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Unique Bridal Shower Themes

February 7, 2017


Many brides regret not having a memorable bridal shower. Whether you’re the bride, maid of honor, mother of the bride, or whoever planning the bridal shower, you need to make the day memorable. Luckily, we have compiled many unique and memorable bridal shower themes both coed and just for the girls. So read through and pick which one fits the bride best:

A Date Night Station

Have the guests write down a great date night idea for the couple to try. This can be written on a popsicle stick that can be tossed in a container that the couple can choose from at random. Take it a step further by using colored sticks that allow the couple to choose the price point of each date. Orange could be free, yellow could be less than $20, and green could be above $20. You could make it more specific if you have more colors.

A Memory Game

Each guest needs to write their favorite memory with the bride or couple, and then have the couple or bride try to guess who wrote each one. This would also be a fun way to get to know the bride or couple better.

No Guestbook

The guests could write letters or any words of wisdom for the couple that could be compiled into a book. Another option is for the guests to write on puzzle pieces or even jenga pieces. This would be more meaningful for the couple so they could play with the games or look into the book and always see what people wrote.

Arts and Crafts Party

Have you heard of “Painting with a Twist”? Hire an art student or instructor to teach you all and enjoy painting while drinking some booze. An alternative could be to complete a wedding project with your friends while enjoying some drinks.

A Camping Trip

Go enjoy some nature and have fun being kids again. Play lawn games, go swimming, sing songs, and roast marshmallows for smores! Maybe try a game of truth or dare; things could get very interesting.

A Sweet Escape

Candy! All of the sweet treats that you can think of! Since everyone will be indulging in the desserts, nobody needs to feel bad. Find cheap containers and set up a candy bar. Play a movie, eat the sweets, and then use the sugar rush to work off a lot of the calories.

A Lingerie Party

Lingerie parties are more common, making them nonunique but they are still fun and memorable. The bride-to-be will be blushing when she opens the really risqué ones. Make sure all of those faces are caught on camera!

A Tea Party

Have all of the women dress up in sundresses and big hats. Make all of the decorations be floral and buy enough tea sets. It will feel like one of those fancy Sunday brunches in the movies. Each guest can keep their tea cup as a party favor.


Bridal showers are meant to be fun and memorable! Make sure the bridal shower theme matches the bride-to-be. If it is a coed party, then match the couple.Have fun and make the day unforgettable!



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Event Planning

The Rules about Plus-Ones

January 10, 2017


A lot of time, money, and planning go into making a wedding happen which limits how many plus-ones can be allowed. Both the couple and the guest need to be understanding and caring. Since it’s the couple’s big day, it should be both special for them and remain in their budget, which means they may limit plus-ones in order to allow the guests closest to them attend. However, guests don’t want to be miserable and lonely because their loved ones aren’t there. Weddings are meant to be enjoyed by everyone and celebrate the start of the couple’s life together.

So, with that in mind, here are the some rules for both the couple and guests:

The Couple

The bride and groom need to make sure the invitation is set up correctly so people know whether they are able to bring guests and if so, how many guests they can bring. This is best done by writing the list of people invited by name on the invitation and then adding how many guests or plus-ones may be brought at the end. Another way is to write “and guest” alongside the specific people who you’ll be allowing to bring a guest.

When it comes to the wedding party, they should always be allowed a plus-one. Allowing a plus-one will show them the couple’s gratitude for helping with the planning, stress, and giving support.

If the couple isn’t allowing plus-ones for certain guests, make sure to plan so they have an enjoyable experience at the wedding. Don’t have all the single guests stuck at one table, but seat them with friendly people that they have something in common with or already know. It will allow everyone to have a nice time and encourage people to meet one another.

If guests reach out to ask for a plus-one, the couple needs to stand their ground. They already talked about it and planned everything out according to who was invited. Replies should be calm and kind saying that it is an intimate gathering and that they are sorry. Sticking to the plan will allow couples to keep the wedding how they planned and wanted.

The Guest

Guests need to be respectful of the couple’s wishes. Often times, it may feel upsetting, but if the couple did not offer a plus-one, don’t be offended as it’s not personal. They likely are on a tight budget and need to limit the number of guests at the wedding.

If you’re offered a plus-one and can’t think of someone to bring, then you can choose to go solo. Just ensure that you write that you’ll be attending alone on the RSVP so that the couple knows to plan accordingly.

If you are bringing a plus one, it may make it easier on the couple if you write the guests name on the invitation. This will assist them if they are personalizing items at the wedding such as putting names at seats for guests.

If your guest has to cancel, don’t bring a new guest. The couple probably made placement cards and planned the seating arrangement carefully, a new guest could throw things off and the couple might get upset even if the headcount is still the same.

Being offered a plus-one means the couple chose you to have a guest over others so be sure to show that generosity in return with your gift. Your guest shouldn’t feel obligated to give a gift if they don’t know the couple, just make sure you show your appreciation and the couple will be happy in return.
Couples and guests all want to be happy, so just be considerate and reasonable and enjoy the event.

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How to Plan Your Wedding Seating Chart

December 15, 2016

The seating chart for a wedding is one of the most detailed, thought-intensive parts of the entire wedding planning process. It is super important because you can’t have guests that don’t get along at the same table or guests that came solo with heavy-PDA couples.

You want your guests to be happy, comfortable, and be with people that have similar interests. Here are some key things to consider when you are making your wedding seating chart:

Do you need a formal seating chart?

If your guest list is 50 or less, then you probably don’t need a formal seating chart. Having a seat yourself reception would be fine in this case. For receptions with more than 50 guests, it would be best to have a seating chart so everything is kept in order. Having a seating chart no matter the guest size is still good because then people know you put thought into where they should sit. You arranging the seating chart will also allow for you to have people together that will get along and this will minimize unwanted friction between guests. Ultimately it is up to you but the rule of thumb is that if you have over 50 guests, make a seating chart.

How it should be set up

You need to start planning the seating chart after you received all the RSVPs; start as early as possible! Then you need to decide if you and your groom want to sit at a sweetheart table or not. If not, you need to decide if you want the wedding party at the table with you or if your families get along you could have the combined family table that you both sit at. The sweetheart table will allow for you and your groom to have a cute secluded table for yourselves but all of your guests came to be with you and your groom. Arranging for the sweetheart table to be in the center so all the other tables are equidistant will keep your guests happy and feel included.

Make sure to mix and match your guests so everyone is seated with a person they know and people that they have something in common with. Not all of your guests have to know each other at the same table, but try your best to have a nice variety. Avoid combining people that have a bad history or don’t get along together, it could ruin your day. Single guests should be placed with other single quests but also add a couple or two so there is a variety.

If you have a good number of children attending, think of having a kids table so all of the children can have their own fun space. This will also allow the parents to relax and enjoy the wedding much more!


The seating chart is important to ensure your guests enjoy your wedding to its fullest, and by putting in the time and effort to seat guests next to those they’ll get along with, you’ll have a more enjoyable, less stressful wedding day.

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Alternative Ceremony Seating

November 30, 2016

A wedding day won’t mean anything without the presence of family and friends. In order to make your guests comfortable, you must think about the seating. The fact is that where every guest sits is important.

The wedding ceremony is essential and the most important part of every wedding. This is the reason why every guest must be seated in the right way. They must feel comfortable and respected while the ceremony lasts.

In the past, people didn’t have many dilemmas about ceremony seating. Namely, they have always opted for straight rows. The truth is that most couples choose this option even today. Even though this seating option has proven to be practical and simple, this doesn’t mean that you can’t go with an alternative ceremony seating plan. In case you are wondering why you should do this, we will give you one simple answer – to unleash your creativity. Making your ceremony stand out is easy when you have a good alternative ceremony seating plan. This change won’t cost you anything except your time. With the right alternative option, you can rest assured that all your guests will be more excited, which means that you spiced up this special day from the start.

People have used many different alternatives to the traditional ceremony seating and some of these alternatives we more successful than the others. That’s why we have decided to highlight a few ideas that might help you find the best alternative ceremony seating option.

First of all, you can choose a spiral formation for the chairs. You arrange the chairs in only one row and set them in a spiral shape. This is an excellent way to see and greet every guest as you and your partner move to the center of this spiral. Keep in mind that this is a good solution in case you have a small ceremony because creating very long spirals is not practical for the couple.

Furthermore, you can also try the so-called horseshoe plan. As the name suggests, the chairs are placed in a way that resembles a horseshoe or a simple semi-circle. The aisle leads right in the middle of this area. With this alternative ceremony seating solution, you can rest assured that you will face all the guests. This is a common problem with other seating plans because in most cases you will have to turn your back on some of the guests.

Finally, instead of choosing one side, why not use all the sides around the altar? This means that you can place chairs on each side and place the altar in the center of this area. There is no better way to feel surrounded by the people you love and respect than this.

These are just some alternative ceremony seating ideas that you can use. When you are thinking about changes, you should take these things into consideration – the sight lines, wedding party size, sound, accessibility, taking photos and the position of the aisle.

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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Caterer

August 26, 2016

How To Get The Best Caterer For Your Event

They say there are very few things in your wedding that will last in your guests’ memories; the beauty of the reception setup, the emotional vows, the hilarious toast by the best man, and of course, the food! The food could be considered one of the most important aspects of any event!

In choosing a caterer make sure you get the one that will provide not only most delicious food but also the perfect service. Here are some of the questions and items that should be in your checklist when choosing a caterer.

1. The Basics
– Are they available on your wedding date?
– How many events can they hold in a day?
– How many events do they accept in a year?
– How long have they been in the business?
– Can they provide you with references and portfolio?
– Are they complete with licenses and health permits?
– Do they sign a contract with clients?
– Are they accredited by the venue you have chosen?
– If not, have they ever held a wedding at this venue?

2. Price and Package
– What is the minimum number of guests to reserve?
– Can they accommodate rental upgrades? e.g. flowers, seats, arrangements, etc.
– Do they have Menu samples with prices?
– Can they customize their menu?
– Can they work around your wedding budget?
– On top of the amenities, are there other freebies?
– When can you schedule a food tasting?
– How many can you bring during food tasting? Is this free?

3. Food and Service
– Do they offer set menus? Buffet?
– Does the service include the setup and clean up?
– Do they provide wedding stationaries such as menu cards, place cards, etc.?
– Can they serve alcohols if provided?
– Is there a corkage fee for self-supplied items such as cake, alcohol and desserts? How much?
– Do they provide children’s meal? How much? And how will it be served?
– How about vendor’s meal? How much? And how will it be served?
– Will the assigned account executive be present during the wedding?
– What is your server to table ratio?
– Will you assist during cake cutting and wine toasting?
– Will you provide for the reception program necessities like the cake cutter and wine flutes?
– What type of glassware and utensils do you have?
– Do you have linens to match our wedding motif?
– Can they customize their arrangement based on your inspirations?
– Do they offer meals for special needs and preferences (allergies, vegetarian, etc.)?
– Where is your kitchen located? How far from the venue?

4. Payment and policies
– What payment terms do they offer?
– What is their cancellation policy?
– How about if you are just moving the date due to unavoidable events?
– What will happen if the cancellation is due to fortuitous events?
– What is their refund policy?
– When is the deadline in submitting guest estimate? How about additional guests afterwards?

After talking to them, do you feel heard? Do you think they get your vision? Also make sure that the person who discussed with you is someone you feel you can trust and will enjoy dealing with until your wedding day.

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First Major Decisions After You Get Engaged

August 18, 2016

What To Do After You Are Engaged

Just got engaged? Expect the hundreds of well wishers to greet you soon. But after the euphoria of being engaged wears off and once you are able to take off your eyes from the glittering ring on your finger, it is time to face the taxing tasks of planning your wedding.

What are the first few things you should take care of?

Set a wedding budget

Decide on how much will you spend for your wedding. This will determine a lot of aspects in your wedding: how many guests to invite, what vendors you can hire, and what kind of venue to book, among others.  Review your finances, compute expected income until wedding day and check for other sources of fund that can contribute to cover the expenses.

Decide when to say “I do”

Set a timetable. Although it is important to know that nothing is final yet until the wedding venue is set, it is important to set your mind on a few options already. The average engagement period is usually a year, but you might also want to consider major holidays, season preference and family events before setting the date.

Plan your guest list

Determine the number of guests you can afford to invite based on your budget. How big do you want the wedding be? Who are the people you would want to share this precious moment with?

Select your dream wedding venue

Do you want an outdoor or indoor venue? Will it be the same venue for wedding rites and reception? Search the best wedding venue options near you where you see yourself walking down the aisle and saying your ‘I do’s’

Choose your wedding party

Pick those who have been a part of your love story and those very dear to your hearts because they will fill in on the most important roles in your wedding.

Insure engagement rings

Sometimes unfortunate things really happen. Engagement rings cost a fortune so it is always best to be practical and prepared. Contact you current home insurance and apply it as an extension or better yet, find a jewelry insurance that will protect this valued treasure.

Get some help

You might be busy with your career and to add all these wedding works on top of that will surely be tiring that at some point you would need to get some help from a professional. Hire a wedding planner that will suit your needs and someone you can trust to give you peace of mind that the wedding will be absolutely perfect.

Create a wedding vision

Talk to your finance about how you want the wedding to be. There’s no need to go into details yet but at least decide on what you visualize your wedding day would look and feel like. Do you want it intimate or grand? Do you want to get married in the morning or under the stars? Do you like it formal or would you prefer it fun and loud?

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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Planner

August 12, 2016

Choose your perfect match – get the best wedding planner for you.

Once upon a time, the maid of honor and the best man were entrusted with majority of the wedding planning and coordinating tasks to help the bride and the groom. But the changing demands of modern weddings have paved way to the need for a superwoman (or man!) to help every bride and groom with all the grueling wedding tasks.

When you find yourself overwhelmed with all the preparation and decision making on hand, it is about time you get a wedding planner. Choose the right wedding planner that will help you lessen the stress and anxiety giving you a peace of mind until your big day comes. Search for reputable wedding planners in wedding sites or ask friends who recently got married for referrals. Make it a point to do further research once you have narrowed down your choices into two or more wedding planners.

Depending on your needs and budget, you may hire a: full service planner, partial coordinator, or a day-of coordinator.

Getting Ready For Your Initial Wedding Planner Interview

Schedule a face-to-face interview to get to know the wedding planner better. Here are some of the details she will ask you (better be ready!) before the interview:

  • Wedding date
  • Wedding budget
  • Number of guests
  • Wedding venue (if you already have one)
  • Wedding vision (no need to worry if you don’t have one yet, a skilled wedding planner will guide you in visualizing your dream wedding!)

What to Ask Your Wedding Planner:

  • Are you available on our wedding date?
  • How long have you been a wedding planner?
  • Why did you choose this as a career?
  • What is the hardest problem you have encountered as a wedding planner? How did you handle this challenge?
  • How many weddings can you handle in a month? Do you handle more than one wedding in a day?
  • Up to what extent is your involvement in the weddings that you manage?
  • Will you be at the wedding personally? How many assistants will you have?
  • Is the wedding rehearsal part of your services?
  • Do you have a contingency plan in case of emergency that you cannot be present on our wedding?
  • How soon do you answer inquiries from clients?
  • How often would you meet us for consultations?
  • Do you have an office, website or social media pages for easier communication?
  • Do you charge a flat rate, a percentage of the wedding cost, or per hour?
  • What are the services included in this fee?
  • What is your payment policy?
  • How about refund policy for cancellation?
  • Have you ever worked at the venue we have chosen?
  • Do you have a network of wedding vendors we can consider? Are we required to get only them?
  • Will you be present in all our meetings with the other vendors?
  • Can you show us a portfolio of your past weddings?
  • Can you provide us a list of references?

After the initial interview, reflect on these questions:

  • Do you feel that you were heard?
  • Did she understand your vision?
  • Can she work around your budget?
  • Did you like her work ethics?
  • Do you think your personality matches?

Remember that you will be partnering with her for the wedding for the next couple of months. If you feel that something doesn’t click then you probably should look for other options. You only get married once so make sure you hire someone who can help you achieve your dream start to your happily ever after.


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Social Media Tools for Event Planners

June 17, 2016

Planning events is much simpler when event planners rely on some of the many free tools available today. These tools can be used in different phases of event planning. Because there are so many different tools available for event planets, we have decided to create a short list of the some of the best social media tools for event planners.

Tools for Invitations is a great tool which as the name suggests is based on one of the most popular social media networks – Twitter. You can create an event in a matter of seconds and you can easily send invitations and check the responses of the invitees via Twitter.

On the other hand, is a tool for determining the right meeting times for different categories and groups of individuals. In case these individuals have different preferences about the timing, Doodle can help them find the ideal time.

Tools for organizational activities

If you are looking for good tools for organizational activities then you can’t go wrong with wikis. A wiki serves as the ultimate organizational platform for any type of event. One of the best things about them is that they support people’s engagement.

In addition, event planners can use Google Maps if they event takes place on several venues or for events where attendees come from different places. It is very easy to determine the location of every venue with Google Maps.

For multiple presentations, Slideshare is a must. You will get a chance to keep and collect all the presentations in one location.

Online marketing tools

As the largest social media network out there, it is quite logical for Facebook to have an online marketing tool. Facebook Events allows users to invite their friends with one single click.

Those who want livestreaming of their event can count on Ustream. Many people use this platform to make interviews and other activities that can help them promote their event.

In addition, is here to help event planners market any event with their avatars.

Networking, Communities

We will suggest Meetup for this purpose because this social media tool aids planners to create offline meet-up groups. For a certain fee you will get access to a vibrant community and efficient invite tools.

Don’t forget the Twitter Lists because you can make the lists public and aid invitees to connect not only during the event but prior and after the main event.

Tracking of conversation is used for live searching of keywords related to events. You can easily organize these keywords for better analysis. Some event planners say that is a good tool too. It comes with attractive animations and the set up process is quite simple and quick.

Event Planning with full range of features

For full-featured event planning event planners can rely on which is the largest global event management service. It is available in many languages and strong community. Users can use elements dedicated to commenting, photos, videos, polls etc.

Finally, we should mention which according to some statistics is the most used event planning tool of this kind. It has user-friendly interface and offers all the resources needed for event management. In other words, with its help you will finish the majority of the tasks in one click.



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5 Event Branding Ideas for Planning Better Corporate Events

June 17, 2016

Event branding is a popular term used by many marketers today. Even though there is no precise definition about that this type of branding is, most experts agree that event branding represents a personalized and customized graphic design for any type of event.

For many business owners, event branding is all about using their logo or brand message on different signs and items present at the event venue.

However, many people who have experience in this field know that event branding is much more than that, and it’s critical that event planners who are planning conferences, conventions and other corporate events utilize event branding.

That’s why we have decided to present a short list of event branding ideas that will help you incorporate event branding into the next event you plan.

Drinks and food

Food and drinks are served on almost every event. In some cases, the attendees get full meals while in other they can use beverages and snacks. Regardless what kind of option you have selected for your event, you can use drinks and food for event branding.

If the business has a particular color scheme, you can serve food and drinks in this color. Obviously, using some colors is easier in situations like this. But, even if you can’t use the element of color, focus on the shape of a business’s products or some other defining characteristic

Inspirational speaker

Event branding is much easier if you have a good orator on your side.

People visiting any type of event would love to listen to someone who has ability to express ideas and thoughts in a great way. You can use a qualified speaker or simply a speaker with good acting skills. The main point is to leave good impression to the guests and make them remember your client’s brand and your event.


You may need approval from the company you’re working with to do this, but the benefits are many.

It is a smart move to offer gifts to the attendees so they can remember your event and business. Many businesses and organizations give promotional products, gift bags and similar small giveaways to make their event more memorable or to create a buzz.

As an event planner, you will want to choose gifts that go along with the message or theme for the event.


There are some types of events, like conventions for example, that can take advantage of things like branded hats and t-shirts.

This type of promotion is not expensive and will remind your attendees of both the company throwing the event and the event itself. Keep in mind that if attendees use these mementos outside, they will provide even greater exposure to both the event and the brand.

For event planners, T-shirts are almost a must-have at conventions and other similar events.


Though flyers are still a bit outdated, they will give attendees basic info about the event and the company (or companies) sponsoring the event.

If you are looking for a more modern approach, instead of using posters you can place LCD monitors on the walls of the venue and play videos related to your client’s business on them.

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How to Deal With the 4 Most Common Wedding Planning Issues

June 17, 2016
common wedding planning mistakes

Most couples dream about the ideal wedding day where everything goes smooth and there are no problems to ruin this important day. In reality, things are different and only if you plan your wedding carefully you can truly enjoy this day and forget about stress.

Wedding planning is a complex task that requires high levels of concentration and team work. Since wedding planning is not something new, we can analyze the common wedding planning issues that many couples have in order to avoid their mistakes and have a terrific wedding.

The following is a list of 4 most common wedding planning issues and advice about how to deal with each of them.

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How to Plan a Rooftop Event: 6 Simple Tips

April 15, 2016
Rooftop Corporate Event

Rooftop event venues offer spectacular sights and a one of a kind experience. That’s why we see so many rooftop weddings, parties and more.

Planning a rooftop event (whether its a wedding, a party or a corporate event) requires some special considerations though. Here are the 6 simple tips to planning a better rooftop event:

Rooftop Bar

1. Have a Backup Plan

Always have a backup plan, preferably one included at the venue.

Many rooftop bars and venues will offer both indoor and outdoor spaces. In order to ensure that your event will be excellent in any weather make sure you have a backup plan that takes the following into account:

  • Will the number of guests comfortably fit into the indoor space?
  • Can the indoor space be accessed quickly so guests don’t get rained on?
  • If you’re using tech, can it be moved inside quickly as well?

You should also consider using your rooftop venue’s indoor space during the event anyway so that guests can easily transition from inside out and be comfortable at the event.

Rooftop Party

2. Take Wind into Account

Be prepared for wind, and lots of it.

Something that often is forgotten is to consider how being so high up may result in strong gusts of wind affecting decorations, guests, audio, and more. Depending on your buildings location, there may be some areas on the rooftop which are more prone to strong winds then others.

Your best bet is to ask the venue about wind and prepare by staying paper free and ensuring light and delicate items are in secure places. If you are using a microphone, ensure all speakers are in ares with minimal wind.

Rooftop Event

3. Be Mindful of Lighting

Lighting for rooftop events is especially important because it sets the event’s theme and let’s guests see.

Most rooftop events will be in the evening near sunset, so you will need to ensure the lights are perfect. This means more than just letting your guests see because rooftop events often incorporate minimal decoration so lighting plays a powerful part in setting the event’s mood and theme.

Ensure that your venue’s lighting fits the mood of your event and if it doesn’t or your rooftop venue doesn’t have lights, ensure you rent lights that provide ample lighting and set the right theme/mood.

Rooftop Wedding

4. It Will Take Longer to Set Up

Plan to spend extra time setting up and setting aside extra hours for vendors to access the rooftop venue.

Another often overlooked consideration is the extra time it will take to set up on the day of your rooftop event. It will be more difficult for vendors and your rentals to access and set up on the roof – especially when it’s an older building.

Rooftop Corporate Event

5. Keep Decor to a Minimum

A rooftop venue’s biggest feature is its skyline. Don’t cover that up with a large amount of decorations!

Your event’s backdrop is going to be the view of the city all around you  (or maybe below you!) so keep the decoration to a minimum so you don’t take away from that awesome view.

Images from Thrillist: 8 Best Rooftop Bars in Dallas

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5 Top Performing Marketing Ideas for Events

April 6, 2016

It’s an ages old dilemma: your potential attendees have a pocket full of plastic and cash, but you struggle to get them to spend that on your event tickets. Most event professionals use marketing to achieve one or more of the following benefits:

  • Increase ticket sales and event attendance
  • Increase awareness for event
  • Establish reputation and credibility in the industry (to attract new speakers, presenters, etc.)
  • Increase social media followers and email subscribers.
  • Increase engagement during the event

The marketing ideas in this list, will help you achieve those benefits and more. Here are the 5 top performing marketing ideas for events:

1. Pre-Even Ticket Contest

One of the most popular ways to increase followers on social media platforms is to raffle off a pair of tickets. Avoid doing a contest across multiple platforms as it makes things much more complicated, instead host a contest on a single platform at a time. There are a few different ways to require entry: You can do a sweepstakes in which nothing is required, or you can ask for a follow or a like. Keep the entry requirement simple, as the more you ask from your audience, the less they will participate.


2. Content Snippets

If you have a yearly event, one of the easiest ways to market it is to create content snippets from prior events speakers, presentations, etc. Did a speaker have a powerpoint presentation on while they talked? Upload it to slideshare. Transcribe one of the presentations into a brief article. Upload a snippet of video to YouTube. Your event is a goldmine for content.


3. Live Polling

If you want to increase engagement during the event, and create a powerful marketing tool at the same time, consider doing live polls! Say a speaker is going to be using a few statistics in their presentation, in addition to those statistics, they can tell the audience to answer a poll on social media during the event and then use the results of that poll in addition to their statistics.


4. Live Streaming

Live streaming is considered the next big thing by many, but how do you use it for your event without cannibalizing ticket sales? Simple, just live stream one presentation or one speaker. This will help increase your event’s awareness and will result in increased ticket sales for the next event.

5. Team Up With Influencers for Discount Giveaways

Another powerful method that I’ve seen very few event professionals use is to team up with industry influencers and offer discount tickets. You can do this by approaching the top professionals in your event’s industry (including your speakers and presenters!) and giving them a predetermined amount of discounted tickets to give to their followers! Set this up with a limited use coupon code so that they can tweet with the coupon code or send it via DM.