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Wedding Venue Trends: 2011 to 2017

November 3, 2016

Wedding venues come and go, but these last few years have been full of surprises. Couples are choosing new, unconventional wedding venues and at the same time, are moving away from venues which were long the most popular choice.

Here are our 5 key findings in our Wedding Venue Trends Report:


Beach Weddings

Beach weddings have long been the most popular wedding venue, but in the last 5 years, they’ve been on the decline. How much have they declined? Beach weddings have dropped in popularity by 27% over the last few years.

Beach weddings still remain the most popular type of wedding by far, but in 2-3 years we could see another venue at the top, and we may already know which venue…


Barn Weddings

If the last couple years have proved anything, it’s that barn weddings aren’t just a fad. They’ve been steadily growing in popularity these last few years proving that they’re here to stay. If current trends hold true, barn weddings will become the most popular wedding venue by 2020.


Hotel Weddings

Hotel wedding venues haven’t seen a major increase or decrease in popularity in the last few years. Any change in popularity has been insignificant, meaning that hotels remain a common choice for many couples.


Castle Weddings

Castle weddings have always been rare. Even though they make for a fairy-tale wedding, their cost is often prohibitive for many couples. 2014 and 2015 saw a rise in their popularity, and things were looking promising, but their increase in popularity was short lived and they returned to pre-2014 levels of popularity this year.

summer camp

Summer Camp Weddings

After several years of relatively low popularity, summer camp weddings appear to be on the come up. There have been small examples of summer camp weddings and they make for epic wedding venues, but many couples may be reluctant to try such a radically new type of venue. Still, many couples are leading the way and thanks to their courageous choice in wedding venues, we are seeing an increase in summer camp wedding popularity. 2017 should see even more summer camp weddings, and we can’t wait for this unique type of venue to get the credit it deserves.

The Data

In order to find these key points, we analyzed search queries across the U.S. using Google Trends. Here is the raw data for those interested in seeing the facts for themselves:

Google Trends Research

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Choosing a Venue – items that should be on your checklist

September 7, 2016

We all have an idea of what our perfect wedding venue is. It should be somewhere you can see yourself walking down the aisle at, exchanging vows and grooving to your first dance. Don’t make the beauty of the place your only consideration when booking the wedding venue. Make sure you only book the best wedding venue that meets all your event needs and gives you your money’s worth. Arm yourself with the right questions to ask and knowledge of what has to be considered. Be sure to clarify the items below before you sign any contract.

1. Budget and amenities

Check out the cost of the venue and verify if it matches your wedding budget. If it’s a no, don’t get disheartened yet. Check all the facilities that they provide and see if they offer some freebies that cross out some of the items on your wedding checklist. Value for money should always be considered.

2. Outdoor considerations

If you are eyeing for a beach or garden wedding, check if the venue offers contingency plans for rain and other unexpected situations. You may also want to visit the place on the same time of your wedding as well to check other important elements; best lighting spot, venue ventilation, etc.

3. Number of guests

Be sure you already decided on or at least have a ballpark figure of the number of guests that you will invite for the wedding. The capacity of the venue should be able to hold this number and still have enough spaces for an activity area, a registration and a few spaces for your other wedding gimmicks like a photo booth or dessert table.

4. Proximity

If you are having separate venues for the wedding rites and the reception, make sure that the distance from the preparation venue (if you will stay in a hotel for make-up and pre-wedding shoot) to the church and up to the wedding reception is not that far from each other.

5. Venue house rules

Be aware about every rule in the wedding venue so you can adjust your preparations (wedding decorations, effects, etc.) accordingly. Also good to check what other fees they will charge if you bring in outside food and beverages or not accredited wedding vendors.

6. Parking spaces

It is important to check if there are enough parking spaces to accommodate your guests’ vehicles and how secure it is. Check also if there will be another event same time as yours so you can check for shared parking rules and make reservations if necessary.

7. Venue hours

How long will they let you rent the venue? Is this enough to cover the wedding rites, reception program and a few more hours for the after party? How early is the ingress time and how late is the allowed time for egress?

8. Facilities for special needs

Are you having elderly or PWD guests? Be mindful of their needs and check if there’s a ramp at the entrance and also if there are PWD restrooms available.

9. Other amenities

Is there a changing room where you can retouch before the wedding reception starts? How about the basic sounds system offered? Are there built-in lights available and how does it look like?

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DIY Wedding Centerpiece How-to Guide

July 17, 2016
DIY wedding centerpiece

Do-it-yourself or simply DIY projects are becoming quite popular today. People use DIY projects on different occasions and it seems that many of them have witnessed great success when they’ve used such projects on their weddings. We all know that every DIY project can save you a lot of money, but the fact is that the benefits of such projects go beyond saving money . For instance, they can add a personal touch to this memorable day. By creating a DIY wedding centerpiece you can expect do get a centerpiece that will make your wedding different and more enjoyable.

The following is a how-to guide to making the best DIY wedding centerpiece:

Before You Start:

  1.    For starters, choose the wedding theme. Without this crucial decision, you won’t be able to proceed. This means that you should choose the textures and color patterns you will use on your wedding day.
  2.    After you solve this dilemma, you should decide whether you need and want a small or large centerpiece. One of the best ways to make the right decision is to take the number of guests into account. In other words, you will need to find out how many guests will seat on one table. If the group is larger, the centerpiece will be smaller.

Now, let’s take a look at some DIY wedding centerpieces:

Simple Vase and Blossom Branch Centerpiece

To start with, you can choose a tall vase for this purpose. Buy transparent glass vases for every table. Find a vase that is about 24 inches high. It is up to you to select the best width.

In order to create this centerpiece, you’ll need glass beads in any color although transparent are most popular, tall blossom branches (artificial) as well as a feather or floral accents. You can also use water in the vases. Let the branches touch the edge of the vase instead of clustering them in the middle.

If you use water, leave at least two inches free under the rims.

Floating Light Centerpiece

Another great idea is to use floating light centerpiece. This is another simple DIY project that can be done by almost anyone. The best part is that this DIY centerpiece for your wedding lets you unleash your creativity.

Buy cylinder glass vases (10 inches high) – one for each table. Buy the same number of mirror-looking square candle plates made of glass and cylinder candle holders. In addition, you should purchase real roses one for each table, glass beads in any colors (make sure that they match the color of roses), votive candles in white color and some water.

Begin by cutting the stems of the roses so they can stand at around three inches right under the rim. You can also add some water, but leave at least two inches under the rim.

We hope that these DIY wedding centerpiece ideas will help you create outstanding centerpieces. You can use the Internet to find dozens of ideas and you can also use your own imagination to spice up things a little bit.

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How to Quickly Pick Your Wedding Venue

July 3, 2016

If you want to make your wedding day memorable and special, then you must be prepared to take some important decisions. One of them is selecting the right wedding venue. With the best venue for your wedding, you will be able to add a personal touch and create the best atmosphere. In other words, you will feel comfortable and your guests will be pleased and happy.

But, planning a wedding is a time-consuming activity and couples usually spend a lot of time selecting the right wedding venue. The good news is that there is a way to speed up this process!

Here are a few tips for picking your wedding venue faster:

Set a Budget

For starters, set a budget limit. Even before you start with this process, it is crucial to find out what your maximum spending amount is. Keep in mind that the cost of the wedding venue is just one of the expenses you’ll have. So, by setting a maximum budget you will be able to cut the list of possible choices and accelerate this process.

Use the Season to Your Advantage

Next, think about the period of the year when you are getting married. Of course, when it comes to summer weddings, most people opt for outdoor weddings. In addition, the opportunity to have a wedding on the beach or in nature makes the situation less complicated. However, since more people have weddings in summer, it is very likely that you will need to book the venue weeks or months in advance.

Ask for Minimum and Maximum Capacity

Another thing that you must take into account is the number of guests. As you are probably aware, every wedding venue has a certain capacity. What is interesting is that you should not only look for the maximum capacity but also for the minimum number of guests you can have because some venues ask couples for a minimum number of guests. This is especially true when they are providing the catering. So, the number of guests will reduce your options and accelerate this process.

Look at Hotels if Many Guests are Coming from Out of Town

Furthermore, you should think about the needs of your guests. For example, if you have a lot of guests that are coming from areas located far away, it is very likely that they will have to stay overnight. So, choosing a wedding venue that offers accommodation might be a good idea. Many of these venues provide special deals because of the high number of guests you’ll provide.

Use a Wedding Planner

Finally, don’t forget that you can always use the help of a wedding planner. If you are in a hurry or you just want to speed up this process and all the others activities related to your wedding, hiring a wedding planner is a smart idea. Although some couples might think that this is a costly investment, the fact is that with their help you will save time and possibly money because they have connections with many venue managers and they can get discounts.

We hope that these tips will help you speed up this process and enjoy your wedding!

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Can You Get Married for Under 5000?

July 1, 2016
Wedding under $5000

So, you have finally decided to make the big step and get married. If you have set the date for the big day, you should start planning your wedding right away.

Surely by now you will notice that the happiest day of your life can become one of the most expensive days too!

According to some wedding planners, the average cost of a wedding is around $25,000. But, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t have that amount of money you should postpone your wedding or cancel it. On the contrary, it is possible to have a memorable wedding even if you can only afford to spend $5000!

We truly believe that this is possible and we will explain how you can achieve this:

The Wedding Venue

First of all, one of the biggest expenses is the wedding venue. One of the best ways to cut back on expenses is to use public venues like parks and beaches. In case you are a church member, churches usually allow their members to use the facilities for a certain symbolic fee or even for free. So, for this purpose, you can spend between 0 and 450 dollars.


When it comes to wedding dresses and tuxes, you can find them at very low prices. One of the best ideas is to buy a wedding dress and tuxedo online. There are many special discounts found there, but you must make sure that the wedding dress will fit you. Of course, there is always an option to borrow a dress or rent one. These special dresses and tuxes will cost you no more than $500.


Decorations are an important part of every wedding. The good news is that you can unleash your creativity and come up with some memorable decorations at a low price. There are many DIY decorations that can add a personal touch to this event. But, if you want to use DIY decorations you will need help. Instead of using separate floral arrangements, you can place the bridesmaids’ and bride’s bouquets on the main table. If you have an outdoor wedding in nature, let nature decorate this event. We believe that you can decorate the grounds for no more than $350.


If you want to keep memories from your wedding, then using photographers is a must. But, you don’t have to use the help of a professional photographer. You can ask some of your friends or relatives who are talented and have great cameras to help you. In addition, it is a smart move to buy disposable cameras and place them on each table and ask the guests to take photos, you can print the photos later. The approximate cost of this activity will be up to $700.


Creating CDs can help you with the music, but remember to ask some of your guests to monitor the playlist. So, this activity can be finished for free. In addition, use DIY invitations (up to $100) and prepare your wedding cake or buy a smaller one ($250). In the end, bring your own food and drinks. Depending on the number of guests, the food and drinks should cost you no more than $400.

Getting married for under $5000 is possible and what is even more important you can still have a memorable and fun wedding!

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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

June 24, 2016
how to find the perfect wedding venue

We can all agree that a wedding is one of the most sought-after and most important events in the lives of almost all men and women. But, in order to have a memorable and enjoyable wedding, couples (with the help of their families and friends) must make a good plan for this special day.

The selection of your wedding venue can have a strong impact on your wedding. Obviously, if you are able to find the perfect venue, you will have one less thing to worry about. The good news is that there are many wedding venue options in every city, but in order to find the best one for you, you’ll need to read the following:

Venue Size

For starters, you should take the size of the venue into account. Even if you like some venue, this won’t mean anything if the capacity is small. So, make sure that you know how many people will attend your wedding and write down a list of possible choices. Of course, before you do this, create a guest list together with your partner and leave a room for 10-15 additional guests in case some of the invitees bring their partners.


Next, in order to find the perfect venue you will need to select a location for this special event. This step depends on the personal preferences of the couple. For instance, some couples like to choose a venue that is close to the place where they grew up. On the other hand, some of them want to use a venue that is closer to the area where they are currently living. In case the families of the partners live in different states, they can choose an area that is between these locations – some beautiful place with adequate capacity.

Catering, Entertainment and More

The facilities are important too. Some couples need simple buildings while others choose specialized facilities where they can get catering, servers, live entertainment and other services. Keep in mind that not all venues offer these things, so make sure to ask the management. While we are talking about facilities, it is also a good idea to check the venue’s parking. Weddings usually have dozens of guests and most of them come with cars. The parking should have great capacity and it should not be far away from the place where the wedding will be held.


Finally, take the cost into account. Don’t choose a wedding venue that you can’t afford. If you are looking at venues that are not in your price range you are just wasting your time. Don’t wish something that you can’t have and remember that you and your guests will create the atmosphere, not just the venue itself.


Modern couples usually use the internet to check their wedding venue options. However, once you make a short list, it is better to visit the venue in person and see how it actually looks like. In this way, you will avoid any unpleasant surprises.

We hope that this advice will help you select the perfect wedding venue.

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DIY Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

June 17, 2016
wedding photo booth ideas

In the last few years, people are trying to bring new elements in the wedding day in order to make this day more unique and memorable. One of these trendy things is the use of photo booth.

Photo booths are entertaining and they will activate your guests. In addition, they will get memorable photos and add them to the newlywed’s album. Photo booths are able to capture the spontaneous moments on the wedding which is a great addition to the formal posing. What is great about photo booths is that you can make one yourself or hire one. In this article, we will present a few DIY wedding photo booths ideas.

Hay Bales

This solution is ideal for outdoor weddings especially for those who don’t have classic weddings. All you need to do is to cover the background with a dozen of hay bales and hang a few empty frames on them. You can also hold one frame in front of your faces when you are getting photographed. The floor can be covered with an old rug, set of planks or simply stand in the grass.


Balloons are items that remind us of celebrations and festivals, so using them for DIY photo booth is always a good idea. Find a white background (or create one) and hang some balloons on it. You can use regular balloons, but in this case you will have to glue them or you can use balloons filled with helium. It is a nice idea to form some symbol with them like heart – the universal symbol of love!

Lace Sheets

Create a few thin frames from aluminum poles or plastic poles and cover them with lace sheets. Remember to use lace sheets in different sizes and in different styles. You can replace the poles with fishing lines too. If you are using lace sheet sin different colors make sure that they are matching.

Paper Flowers

What is good about paper flowers is that you can create any type of flower you want and of course you can choose their size. There are few successful DIY wedding photo booths that include gigantic paper flowers. Just place these impressive flowers in front of a white wall and the photo shoot can start!

Unique Plates

Now here’s another simple, yet effective DIY photo booth idea. In order to get the most from this photo booth, you will need to find as many unique plates as you can. The best thing that you can do is to opt for stylish, retro or vintage plates. Just hang them on a wall and you are good to go. Since the plates are usually predominantly white, try to hang them on a wall with dark colors.

Fresh Flowers

Besides paper flowers, you can use real, fresh flowers too. Create strings of flowers and hang them in rows on your wall. You can stand in front of them and take photos or place a beautiful sofa and sit on it.

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How to Plan a Rooftop Event: 6 Simple Tips

April 15, 2016
Rooftop Corporate Event

Rooftop event venues offer spectacular sights and a one of a kind experience. That’s why we see so many rooftop weddings, parties and more.

Planning a rooftop event (whether its a wedding, a party or a corporate event) requires some special considerations though. Here are the 6 simple tips to planning a better rooftop event:

Rooftop Bar

1. Have a Backup Plan

Always have a backup plan, preferably one included at the venue.

Many rooftop bars and venues will offer both indoor and outdoor spaces. In order to ensure that your event will be excellent in any weather make sure you have a backup plan that takes the following into account:

  • Will the number of guests comfortably fit into the indoor space?
  • Can the indoor space be accessed quickly so guests don’t get rained on?
  • If you’re using tech, can it be moved inside quickly as well?

You should also consider using your rooftop venue’s indoor space during the event anyway so that guests can easily transition from inside out and be comfortable at the event.

Rooftop Party

2. Take Wind into Account

Be prepared for wind, and lots of it.

Something that often is forgotten is to consider how being so high up may result in strong gusts of wind affecting decorations, guests, audio, and more. Depending on your buildings location, there may be some areas on the rooftop which are more prone to strong winds then others.

Your best bet is to ask the venue about wind and prepare by staying paper free and ensuring light and delicate items are in secure places. If you are using a microphone, ensure all speakers are in ares with minimal wind.

Rooftop Event

3. Be Mindful of Lighting

Lighting for rooftop events is especially important because it sets the event’s theme and let’s guests see.

Most rooftop events will be in the evening near sunset, so you will need to ensure the lights are perfect. This means more than just letting your guests see because rooftop events often incorporate minimal decoration so lighting plays a powerful part in setting the event’s mood and theme.

Ensure that your venue’s lighting fits the mood of your event and if it doesn’t or your rooftop venue doesn’t have lights, ensure you rent lights that provide ample lighting and set the right theme/mood.

Rooftop Wedding

4. It Will Take Longer to Set Up

Plan to spend extra time setting up and setting aside extra hours for vendors to access the rooftop venue.

Another often overlooked consideration is the extra time it will take to set up on the day of your rooftop event. It will be more difficult for vendors and your rentals to access and set up on the roof – especially when it’s an older building.

Rooftop Corporate Event

5. Keep Decor to a Minimum

A rooftop venue’s biggest feature is its skyline. Don’t cover that up with a large amount of decorations!

Your event’s backdrop is going to be the view of the city all around you  (or maybe below you!) so keep the decoration to a minimum so you don’t take away from that awesome view.

Images from Thrillist: 8 Best Rooftop Bars in Dallas

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8 Easy DIY Wedding Ideas

April 11, 2016
DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas

Some DIY wedding ideas can be ridiculously complicated and end up making your wedding planning way more stressful than it needs to be.

These 8 DIY wedding ideas are simple and easy – so you can enjoy your wedding instead of stressing out about your DIY project:

Simple Wedding Ideas: dancing Sandals

1. Sandals for Dancing

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, or you’ve got a lot of guests in high heels, a bucket full of sandals will make a welcome addition to your wedding.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces

2. Mason Jar Water Candles

These look fantastic, and they are so simple to do that it’s a no brainer to include them in your wedding. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Add water in a mason jar.
  2. Drop a tea candle into the jar so that it floats on the surface.

Wedding Photo Ideas

3. Picture in Front of Flag

This is a great idea and you can rep either your state or just sport Old Glory behind. It makes for a fun and creative backdrop for any photo and works well to cover up otherwise unattractive photo locations.

DIY Wedding Ideas

4. Popcorn Bar

Creating a candy bar has been all the rage, and it has spawned other great ideas like bacon bars and more, but even though a bacon bar is a wonderful and terrific idea, it is certainly not something you can easily do on your own! A popcorn bar is much more DIY friendly and will still be a great treat for ally your guests.

DIY Wedding Cake Stands

5. Barrel Cake Display

Wow does this look awesome, and all it takes is a whiskey barrel and you’re good to go! That’s as simple as it gets.

Cute Wedding Table Number Idea

6. Books for table numbers

For a classy, yet simple table top decoration, use these books with the table number written on them.

DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas

7. Using a Canoe for Drinks

If you’ve got access to a canoe, this is a real easy, and very cool (pun intended) idea to store drinks at a wedding!

Wedding Ideas

8. Social Media Hashtag ChalkBoard

Perhaps it’s a bit well known, but it’s still one of the easiest ways to get more photos for a wedding! and the board itself can be used for decoration!


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You Don’t Know What Your Event Attendees Want

April 4, 2016
What features are important to event attendees

If I were to ask you (or any other event planner) what the 3 most important features are to event attendees you’d probably respond with the following:

  1. Free WiFi (81% of attendees find this important)
  2. Power Stations (for Recharging Mobile Devices) (71% of attendees find this important)
  3. Downloadable Speaker Presentations (64% of attendees find this important)

If you said those were the 3 most important features to attendees, great! You’re correct, but what if I were to tell you you’re wrong about everything else?

Based on a survey of 420 U.S. based professionals who attend at least one B2B exhibition a year, these statistics provide a valuable insight into which features event attendees find critical to their experience and how those features aren’t being given the same importance by event planners.

What your Attendees Want At Your Event

  • 60% of Attendees Value the Ability to Request Information Via QR Code or by Providing an Email Address. Only 44% of event planners agree.
  • 55% of Attendees Value the Ability to Find Additional Information on Interactive Screens or Tablets. Only 34% of event planners agree.
  • 34% of Attendees Value the Ability to Watch More Than One Session From a Room With Multiple Screens. Only 14% of event planners agree.

What Your Attendees DON’T Want At Your Event

  • 78% of Event Planners use Social Media to Help Attendees Stay on Schedule. Only 12% of attendees find this useful.
  • 54% of Event Planners Use Text Messages to Help Attendees Stay on Schedule. Only 11% of attendees find this useful.

Other Interesting Statistics

The study covered a wide range of topics, and there were some in which event planners and event attendees felt the same. For example, 31% of event attendees report that social media walls are “critical to the experience” and 34% of event planners share those views.

Other interesting event attendee statistics are as follows:

Event Attendee Schedule Preferences

  • 40% of event attendees use a personal calendar to plan out their schedule for an event.
  • 35% of event attendees use exhibition organizer websites.
  • 25% of event attendees use apps provided by the event itself.
  • 24% of event attendees use electronic directories or kiosks with a searchable touch screen.
  • 23% of event attendees refer to text messages from peers to help plan out the sessions they want to attend.

Event Attendee Mobile App Preferences

  • 44% of event attendees will download an event’s app.  87% of event planners offer an app, and another 7% plan on offering one in the future.
  • 23% of event attendees choose not to download the event’s app.
  • 33% of event attendees weren’t aware of the app, didn’t know how to download it, or didn’t have a mobile device capable of running the app.

When asked why they did not choose to download an event’s app, the following reasons were given:

  • 43% dislike downloading an app for one time use.
  • 27% prefer a printed program.
  • 14% don’t trust downloading apps from unknown sources.

Out of those who used the app, these features were most important/most used:

  • The ability to register for sessions and special events
  • Interactive map features.
  • The ability to search for exhibitors, products, or speakers in a directory.

Only 46% of event planners offer the above features, but it is unclear whether this figure is skewed because some events do not require those features. (e.g. no special events or sessions, only a handful of speakers, exhibitors or products, or only one or two rooms.)

One last question asked how comfortable attendees were with being monitored during the event with RFID or a similar technology.

  • 50% of those surveyed said they were comfortable.
  • 31% had no opinion.
  • 21% were uncomfortable or very uncomfortable.

Take these statistics to heart, they are straight from event attendees themselves and show us that we may not always be right about what our event attendees want before, during and after our events. If you’re not sure about your attendees wants and needs, the answer may be as simple as asking them yourself! Create a poll on social media or an email survey asking them what features are most important. After all, every event is different!

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We’ve Updated Our Venue Search Tool!

March 23, 2016
Venue Search Tool

Finding a venue just got easier.

VenueCenter is constantly coming up with new ways to help you find a venue faster. Our latest round of improvements to our venue search tool include the ability to search by event type, the ability to choose the exact number of guests for your event and more. Check out the improvements below:

Search Venues by Event Type

find a venue online

The first new feature we’ve released is an expanded list of event types to choose from when looking for a venue. These event types include:

  • Adult Birthday Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Baby Showers
  • Bachelor Parties
  • Banquets
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Book Releases
  • Bridal Showers
  • Children’s Birthday Parties
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Events
  • Films
  • and More!

Select an Exact Number of Guests

Before, you were limited to broad capacity numbers when searching for guests. These categories had been:

  • 0-75 Guests
  • 76-150 Guests
  • 151-250 Guests
  • 251-400 Guests
  • and 401+ Guests

Now, we’ve made it more convenient by allowing you to choose the exact number of guest which will be attending your event.

Increased Number of Venues

We are constantly working on adding new venues to our database, this update comes with another increase in the total number of venues. We now have close to 2000 venues in San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and New Orleans.

Venue finder

Other Great Features

VenueCenter’s search tool also features the following advanced filters:

  • Space Type
  • Price
  • Amenities
  • Catering Options
  • Drink Options
  • Food Options
  • Parking Options

You can also search by venue type, location and venue name.

About VenueCenter

VenueCenter is an online matching service that connects consumers to exceptional venues in their area. Venues can create an account and be added to VenueCenter at any time. Registered users may login to search and review venue profiles that meet their event requirements and users also have access to pictures, contact information, reviews and recommendations all in one place! Search it. Price it. Book it. Get started today!


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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Event Planners Make on Social Media

March 21, 2016
Biggest Mistakes Event Planner Make on Social Media

With the explosion in the use of social media for events, there has been a steady increase of misinformation that has resulted in many event planners making mistakes and becoming disappointed after their first foray into social media.

The hardest thing about being successful on social media is that it only takes one mistake to ruin your chances of getting the desired reach, engagement and ROI from your efforts. Luckily for you, there are only a few mistakes that event planners make on social media!

Here are the 5 biggest reasons your social media efforts haven’t delivered the results you had hoped:

  1. Believing that you should be on social media because a competitor is.
  2. Not being aware of social media’s uses and benefits.
  3. Not being on the right social media platforms.
  4. You haven’t created a social media strategy.
  5. Analyzing past social media posts isn’t important enough to you.

These 5 mistakes may be the biggest ones, but there are still plenty of other mistakes and misconceptions that could be holding you back.

How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes and Be Successful on Social Media

Advanced Guide to Social Media for EventsLike we mentioned earlier, just one of those 5 mistakes is enough to make all of your social media efforts unsuccessful, but don’t worry, we’ve collected advice, information and methods from social media marketing specialists. This information is just what you need to avoid making the biggest social media mistakes.

Read through our free eBook, “The Advanced Guide to Using Social Media For Events”, and you’ll be avoiding the most common mistakes and misconceptions while simultaneously becoming a master of social media in no time.