Most Commonly Forgotten Things by Brides on Their Wedding Day

August 20, 2016


No matter how many times you prepare and run through the wedding scenarios in your mind, there will always be something (or things) that will be overlooked and forgotten. Avoid the panic and stress by making sure you get all the items ready and done before your wedding.

Check out our list below for some items that brides forget during their wedding day so you can include these items on your wedding reminders.

Vendor meals

On your wedding day, your wedding vendors are going to be up really early and will be working hard until the last hour of your after-party. Keep their energy up by making sure they are well fed during the day. Prepare more than one meal especially if you know that the hours will be really, really long.

Marriage license

Forgetting to bring probably the most important document in your big day is the worst. Of course in the worst case scenario, you can always sign a mock up license or a blank document. But then you would not want to get into the hassle of tracking all of your witnesses again after the wedding and let them sign the license one by one.


So you got your marriage license ready but then lo and behold, you also forgot to pack a pen. Be sure that on your big day you have a pen or two in your bridal purse along with the other necessities.

Wedding rings

Yes believe it or not, there are some couples who forget to bring their wedding rings to their own wedding ceremony. So make sure you entrust this to someone, like the best man or the wedding planner a day or a few hours before all becomes busy during wedding preparation.

Thank You notes

Never forget to thank all those people who took a part in your wedding day. Not too elaborate, just simple notes saying you are grateful for their presence and for the wedding gifts. This goes to your wedding vendors as well. Write them an honest review online so that other brides can hear straight from you how awesome they made your wedding celebration.

Media files

We know a lot of couple who got so stressed out a few minutes before the reception because they forgot to bring that flash disk that contains all the media files for their first dance and engagement videos to be shown during reception. You can avoid this by simply making multiple copies saved on different storage disk and entrusting it to someone or by giving advance copy to your DJ and technical team days before the wedding.

Gadget chargers

Avoid panicking at the last minute because your wedding vow is saved on your mobile notes or worry about missing out on some of your wedding moments just because your phone battery is running low. Always bring your phone charger or power bank so you are always ready.

Wedding invitation

The wedding invite is an item that most photographers love to take a shot of before the wedding but most brides forget to bring this. So just to make sure, ask your photographer for a checklist of the items they need you to bring during the pictorial so you can be confident that you don’t forget any.

The items above are just some of the common things that brides forget to do or bring during their wedding day. How about you? Did you forget any other items during your wedding? Feel free to share your list by leaving a comment!

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