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4 Pet Friendly Wedding Venues in Houston

January 6, 2017

If a dog is really man’s best friend, is it that crazy to think one could be your best man? Many couples who’s pets occupy a special place in their heart are coming up with unique ways to incorporate pets on their wedding days.

However, many forget to consider the fact that they need a pet friendly wedding venue to be able to incorporate their pets in their big day. These are the top 4 wedding venues in Houston which allow pets:

1. The Rothko Chapel

hp 1

The Rothko Chapel – Houston, TX

With it’s understated beauty and serene atmosphere, The Rothko Chapel is an ideal space for weddings in the Houston, Texas area. Considered a sacred place, this chapel is kind enough to allow pets to take part in the wedding day activities (so long as they are well trained).

2. 1940 Air Terminal Museum

hp 2

1940 Air Terminal Museum – Houston, TX

For the couple who are both history/aviation buffs and pet lovers, the 1940 Air Terminal Museum is the perfect wedding venue. With exhibit rooms filled with artifacts, photographs, uniforms, vintage aircraft, and airline memorabilia, the terminal turned museum charts the triumph and progression of both private and commercial flight in Texas history.

As an added bonus, the museum also affords a front row vantage point to Hobby Airport’s diverse airport operations. It’s like your wedding will have it’s own private airshow consisting of airline traffic, business aviation, and frequent fixed wing and rotary wing general aviation traffic!

3. Silver Sycamore Bed & Breakfast

hp 3

Silver Sycamore Bed & Breakfast – Houston, TX

The Silver Sycamore wedding and reception venue in Pasadena Texas boasts a reception venue, restaurant, tea room, bed and breakfast, bridal cottage, shopping village, coffee house, two gazebos and a lush, five-acre garden.

This is great news for brides and grooms who long for a rustic and peaceful wedding and reception venue where everything is available ‘under one roof’ and the folk really are genuinely hospitable.

4. Hotel Indigo Houston At The Galleria

hp 4

Hotel Indigo Houston At The Galleria – Houston, TX

Thoughtfully situated in the trendy Uptown district, Hotel Indigo Houston At the Galleria features cool colors, elegant decor, and boutique-styling that gives an atmosphere of distinction and inspiration.

With many amenities like free WI-Fi, the venue is sure to impress and make for a smooth and worry free wedding day. It’s the perfect pet friendly wedding venue in Houston for couples looking for a simple, yet unique experience.


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2 Wedding Venues We’ll See a Lot More of in 2017

November 3, 2016

We don’t often see new types of wedding venues, but with inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, and wedding forums, couples have been exploring new, unconventional wedding venues and loving them.

Two venues, in particular, have stood out, offering couples unique and unexpected scenery while also being easy to turn into their dream wedding. Here are the two unconventional wedding venues that we will see a whole lot more of in 2017:

1. Summer Camps

summer camp

A Summer Camp Wedding may not be the wedding you dreamed of growing up as a child, but you’ll fall in love with their whimsical style, fun activities, intimate feel, and scenic location.

Summer camp weddings can’t be thrown in the summer (since the camp is being used during that time), but they make an affordable choice for couples looking to wed during the fall, winter or spring.

One of the best parts about summer camp weddings is their unique blend of destination wedding like activities, accommodations, and scenery with an intimate feel. From canoeing on the lake, hiking, volleyball, and other outdoor activities, there is plenty of fun to be had for you and your guests. The camp can also provide overnight accommodations for guests and serve as a honeymoon destination for the couple.

Just like other venues with rustic charm, these venues can be dressed up to provide a charming atmosphere for your wedding worthy of Pinterest and Instagram fame.

Summer Camp Pros:

  • Affordable
  • Rustic, charming, intimate
  • Lots of fun activities
  • Accommodations for guests
  • Can also serve as your honeymoon destination
  • Beautiful surroundings, especially in fall and spring

Summer Camp Cons:

  • Not available in summer and not recommended in winter since the buildings are often poorly insulated

2. Barns


Barns are quickly becoming a favorite wedding venue for couples. According to VenueCenter’s Wedding Venue Trends Report , they are set to become the most popular wedding venue by 2020.

Many of you are likely already familiar with barn weddings as they’ve exploded on Pinterest and wedding forums, and with good reason. Their unique combination of rustic charm with a wide open layout create a versatile wedding venue that’s suited to almost every style of wedding.

They look great year round and if you find an authentic barn (rather than a venue) you may find a great rate. (Note: If you’re willing to pay the extra for a barn turned wedding venue you’ll find much greater convenience! For example, a professionally run barn wedding venue will likely have all electrical outlets set up for you where a regular barn may not.)

Barn Pros:

  • Large open space that has a similar versatility to a marquee wedding
  • Rustic, country charm
  • Often surrounded by a picturesque countryside
  • Perfect for large weddings while still retaining an intimate feel
  • Affordable
  • Great year round venue

Barn Cons:

  • If you choose an authentic barn, rather than a barn already converted to a wedding venue, you’ll have a lot of work on your hands preparing the space
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4 Unexpected Types of Wedding Venues

July 26, 2016
Winery Wedding Venue

There are more and more couples looking to have an out of the ordinary wedding. Of course, they want to keep some of the traditional elements, but experiment with others. As a result of that, unexpected types of wedding venues are becoming very attractive. A place that is new and unusual attracts many young couples as a perfect place to get married. Many couples use this opportunity to express their creativity and to make this experience more comfortable and enjoyable. In order to find out what is thought of as unexpected wedding venues, here are four examples:

1.  Sport wedding venues

In the past, the vast majority of sports fans were men, but the situation is different today. It’s not unusual for both partners to be interested in a specific sport. They watch the games on TV or visit the local sports complex. In a situation like this, choosing a sports venue is a perfect solution. If a couple enjoys playing golf, you could find a golf course that allows wedding ceremonies and enjoy the reception in the clubhouse. You can also spend some of the wedding outdoors or even allow the guests to play golf if they want to. Many other sports venues can be turned into wedding venues, so take this option into consideration.

2.  Historical wedding venues

People have always been fascinated by history and tradition, so choosing a wedding venue that represents some important landmark, ruin, or place that has a national significance guarantees a unique experience. We are sure that many of the guests will be thrilled to be part of your wedding. In addition, historical wedding venues represent great places for taking memorable photos. We should not forget that many of these historical sites are already developed for the accommodation of tourists, so you won’t have a problem with the infrastructure. Finally, the majority of historical sites are surrounded by beautiful nature, so you can easily organize an outdoor wedding.

3.  Parks

In case your wedding is scheduled in late spring, summer or early fall, you can choose a local or state park for this purpose. This is definitely not an ordinary place to get married, but these parks look lovely. A big plus is that you won’t spend a large fortune on decorations if you choose a local or state park as a wedding venue. Before you choose this solution, make sure that you are following the local or state laws.

4.  Wineries

Wine tourism is growing every year and there is more than one good reason for that. When it comes to unexpected types of wedding, we suggest wineries because they are usually nestled in a beautiful, isolated place which makes them ideal for intimate weddings. You and all your guests will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the stunning views around the winery. Of course, you will also get a chance to enjoy top-quality wines.

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8 Reasons Couples Hate Wedding Venues

July 26, 2016
beautiful wedding venue

Let’s be clear, the wedding venue is one of the most important elements of every wedding. If you find a good wedding venue, you can rest assured that you have finished half of the job related to the wedding day. There are some things that many wedding venue managers and owners do that make couples angry and frustrated. By learning more about these problems both couples and wedding venue managers can improve this experience.

1.  Complex quotes

It is quite natural for couples to ask for space, rates, and dates when they are contacting a wedding venue. In most cases, the manager will say that they will call you back in order to create a quote. However, many of them make the same mistake and send complex quotes that include tons of images, confusing menus, and sometimes unnecessary information.

2.  Not being available

If there is one thing that makes couples frustrated about wedding venue managers, it is their unavailability. With this very special moment occurring, couples must be sure that everything is going to go well, so it is not unusual for them to ask additional questions from time to time. The management of the venue must be available almost all the time, even during weekends.  

3.  Forcing couples to choose a specific caterer

Some wedding venues give a minimal amount of options for caterers. If couples choose to have a caterer not from the specified list, they will be charged an extra fee.

4.  Not having an updated website

Websites should have functioning links, be modernized, and easy to navigate. Couples should be able to find the information they need in well laid out site navigation.

5.  Missing information on the website

If the wedding venue was renovated, expanded, reduced or changed in any way, this information should be available on their website. Couples need to know the venue information so they can plan accordingly for their guests. Additionally, the wedding venue should have a website with precise information like capacity, exact location, spaces, parking space, additional services etc.

6.  Inadequate audiovisual infrastructure

Modern weddings often require sophisticated video and audio equipment use and the wedding venue should have suitable AV infrastructure to meet the couples’ needs.

7.  Insisting on a lengthy inspection

Performing a wedding venue inspection is beneficial for everyone, but wedding venue management should know when the potential clients are in a hurry. There is no need for a lengthy inspection especially if the venue is simple.

8.   Being very rigid

Keep in mind that the use of the venue, price and other things related to the venue are not written in stone. Every client is different and good wedding venue owners should know that flexibility is appreciated by all clients.

How to avoid these issues

VenueCenter has an updated and accurate website for any couple looking for a venue. They make it as simple as 1-2-3; all couples have to do is search it, price it, and book it. Click here to learn more about how VenueCenter can make choosing your wedding venue a breeze!

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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

June 24, 2016
how to find the perfect wedding venue

We can all agree that a wedding is one of the most sought-after and most important events in the lives of almost all men and women. But, in order to have a memorable and enjoyable wedding, couples (with the help of their families and friends) must make a good plan for this special day.

The selection of your wedding venue can have a strong impact on your wedding. Obviously, if you are able to find the perfect venue, you will have one less thing to worry about. The good news is that there are many wedding venue options in every city, but in order to find the best one for you, you’ll need to read the following:

Venue Size

For starters, you should take the size of the venue into account. Even if you like some venue, this won’t mean anything if the capacity is small. So, make sure that you know how many people will attend your wedding and write down a list of possible choices. Of course, before you do this, create a guest list together with your partner and leave a room for 10-15 additional guests in case some of the invitees bring their partners.


Next, in order to find the perfect venue you will need to select a location for this special event. This step depends on the personal preferences of the couple. For instance, some couples like to choose a venue that is close to the place where they grew up. On the other hand, some of them want to use a venue that is closer to the area where they are currently living. In case the families of the partners live in different states, they can choose an area that is between these locations – some beautiful place with adequate capacity.

Catering, Entertainment and More

The facilities are important too. Some couples need simple buildings while others choose specialized facilities where they can get catering, servers, live entertainment and other services. Keep in mind that not all venues offer these things, so make sure to ask the management. While we are talking about facilities, it is also a good idea to check the venue’s parking. Weddings usually have dozens of guests and most of them come with cars. The parking should have great capacity and it should not be far away from the place where the wedding will be held.


Finally, take the cost into account. Don’t choose a wedding venue that you can’t afford. If you are looking at venues that are not in your price range you are just wasting your time. Don’t wish something that you can’t have and remember that you and your guests will create the atmosphere, not just the venue itself.


Modern couples usually use the internet to check their wedding venue options. However, once you make a short list, it is better to visit the venue in person and see how it actually looks like. In this way, you will avoid any unpleasant surprises.

We hope that this advice will help you select the perfect wedding venue.

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Proven Strategy for Selecting Your Next Event Venue

March 4, 2016
selecting your next event venue

One of the biggest ways the event industry is changing is in the way event professionals research and select their next venue. Online search has become the go to way to find a venue (now beating word of mouth) and an increasing number of event professionals are turning to online tools to help them research and select an event venue.

Here is a proven strategy for choosing and utilizing a online venue finding solution.

Step 1: Establish Your Unique Needs

Every event is different, and while there are some constants which seldom change, many events have requirements that are drastically different than other events of the same type.

Determine what features are most import for the event you are currently planning. Factors such as location, venue type, layout, capacity and accommodations are almost always taken account, but here are some things you may not be considering:

  • WiFi speed and reliability (How many Mbps is the internet? Is signal strong in all areas of the venue?)
  • AV capabilities (Bonus points for an AV technician!)
  • Are there activities and restaurants nearby to entertain guests before and after the event? (This is especially useful for meetings when some attendees may want to continue the discussion over dinner or a game of golf.)
  • Is the venue unique and memorable?

Step 2: Choose Your Search Method

Method 1: Searching on Google

This method of researching venues is time consuming and ineffective. Having to comb through each venue’s website makes it hard to know what features each venue has.

Method 2: Word of Mouth and Previously Used Venues

A trusted method, but you may find it difficult to find unique venues and will run into problems with only having a limited amount of venues to choose from.

 Method 3: Utilizing an Online Venue Finding Tool (Recommended)

This is the best choice for finding new venues. It’s the  quickest way to find venues (because of advanced search criteria) contains a plethora of information including photos, pricing, location, features and more. There is also the added benefit of having built in organization tools for keeping track of quotes and other communications for the venue manager. Get started with an online venue finding tool now!

Step 3: Inspect the Venue

Inspecting a venue is simple, and if you bring a checklist with the most important features and details with you, you will stay organized and keep from forgetting an important detail. Another thing to consider during this step (which many forget to do) is the customer service. How fast do they respond to you? Are they friendly?

The relationship with the venue should be a good one, if you aren’t having a good relationship with the venue by this step you should move on to a different venue.

Step 4: Booking the Venue!

This is relatively straight forward, but just as a quick reminder, make sure to do the following:

  1. Attempt to negotiate the price, many venues are willing to lower rates.
  2. Go over the contracts and documents and ensure that all the features and accommodations are accounted for.
  3. Ensure you’ll have access to the venue when needed and that everyone is on the same page.


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The 5 Technologies Every Event Venue Must Have

March 3, 2016
Event Technology

Event planners are getting increasingly frustrated with venues lack of technology. The majority of event planners aren’t looking for cutting edge technology in a venue (such as VR, and social media walls) and instead want more conservative, service focused technologies. In other words:

Event planners don’t expect cutting edge, they expect excellent service.

Here are the 5 technologies that event planners consider must haves when considering a venue:

1. Reliable, High-Speed WiFi

Event professionals consider WiFi a basic requirement for any venue. Here is what every event planner wants out of your venue’s WiFi:

  • WiFi should be included at no extra charge.
  • Internet access needs to be reliable, with a strong WiFi signal at all parts of the venue.
  • Internet speeds should be 10 Mbps or (preferably) faster.

2. Large TV’s or Projection Screens

Large TV’s or a set up with large screens and projectors is another crucial feature for event planners. This is almost as important as WiFi and should be considered a necessity.

3. Dedicated AV Technicians

This may come as a surprise, but it makes sense when you consider the larger picture. This stresses the importance of the service part of technology. Having a good AV technician will help build a relationship with event professionals and they will in turn, book your venue again and again.

4. Changeable Lighting

The ability to change a venue’s lighting is a strong incentive. The lighting can control the mood, flow and theme of the event. The demand for changeable lighting emphasizes event planners desire for a flexible venue.

5. Choice of Microphones

Another choice that emphasizes the desire for flexibility when choosing venues, event professionals want to be able to choose the microphones which they are using at the event. Your venue will make event planners even more satisfied if you can provide a choice in audio equipment as well!

A Technology Worth Mentioning: Virtual Venue Tours

Another tech that is on many event professionals radars is virtual venue tours. This service isn’t one of the most popular technologies, but it is rising in popularity and is poised to become another must have in the next few years. Google is one of the biggest providers in this category and has the bonus of including a virtual tour in your local maps listing.

Virtual tours are especially helpful in the research phase of choosing a venue. Venue search engines and directories are gaining in popularity as well and are now the 3rd most popular way of finding venues. If you’re looking for some extra exposure consider getting your venue listed.


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Banquet Halls in Houston – 10 Venues with Details

January 28, 2016

America’s 4th largest city is home to some of the biggest, most extravagant banquet halls in the country. The following 10 banquet halls in Houston are great options whether you’re looking for a venue to host your wedding and rehearsal dinner, corporate party, sweet 16 or quinceanera party.

1. Cleopatra Palace Banquet Facility

About Cleopatra Palace Banquet Facility:

Cleopatra Palace has made magic happen for hundreds of private weddings and corporate events since the year 2000, and there is no sign of slowing down! Cleopatra Palace’s continued success is based on a very simple model: Unmatched commitment to quality, service, presentation, and a guarantee of abundance of food for all your guests, this is our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Price: $$$
  • Capacity: 151-250
  • On-site Catering Available
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Full Bar
  • Free Parking

Banquet Halls in Houston

2. Julia Ideson Building Spaces

About Julia Ideson Building Spaces:

The exceptional romantic spaces and corridors with high-arched windows, as well as the artwork, in the Julia Ideson Building make it the perfect destination setting for weddings, galas, formal dinners, photo sessions, business meetings, corporate parties, and a variety of other events.


  • Price: $$
  • Capacity: 401+
  • A/V Hookup
  • Garden View
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Off-site Catering Permitted
  • On-site Catering Available
  • Outside Alcohol
  • Self Parking

Reception Hall Houston, TX

3. Downtown Aquarium

About Downtown Aquarium:

Located on the third floor of the Downtown Aquarium, the Nautilus Ballroom will transport you to a world of elegance and refinement. It’s the perfect setting for Corporate Meetings, Retirement Parties, Weddings, Rehearsal Dinners, Bar Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, Anniversaries, Birthdays and other special events.


  • Price: $$$
  • Capacity: 401+
  • A/V Hookup
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • On-site Catering Available
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Full Bar
  • Self Parking

sage event center

4. Sage Event Center

About Sage Event Center:

Nestled against the iconic skyscrapers of Downtown Houston, Sage Event Center reflects the luxury and vitality of the surrounding area. Sage Event Center is a full service banquet hall in Houston featuring two beautiful ballrooms and a spacious foyer. This sophisticated reception hall is ideal for rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, prom, graduation, and more! Sage Event Center is also the perfect setting for corporate events, mini conventions, training seminars, and fundraisers. With Sage’s wide range of amenities, your event is sure to be the talk of the town!


  • Price: $$$
  • Capacity: 401+
  • City View
  • On-site Catering Available
  • Full Bar
  • Self Parking

Houston Banquet Halls

5. The Corinthian

About The Corinthian:

The Corinthian is one of the many banquet halls in Houston that are perfect for hosting your special event. Located in the vital Downtown Historic District of Houston, it allows both local and out-of-town guests a delightful glimpse into one of the most intriguing parts of America’s fourth largest city.



  • Price: $
  • Capacity: 401+
  • On-site Catering Available
  • Full Bar

These Banquet Halls in Houston, Texas Were Found in Just Minutes Using VenueCenter’s Simple, Yet Powerful, Search Tool!


 Houston, Texas Banquet Hall

6. Kim Son Ballroom

About Kim Son Ballroom:

What sets the Kim Son Ballroom apart from the other banquet halls in Houston is that it has 3 Convenient locations to serve you throughout the Houston area!


  • Price: $$$
  • Capacity: 401+
  • Off-site Catering Permitted
  • On-site Catering Available
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Full Bar
  • Free Parking
  • Self Parking
  • Valet Parking

The Astorian - A ballroom in Houston, Texas

7. The Astorian

About The Astorian:

Discreetly situated in a landmark building as designated by The Houston Historical Society, The Astorian is an Industrial Chic, 14,000 square foot private loft space located in The Heights area of Houston. Conceived by Andria Design to replicate New York City’s revered Grand Central Station, The Astorian is a throw back to 1920’s glamour and Art Deco design. The venue offers a contemporary, bi-level facility equipped with 14-foot ceilings, state-of-the-art smart technology, a private boardroom, fully functional gourmet kitchen & bar, and floor-to-ceiling windows with sweeping views of downtown Houston. Warm touches such as wood paneling and soft lighting are combined with modern elements such as concrete floors, rusted steel, brushed aluminum, and brass and copper detailing. Removable walls and fixtures allow for flexible configurations to tailor the space to your exact specifications.


  • Price: $$$
  • Capacity: 401+
  • A/V Hookup
  • City View
  • Stage
  • Off-site Catering Permitted
  • On-site Catering Available
  • Outside Alcohol
  • Garage Parking
  • Valet Parking

reception hall in Houston, TX

8. El Dorado Ballroom

About El Dorado Ballroom:

The Eldorado Ballroom at Elgin and Dowling Streets was built in 1939 by renowned Houston architect Lenard Gabert, who designed many of the city’s large art deco structures. The owner was African-American businesswoman Anna Dupree (1892-1977), who wanted to establish a community entertainment venue for black social clubs and other groups in the Third Ward. The ballroom, which occupies the second floor of the massive Eldorado Building at 2310 Elgin, was the visual and spiritual symbol of the community.


  • Price: $$
  • Capacity: 76-150
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Full Bar



Ballroom in Houston, Texas

9. The St. Regis Houston

About The St. Regis Houston:

A new standard of bespoke elegance arrives with the design of our Astor Ballroom and other Houston meeting venues. The space communicates elegance with a decidedly upscale Texas sensibility, providing a flawless backdrop for Houston’s highest profile events, both social and business. Interiors echo the soft color palette of the suites and guest rooms with an overall ambiance best described as elegant and softly modern with an emphasis on texture and natural materials. With over 10,000 square feet of function space, our meetings and events maintain a level of security and intimacy that’s unparalleled. If required, an entire floor may be dedicated to the business at hand. Enjoy a setting of sophistication, elegance and grandeur for gatherings of 10 to 400 people.


  • Price: $$$
  • Capacity: 401+
  • A/V Hookup
  • City View
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Overnight Accommodations
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • On-site Catering Available
  • Vegetarian
  • Full Bar
  • Self Parking
  • Valet Parking

banquet halls in houston

10. Dukessa

About Dukessa:

Dukessa is one of the stunning banquet halls in Houston, but its set apart with beautiful hand carved stone columns and arches, lush landscaped courtyards with a waterfall fountain, a lovely foyer with a grand staircase and an impressive banquet hall with surround wrought iron balcony terrace. Recently upgraded with beautiful interior finishes and fresh landscaping, it is touted as one of the prettiest banquet halls in the city. Centrally located within a mile from the Galleria and minutes from Downtown and Museum District, each room in the venue exudes old world charm and provides the perfect backdrop for your special event.


  • Price: $$
  • Capacity: 401+
  • On-site Catering Available


These Banquet Halls in Houston, Texas Were Found in Just Minutes Using VenueCenter’s Simple, Yet Powerful, Search Tool!


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4 Affordable and Unique Meeting Spaces in Dallas, Texas

January 19, 2016

Finding meeting spaces in Dallas, Texas that are unique and don’t break the bank can be a challenge, but one that’s worth facing. Unique meeting spaces will boost meeting effectiveness and success by increasing creative problem solving, boosting productivity and more.  Whether you’re looking for a venue for team building, or just a quiet cafe with WiFi that you can rent out for a discussion of company goals, you’ll find it on this list. We’ve picked a corporate venue for everyone and every business using our simple and powerful search tool.

Here are 4 unique and affordable meeting spaces in Dallas, Texas:

The Hospitality Sweet (a cheap meeting space in Dallas)

1. The Hospitality Sweet

The Hospitality Sweet is a Cafe that is available to rent on evenings and weekends. This meeting space has the added benefit of handling the set up, food, beverages, and clean up, so you can focus on your meeting and being productive.

The venue comes WiFi , capacity for up to 75 people, and on-site catering with vegetarian options.

The Trinity Center in Dallas (A Unique Meeting Space)

2. The Trinity Center

Located in the Dallas Design District, The Trinity Center can accommodate meetings, brief presentations, breakfasts, luncheons and cocktail parties. Here are the rooms and capacities of each:

  • 25 seated in the large boardroom
  • 6 seated in the small conference room
  • 200 standing in the gallery and boardroom
  • 60 seated in the gallery and boardroom

There is on-site catering with the option to bring in off-site caterers, but no alcohol allowed.



 These Meeting Spaces in Dallas, Texas Were Found in Under 60 Seconds Using VenueCenter’s Simple, Yet Powerful, Search Tool

The AMC Movie Theater makes a great venue for corporate events and meetings

3. AMC NorthPark 15

With a wall to wall screen, popcorn, icees and candy your meeting will be sure to wow. There are Plenty of Pros to Meeting at an AMC Theatre:

  • Comfortable, tiered seating
  • Convenient locations and parking
  • Cost-competitive rates
  • Reliable support for multimedia presentations
  • Flexible theatre capacities
  • Access to traditional theatre concessions
  • Catering options
  • Superior AMC customer service
  • WiFi is also available

If you need a unique meeting space that’s one of a kind and budget friendly AMC NorthPark 15 makes a strong choice.

Group Dynamix is a Great Venue for Team Building

4. Group Dynamix

While this space was traditionally made for teenage parties, there’s no reason it can’t be enjoyed by adults too. This meeting space in Dallas, Texas is particularly suited for team building because it packs as much excitement, fun, and enjoyable challenges into a day as possible with a Ropes Course, Archery Tag and Blacklight Dodgeball. So if your meeting is focused on bringing the team together and you need that on a budget, Group Dynamix makes a great choice.

Didn’t find the perfect meeting space?

If none of these venues worked for your company, take a look at the hundreds of venues on to find quickly using our simple and powerful search tool.

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The 5 Most Jaw-Dropping Wedding Venues in Houston

November 19, 2015

Houston is home to some of the most unique, and beautiful wedding venues in the nation, but many of the venues aren’t what you think!

Pictured above is the number 1 wedding venue in Houston during 2015, Station 3.

From one of the most attended museums in the country to a renovated firehouse these unique wedding venues in Houston are sure to wow your guests, and many feature the added bonus of needing only minimal decorations too!

5. Fifty-Two-Twenty-Six

This indoor-outdoor venue boasts 20-foot ceilings, floor to ceiling glass, and modern architecture to create a highly configurable and extremely beautiful wedding venue. The exterior is colorful and lined with palm trees while the inside features a secret garden, meditation pool, and waterfall swimming pool. This venue can hold up to 150 guests and features several choices of spaces.

4. Julia Ideson Library

With marble columns, a grand staircase, and Spanish architecture this library adds all of the romance from the roaring 20’s and then some! The library was recently restored and renovated adding a brand new garden and expanding the possible number of guests to 450. This library would make the perfect wedding venue for a book lover in Houston.

3. Houston Museum of Natural Science

This expansive museum is large enough to host up to 2,000 wedding guests and requires little to no décor. Your wedding will be the envy of all your friends and family when you exchange your vows in the Burke Baker Planetarium and dance alongside dinosaurs in the Morian Hall of Paleontology. If you don’t have a big guest list, don’t worry either! You can rent out some of its smaller rooms and halls to keep the venue from feeling too cavernous.

2. The Astorian

The Astorian is an Art Deco venue featuring the perfect combination of industrial elements, woods and ambient lighting to create a venue similar to a New York City loft. The venue features removable walls and fixtures which make the 28,000 square feet a bride’s playground. More than 400 guests fit in this very unique wedding venue.

1. Station 3

This is a newly restored venue, and probably the most unique on this list! The firehouse turned wedding venue is the perfect marriage of historical charm and modern touches. It can hold up to 250 guests and features the original red brick, dark pine floors, and fireman’s pool alongside a glass staircase and custom made chandeliers. The station was redesigned for use as weddings featuring a catering kitchen and bridal sweet and treats your wedding guests to a spectacular unobstructed view of downtown Houston.

Want to find more unique and jaw dropping wedding venues in Houston, Texas? Browse our collection of over 170 wedding venues in Houston now!

Find your Ideal Houston Wedding Venue