wedding date.


A few other things to consider:

  • Consider hiring a wedding planner to help during the entire wedding planning process.
  • Look into using a venue search tool to search hundreds of wedding venues quickly for your dream venue.
  • If you know someone who just got engaged, share this post with them!

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