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Wedding Themes and Colors

Wedding Themes and Colors

Why Nontraditional Wedding Dresses Will Never Be Popular

January 8, 2017


Traditional wedding dresses may be the one constant in our pinterest fueled wedding trends. Though spectacular looking, floral print, dip dye, color, crop tops, rompers and other nontraditional wedding dresses will never be more popular than a more traditional styled wedding dress.


The yellow line indicates color wedding dresses, dip dye wedding dresses in blue, and crop top wedding dresses in green. Floral print and romper wedding dresses are shown in red and purple. When we added traditional wedding dresses to the graph, the nontraditional dresses became a little more than a line on the bottom of the graph.

Nontraditional dresses have never seen a true increase in popularity

These nontraditional dresses tend to have one-time spikes in popularity, but they return to their previous levels of popularity (or is obscurity a better term?). These short-lived boosts in popularity are likely the result of a viral article, post or picture of one of these styles.

Looking back at the last 5 years, we can see that these dresses don’t become more popular over time, instead, they remain at their same level of popularity. The only dress which didn’t conform to this rule was the crop top wedding dress, but that may be because it’s a new style of wedding dress.

So the next time you read about the new style of wedding dress that’s “sure to become the most popular style” take it with a large dose of skepticism. At best, the dress will have a momentary spike in popularity but will settle at a lower popularity level.

Does this mean that you should avoid nontraditional dresses?

Not at all! If you feel drawn to a dress that doesn’t conform to the norm, choose it by all means! It’s your big day, and you should feel free to have it just the way you want it. Besides, nontraditional dresses have tons of character and look beautiful! Just take a look at these dresses:

wedding dresss nontraditional

These dresses are modern, colorful, and full of personality. While you may catch some of your guests off guard, their surprise will turn to awe as they marvel at the beauty of your gown, and maybe it’s a good thing that these dresses will never be popular. If they were, they might lose some of their appeal.

At the moment, these dresses are reserved for the daring brides. The brides who are willing to take a big risk and as a result end up with a big pay off. Are you a daring bride? Or do you like to keep things traditional? Let us know in the comments below!

Wedding Themes and Colors

7 Popular Wedding Themes in 2016

November 10, 2016

Having a hard time choosing your wedding’s theme? Take some inspiration from these 7 popular wedding themes:

1. Lush Weddings

Combining green wedding colors with greenery everywhere, these weddings are best described as lush. Usually they’ll take place outdoors or in a rustic venue (like a barn or farm). The highlights of this theme are its use of plants and other greenery to decorate.

theme 2

2. Vintage Weddings

Vintage weddings have always been popular, but 2016 brought a more stylized approach incorporating vintage items from Etsy with vibrant, yet royal colors.

theme 3

3. Bohemian Weddings

Bohemian weddings are a special kind of wedding that’s become popular in 2016. A sort of mix and match of different wedding styles and eras, these weddings tend to be quirky, creative, unconventional, and carefree.

theme 4

4. Twilight Weddings

While this is an unexpected theme for sure, it’s easy to see why it’s on this list. The forest setting with hanging flowers, rustic yet elegant seating, and other fairytale-esque features have made this a beautiful theme and one which is likely to stick around.

5. Fairytale Weddings

Fairytale weddings have always been popular and 2016 was no exception. They continue to be a popular theme and can take many different looks depending on the couple (making them a versatile theme).

theme 5

6. Pastel Weddings

Pastel weddings have been one of the biggest trends in recent years, with pastel colors and decorations taking over the wedding industry. Etsy decorations can be found left and right in various pastel hues and many of 2016’s most popular wedding color schemes have been pastel. It’s a beautiful way to incorporate color without being too loud or vibrant.

theme 6

7. Garden Weddings

Garden weddings are another example of the movement for weddings to be closer to or a part of nature. Along with the lush weddings we’ve seen, twilight weddings and more, we’ve seen a strong trend of weddings moving from indoors to outdoor venues and for good reason. There is so much beauty and many times you need just a few decorations to make the wedding look beautiful.

Parting Advice

If you’re looking for a wedding theme, you can’t go wrong with something incorporating nature, whether that be a lush wedding, a garden wedding or another theme. It’ll save you money on decorations and, in many cases, you can get these types of venues for less than their indoor counterparts.

Wedding Themes and Colors

Unique Wedding Themes

June 17, 2016

Preparing yourself for the big day has always been extremely important. However, people in the past were usually focused on making plans and preparation for a very traditional and formal wedding ceremony and celebration. This situation is now changed and the vast majority of couples are trying to express their creativity and show their characters during this special day. Choosing unique wedding themes is one of the main activities of couples planning a wedding. The uniqueness of the wedding theme is used as a way for the newlyweds to show their creative and positive side to the people they love and to make this day even more memorable.

Tuscan wedding theme

Tuscany is one of the most famous regions in Italy, known for the interesting traditions, exceptional architecture and of course – for its romantic places. Obviously, this kind of theme is most suitable for someone that has Italian ancestors, but the truth is that the Italian culture is accepted as universal culture, so literally anyone can use it. This special theme includes stylish and classic wedding decorations. Besides decoration, you should not forget the Italian food. There are some great Italian dishes that can be served on your wedding. It is also a good idea to choose an Italian restaurant, a garden or even a vineyard as your wedding venue in order to make the atmosphere more authentic. When it comes to drinks, serving Italian wine is a must. Finally, there are some very interesting and cheerful Italian songs which you can use on the wedding too.

Country wedding theme

This theme allows the couple to make many different experiments and it would probably interesting to young urban couples. An old-fashioned and adjusted barnyard is an excellent venue for this theme, but you can also choose a log cabin, attractive vineyard with rustic atmosphere and those who are bold enough can have an outdoor wedding in the cornfield. When people use this unique wedding theme they usually use what nature gave us to the most. The decoration should consist of fruits and veggies. Use local foods on the menu.

Fairytale wedding theme

If the couple likes fairytales and they have a favorite fairytale then this story may serve as a basis for their wedding theme. You can find many interesting stories that will inspire you and help you make a perfect, unforgettable wedding. For instance, you can choose to be Cinderella. What is even better, many of these stories have description about the fictional wedding ceremonies, so you can try to recreate them. Snow White and The prince, Princess Jasmine and Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast – these are some of the famous fairytale couples.

Carnival wedding theme

Finally, use your wedding to create a festive atmosphere. The main point is to use decorations in many different colors, include some carnival games and foods and desserts used on carnivals.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the unique wedding themes you can use and that there are literally hundreds of options you should take into consideration.

Wedding Themes and Colors

Wedding Colors by Month

March 30, 2016
wedding colors by month

Choosing your wedding colors can be simple, but all to often it takes many hours on Pinterest, a couple of arguments with your mom (or step-mom), and way too many differing opinions from your friends and family.

To help you get it just right, we’ve created a guide which features great color schemes for every month of the year. This doesn’t mean that you have to base your wedding colors on your month, (Many wedding color combinations look great year round!) but it’s great for brainstorming wedding color ideas.

If you’re looking for great wedding color combinations for January, June, October or any month in between, read on!

Wedding Colors by Month:

January Wedding Colors

January wedding colors are perfect for any winter wedding. Here are some amazing wedding color schemes:

  • Powder Blue / Grayed Jade / Ivory
  • Royal Blue / Light Steel Blue / White
  • Burly Wood / Silver / Ivory

Check out these other great January wedding color ideas!

February Wedding Colors

February wedding colors mix some of the color and pop of a spring wedding with the increasingly popular pastel winter colors. Here are three great wedding color combinations for the month of February:

  • Peach / Apricot / Gold
  • Emerald Green / Gray / Snow White
  • Navy / Silver / White

Check out these other great February wedding color ideas!

March Wedding Colors

Spring hasn’t fully sprung, but these March wedding colors are sure to make you think it has!

  • Kelly Green / Peach / Cream White
  • Peony / Buttercup / Celery
  • Yellow / Silver / White

Check out these other great March wedding color ideas!

April Wedding Colors

These jaw dropping wedding colors are unique and unexpected – perfect for a springtime wedding!

  • Soft Lemon / Pistachio / Sky Blue
  • Watermelon / Pale Green / Sky Blue
  • Lavender / Peach / Pastel Orange

Check out these other great April wedding color ideas!

May Wedding Colors

May wedding colors may be some of the most vibrant colors on this whole list!

  • Cobalt Blue / Yellow / White
  • Light Pink / Silver Gray / Grass green
  • Orange / Green Yellow / Pink

Check out these other great May wedding color ideas!

June Wedding Colors

With summer comes bright, beautiful sets of wedding colors for you to choose from. Check out these June wedding colors:

  • Turquoise / Soft Yellow / Grass Green
  • Coral Pink / Navy / Gold
  • Coral / Pink / Natural Green

Check out these other great June wedding color ideas!

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July Wedding Colors

July wedding colors take all the color of a June wedding and turn it up a notch. Check out these creative wedding color combinations:

  • Papaya / Lawn Green / White
  • Dusk Gray / Royal Blue / Sunset Orange
  • Soft Yellow / Sunflower / Yellow Gold

Check out these other great July wedding color ideas!

August Wedding Colors

The last month of summer makes for a beautiful backdrop to any wedding. You’re just beginning to see the leaves turn, and that’s the inspiration for these amazing wedding colors:

  • Blue / Blood Orange / Yellow
  • Sage / Autumn Red / Sunset Orange
  • Purple / Pink / Sage

Check out these other great August wedding color ideas!

September Wedding Colors

Your wedding colors don’t need to be dull and muted because the leaves are falling! In fact, these September wedding color schemes are quite the opposite:

  • Mango / Peach / Green Mist
  • Teal / Burnt Orange / White
  • Lavender / Light Slate Gray / Lavender Pinocchio

Check out these other great September wedding color ideas!

October Wedding Colors

Rather than go with an overused set of Halloween inspired wedding colors, these October wedding colors take inspiration from all of the beutiful colors of fall and the fall harvest.

  • Dark Red / Black / White
  • Dark Orange / Peony Pink / Plum
  • Cranberry / Frost Blue / Tan

November Wedding Colors

November weddings fall under both a fall and a winter category, so these colors could really go either way!

  • Lilac / Champagne / Ivory
  • Pearl Pink / Pearl / Ivory
  • Deep Lilac / Silver Gray / White

December Wedding Colors

Wrapping up our wedding colors by month with the month of December, these wedding colors are surprisingly vibrant for a winter wedding!

  • Ice Blue / Navy / Silver
  • Navy / Celestial Blue / Light Slate Gray
  • Purple / Turquoise / White
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September Wedding Colors: 5 Perfect Palettes

February 29, 2016
September Wedding Colors

September wedding colors are more bright and vibrant than you would expect! Because it’s just the beginning of Fall, there are plenty of colors to choose from and your wedding will look great. These 5 wedding color palettes are unique, colorful and perfect for a September wedding. Check them out below!

September Wedding Colors:

Lavender and Gray Wedding

A wedding color scheme that’s both muted and colorful, this combination of lavender, light slate gray and lavender pinocchio is one of my top choices for purple wedding combinations.

September Wedding Colors: Lavender and Gray Wedding

Peach and Green Wedding

The brightest wedding color combination on this list, this blend of peach, mango and green mist make for a truly unique and vibrant fall wedding.

Fall Wedding Colors: Peach Green and Orange Wedding

Cranberry Wedding

Taking a traditional wedding color like cranberry and blending it with more modern wedding colors is a up and coming trend that looks great! These wedding colors blend cranberry with frost blue and tan to achieve a beautifully modern fall wedding!

September Wedding Colors: Cranberry wedding

Teal and Burnt Orange Wedding

Burnt orange is a popular choice for fall weddings and has been for a while. This makes it easy to find decorations for this color and when you blend it with another common color like teal you get a September wedding that’s both easy to decorate and vibrant and timeless.

Fall Wedding Colors: Teal White and Burnt Orange Wedding

Burnt Orange Wedding

If you’re looking for neutral September wedding colors, a combination of burnt orange, beige and white is stunning. The burnt orange is a classic choice for fall wedding colors and when it’s blended with white and beige you’ll have a set of wedding colors that’ll never go out of style and perfectly sets the mood for a fall wedding.

September Wedding Colors: Burnt Orange Wedding

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Wedding Themes and Colors

August Wedding Colors: 7 Unexpected Color Schemes

February 26, 2016
August Wedding Colors

These August wedding colors reflect the last month of summer and transition into fall by using vibrant summer wedding colors mixed with some wedding color schemes borrowed from fall weddings.

August Wedding Colors:

Dark Red, Black and White

The most formal color combination on this list, these august wedding colors blend a dark red with the always classy black and white. The dark red is both colorful and vibrant while offering a hint at the season to come.

August wedding color scheme: Dark Red, Black and White

Dark Orange, Peony Pink and Plum

Still very much a summer wedding color scheme, this set of dark orange peony pink and plum hint at the changing colors of the leaves while still mimicking the flowers blooming during summer!

August Wedding Color Combination: Dark Orange, Peony Pink, PLum

Blue, Blood Orange and Yellow

The bright blue skies,  blood orange leaves and yellow summer flowers inspired this wedding color scheme. This wedding color combination is sure to impress your guests with its combination of bright, summer inspired wedding colors.

August Wedding Colors Blue, Blood Orange, Yellow

Periwinkle, Lavender and White

This subtle august wedding color scheme is light and pleasant. The periwinkle and lavender may seem too close to be a good choice, but they are surprisingly great together and give your wedding an almost fairy tale appearance.

August Wedding Colors: Periwinkle, Lavender, and White

Sage, Autumn Red and Sunset Orange

If the leaves are already starting to change color and fall near you, this august wedding color combination is perfect. the pale sage combined with the more vibrant autumn red and sunset orange set a lovely mood and are sure to make for great decorations and photos.

August Wedding Color Scheme: Sage, Autumn Red, Sunset Orange

Purple, Pink and Sage

One of the most unique color combinations on this list, this set of August wedding colors mixes purple, pink and sage to create an unexpected, but very lovely combination of colors that is sure to wow your guests!

August Wedding Colors: Purple, Pink and Sage

Champagne, Ivory and Chartreuse

One of the most natural and simple sets of August wedding colors, this combination of champagne, ivory and chartreuse blends together to create an open and inviting feel for your wedding. It’s perfect for outdoor weddings and will likely be a timeless choice in wedding color schemes.

August Wedding Color Combination: Champagne, Ivory and Chartreuse

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Wedding Themes and Colors

July Wedding Colors: 9 Fun Summer Wedding Colors

February 24, 2016

Planning a summer wedding? These July wedding colors are perfect for a mid summer day!

July Wedding Colors:

1. Papaya and Lawn Green

A natural combination of wedding colors, these two lively colors are perfect for outdoor weddings – particularly beach weddings!

July Wedding Colors

2. Sage, Lilac and White

Some may argue that this color scheme is better suited for winter, and while it is a great winter color scheme, it works wonderfully in the summer months. This combination of July wedding colors certainly isn’t traditional, but that may add to the appeal. The muted colors will stand out in a season when most weddings are bright and colorful!

wedding color combination

3. Violet, Peach and Natural Green

This combination doesn’t seem like it’d go well together on paper, but in person it looks spectacular. If you want a unique set of wedding colors this is definitely a strong choice!

wedding color scheme

4. Peony Pink, Lavender and Chartreuse

A color combination that manages to both be pastel and incredibly bright/colorful is hard to come by, but this combination does just that! These July wedding colors are a great choice for any couple!

Wedding colors by month

5. Dusk Gray, Royal Blue and Sunset Orange

Directly inspired by the colors of the sunset, this summer wedding color combination is sure to wow your guests!

Summer Wedding Colors

6. Red, Deep Peach and Sun Yellow

Inspired by the rising of the sun, this color combination is a mixture of reds, pinks and yellows to create a beautiful wedding with a warm color tone.

July Wedding Colors

7. Soft Yellow, Sunflower and Yellow Gold

This monochrome wedding combination uses different shades of yellow to bring all the happiness of summer into your wedding!

Wedding Colors by Month

8. Yellow, Black and White

Maybe you don’t want to go monochrome, but still like the joy that is added from yellow as a primary color. If so, the black and white act as a perfect set of accenting wedding colors!

Monthly Wedding Colors

9 Turquoise and Red

A simple, but stunning set of July wedding colors, this color scheme is sure to wow your guests! It’s bright, colorful and modern!

Summer Wedding Colors

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June Wedding Colors: 5 Simply Beautiful Combinations

February 22, 2016

June wedding colors add all the bright, bountiful color of summer to your wedding’s decor. The 5 trendy and beautiful wedding color schemes on this list are sure to leave you and your guests stunned by the beauty of your wedding.

June Wedding Colors

Turquoise, Soft Yellow and Grass Green

A very unique wedding color combination, this set of turquoise, soft yellow and grass green looks great at a June wedding. The sky like turquoise is accented by grass green which is reminiscent of – you guessed it – grass and soft yellow which mimics the summer flowers.

June Wedding Color Combo

Coral Pink, Navy and Gold

A very modern combination of June wedding colors, this color scheme combines coral pink, navy and gold to create a modern, trendy feel while still being able to impress the more traditional guests at your wedding.

June Wedding Color Scheme

Coral, Pink and Natural Green

A perfect color scheme for vintage June weddings, this combination of coral, pink and natural green seemingly do the impossible by capturing the colors of summer while still remaining traditional and classic.

Spring Wedding Colors

Turquoise and Pastel Purple

A perfect duo, the turquoise and pastel purple compliment each other on several levels. First, the bright and vibrant turquoise acts as a counter for the more muted and understated pastel purple. The colors themselves are complimentary and finally, both lie on the cool side of the color spectrum. These work well for mismatched wedding dresses.

Summer Wedding Colors

Blue and Cinnabar Green

For a two color wedding color scheme that’ll never go out of style, choose blue and cinnabar green. This duo of June wedding colors is sure to amaze your guests and leave them wondering how such a beautiful wedding could come from such a simple choice in color.

Blue and Green Wedding

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Wedding Themes and Colors

May Wedding Colors: 8 Beautiful Spring Colors

February 19, 2016

May wedding colors are vibrant and unique with each color scheme filled with beautiful colors inspired by the flowers blooming all around. These 8 colors represent some of the most unique and amazing color combinations of 2016.

May Wedding Color Scheme #1: White, Purple and Turquoise

Using turquoise as a primary color with purple and white as accenting colors for a beautifully bright and vibrant wedding color scheme.

may wedding colors: white, purple, turquoise

May Wedding Color Combo #2: Cobalt Blue, Yellow and White

If you want a combination that’s at home both by the water and in expansive open fields you can’t do much better than this cobalt blue, yellow and white color combo.

may wedding color: cobolt blue, yellow and white

A Classy Color Combination: Silver Gray, Deep Lilac, and White (#3)

This color combination is classy, modern and elegant. It works well for mismatched bridesmaid dresses and is a great subtle combination of colors that appeals to both conservative and more modern couples.

silver, purple and white wedding colors

Alternative Silver Gray Color Combination: Light Pink, Silver Gray, Grass Green (#4)

As an alternative, and slightly more colorful set, this combination of light pink, silver gray and grass green, is a great choice for any couple. The light pink mixed with green is a natural combination that is reminiscent of the grass and flowers of spring while the silver gray adds some class to the combination.

pink silver and green wedding color combination

Whimsical May Wedding Colors: Orange, Green Yellow and Pink (#5)

No other color scheme on this list conveys the vibrant colors of spring quite like this one. Using a combination of bright, beautiful colors, this wedding color combination manages to have all of the splendor of spring with out going overboard!spring wedding colors

Cools Pastels: Pastel Purple, Light Blue and Pink (#6)

If you’re still looking for something colorful, but without standing out as a big part of the wedding, this combination of cool pastels works wonders. There is enough color here that it doesn’t feel like a winter wedding, and it amazingly captures the beauty of spring without being too loud. This works great with mismatched bridesmaids.

spring wedding colors

Classic Beauty: Peony Pink, White and Natural Green (#7)

A combination of light and natural colors, this may wedding color combination will work wonders at all types of venues. The simple combination of colors allows for an understated theme, but it is still a strong enough combination that you can design beautiful bouquets and table settings.

may wedding color scheme

A Happy Combination of May Wedding Colors: Sunflower Yellow, Burgundy and Natural Green (#8)

Something about yellow just adds happiness to every wedding. The color is surprisingly suiting for a variety of may weddings and combining it with the natural green and the burgundy will add a bit of variety and surprise to an otherwise often used color. This color can also double as a Summer color!

color combination for may weddings

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Wedding Themes and Colors

April Wedding Colors: 7 Jaw-Dropping Color Schemes

February 17, 2016

This list of April wedding colors is filled with unique and unexpected combinations of color to recreate the beautiful look and feel of spring. From colorful pastels to a rustic combination of caramel, apple red, and carrot orange, these wedding color schemes are beautiful and one of a kind. If you’re looking for the best color combination for your April wedding, this list is the place to start.

Stunning April Wedding Colors:

April Wedding color: Soft Lemon

Colorful Pastels

This blend of colorful pastels is directly inspired by the colors of spring. The soft lemon brings with it the brightness and joy of springs blooming flowers, the pistachio a great choice for the abundant amounts of greenery now present after winter and the sky blue a perfect color for the vast sky above. Focus on the soft lemon and pistachio using the sky blue as an accent color.

Wedding Color Scheme: Blue Wedding

Blue Wedding Color Scheme

There have been many blue wedding color schemes, and normally we’d suggest going with a pale blue for an April wedding color, but with everyone choosing pastel blues we decided to go with a dark navy blue. This color combination will stand out as classy and elegant while still having plenty of color. This color combination is great for mismatched bridesmaid dresses too!

Spring Wedding Colors

Unique and Colorful Wedding

Another very colorful wedding color scheme, this mixture of watermelon, pale green and sky blue adds a bit of whimsy and unexpected color to colorful pastel combination. Instead of a soft lemon, this wedding color combination mixes a bright and full watermelon with the pale green and sky blue. This creates a contrast between the pastel shades of blue and green and the vibrant shade of pink.

Summer Wedding Colors

Subtle and Classic Wedding Colors

This color combination is about as classic as it can get, but that’s not a bad thing. You don’t need to go with a vintage theme to make great use of this color combo either! In fact, I urge you to choose a modern theme using the pearl pink for bridesmaid dresses and the pearl and ivory for the table decorations. This combination will be a surprising, but pleasant choice of April wedding colors, especially for an indoor wedding.

April Wedding Colors: Leaf Green

Green Wedding Color Scheme

You don’t need to have an Irish or St. Patrick’s day themed wedding to make great use of green wedding colors! Using a green wedding color scheme as opposed to the more tradition single color schemes of blue, purple and red will help your wedding to stand out, but not in a way that is over the top.

unique wedding colors: Caramel

Rustic and Unexpected Wedding Colors

This is the most unexpected April wedding color combination on this list, but it does so with a simple, rustic elegance that can’t be beat. The combination of caramel, apple red and carrot orange is sure to be a hit. The caramel provides a rustic main color while the apple red adds some of the vibrant color of spring with the carrot orange somewhere in between. If you’re doing a barn yard wedding or an outdoors wedding this color scheme would be a home run!

April Wedding Color Combination: Lavender and Peach

Lavender and Peach Wedding Colors

This color combination has all the color and joy of spring without feeling like a spring wedding color scheme. It’s a beautiful mix of color in a way that is subtle and complimentary and it makes for a great set of April wedding colors.

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February Wedding Colors

March Wedding Colors

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January Wedding Colors: 8 Perfect Color Schemes

February 15, 2016


With January still being in the winter, January wedding colors will closely match winter wedding colors. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a colorful wedding!

Most of the color schemes on this list are plenty colorful. They make use of muted pastels to add color in a way that still plays off the natural beauty and wonder created by winter.

Here are the January Wedding Colors:

grey/silver wedding

1. Silver Wedding

Starting off the list with a simple suggestion, the silver wedding plays on the one color trend that is currently very popular. The silver will stand out against the white winter and provide a simple and elegant wedding color scheme.

white wedding

2. White Wedding

Nothing beats the classic winter wedding color scheme! A white wedding is as absolutely stunning and gorgeous as it was when it first became a major trend. If you’re looking for a simple January wedding color, you can’t go wrong with an eye-catching white wedding.=

spring color schemes

3. Blue and White Wedding Colors

Now we are beginning to add a pop of color! The royal blue in this color scheme will brighten up a January wedding while the white and light steel blue mimic the muted colors of the sky and snow outside.

January color schemes

4. Brown, Silver and Ivory Wedding

mimicking the colors outside, this combination of burly wood, silver and ivory is perfect for a rustic, more natural January wedding. It would look especially great at a barn wedding venue.

winter color schemes

5. Powder Blue, Grayed Jade and Ivory (My Favorite January Wedding Colors!)

What can I say about these wedding colors except that they are awesome in every way! They are simple, yet unique. Colorful, but muted. Traditional and trendy.

January wedding colors

6. Shades of Pink and Purple

This combination of colors is trendy, bright and vibrant. If you want to go against the norm and choose something really unique this is a great choice. It’s colorful and out of the box, but it does so without being tacky.

spring wedding colors

7. Emerald Wedding Color Scheme

One of the more traditional wedding color combinations on this list, this set of January wedding colors mixes silver, gold and emerald to produce a classy and vintage look. Blending the metallic colors with a jewel color results in a color combination that would fit perfectly in the Great Gatsby.

winter wedding colors

8. Berry Tone Wedding Colors

Pink weddings are in right now, and if you want to capitalize on the trend, this color combo should be strongly considered. Similar to the shades of pink and purple above, this color scheme is a colorful option that sticks out, but without looking like it was chosen by a 5 year old girl.

Be sure to check out all of our monthly wedding colors!

Wedding Themes and Colors

March Wedding Colors: Top Wedding Colors for March

February 10, 2016

Our march wedding colors are perfect for the transition between a spring wedding and a winter wedding. Since spring isn’t quite in full swing yet, the colors aren’t as vibrant as say an April or May wedding, but there is still plenty of color to use!

March Wedding Colors:

Muted and Understated March Wedding Colors

A muted and understated wedding color scheme that is pleasant and warm. The use of ivory, champagne and lilac are great for when spring hasn’t quite sprung, but you’re just beginning to see flowers bloom. The colors are also unique being simpler than the often vibrant color schemes of spring weddings.

Bright Spring Colors

This bright spring wedding color scheme uses the kelly green to give a pop of color. The peach subtly adds to the color as well and the cream white adds a level of elegance and balance to the color scheme.

Whimsical March Wedding Colors

Maybe you just want to have a bright, vibrant and whimsical set of wedding colors. If so, this combination of peony, buttercup and celery make a for a wonderfully colored march wedding.

Simple and Vibrant Wedding Color Scheme

Yellow and silver wouldn’t seem to be great colors, but they are simply awesome – especially for a spring wedding. You can add some light greens if you want to add a third color to the mix, but the simple yellow and silver is one of the best two color combinations out there!

Romantic Wedding Color Scheme

For something with a romantic, and slightly vintage feel a mixture of pinks and reds will suit you best. Start with peach as the main color and throw in some pink for a pop of color. Then, use maroon for the darker color in the palette to round out this wedding color scheme.

Simple and Elegant March Wedding Colors

An Ivory and Lavender wedding are perfect for the month of March. The lavender acts as a subtle and muted color and is set apart from the traditional spring wedding colors.

Winter Wedding Colors

If March is still a chilly month with a bit of snow, your March wedding colors will more closely resemble a winter wedding palette. Ice blue, navy and sliver are a great combo and if you want to liven it up a bit you can add a light green like celery.