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Unique Bridal Shower Themes

February 7, 2017


Many brides regret not having a memorable bridal shower. Whether you’re the bride, maid of honor, mother of the bride, or whoever planning the bridal shower, you need to make the day memorable. Luckily, we have compiled many unique and memorable bridal shower themes both coed and just for the girls. So read through and pick which one fits the bride best:

A Date Night Station

Have the guests write down a great date night idea for the couple to try. This can be written on a popsicle stick that can be tossed in a container that the couple can choose from at random. Take it a step further by using colored sticks that allow the couple to choose the price point of each date. Orange could be free, yellow could be less than $20, and green could be above $20. You could make it more specific if you have more colors.

A Memory Game

Each guest needs to write their favorite memory with the bride or couple, and then have the couple or bride try to guess who wrote each one. This would also be a fun way to get to know the bride or couple better.

No Guestbook

The guests could write letters or any words of wisdom for the couple that could be compiled into a book. Another option is for the guests to write on puzzle pieces or even jenga pieces. This would be more meaningful for the couple so they could play with the games or look into the book and always see what people wrote.

Arts and Crafts Party

Have you heard of “Painting with a Twist”? Hire an art student or instructor to teach you all and enjoy painting while drinking some booze. An alternative could be to complete a wedding project with your friends while enjoying some drinks.

A Camping Trip

Go enjoy some nature and have fun being kids again. Play lawn games, go swimming, sing songs, and roast marshmallows for smores! Maybe try a game of truth or dare; things could get very interesting.

A Sweet Escape

Candy! All of the sweet treats that you can think of! Since everyone will be indulging in the desserts, nobody needs to feel bad. Find cheap containers and set up a candy bar. Play a movie, eat the sweets, and then use the sugar rush to work off a lot of the calories.

A Lingerie Party

Lingerie parties are more common, making them nonunique but they are still fun and memorable. The bride-to-be will be blushing when she opens the really risqué ones. Make sure all of those faces are caught on camera!

A Tea Party

Have all of the women dress up in sundresses and big hats. Make all of the decorations be floral and buy enough tea sets. It will feel like one of those fancy Sunday brunches in the movies. Each guest can keep their tea cup as a party favor.


Bridal showers are meant to be fun and memorable! Make sure the bridal shower theme matches the bride-to-be. If it is a coed party, then match the couple.Have fun and make the day unforgettable!



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The Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

February 3, 2017

Catering can make or break your wedding. It can be easy to choose the caterer who serves the most beautiful and delicious food, but that’s not everything. You need to ensure that the caterer will meet your requirements – especially if you’ve got a unique vision for your wedding. Here are some questions to ask every caterer to assess whether they’ll be the right fit for your wedding:

Do you have a license?

Caterers need to meet health department standards and have liability insurance. If they serve alcohol, do they have a liquor license? You don’t want them or you getting in trouble in case something bad happens. If they are serving the alcohol, they must have liquor liability insurance. When your guests leave, if they get injured or damage property, the insurance will minimize how much trouble you get in.

What service styles do you have?

You need to have a set budget and let them know what that number is. They need to know how much you can spend per guest so they can let you know what your options are. Will it be a buffet style or a plated dinner? Family-style or cocktail-style? Choose what will fit best with your wedding.

Can I decide the menu, or is it fixed?

Maybe you and other guests hate seafood but the caterer serves some kind of seafood with each menu. Or maybe you want to serve cheesecake as the dessert. You would want to make sure that you could change the menu. Be prepared to give the caterer a list of foods that guests are allergic to so they make sure to be prepared for those guests. Allowing guests to choose from a couple of entree choices is always a nice touch. Just have the guests answer which entree they prefer on the RSVP. Check to see if you can get a tasting before you hire them so you make sure that your guests will enjoy the food.

Do you provide alcohol and the cake?

This could save you money because they would provide the bartender and you could buy the alcohol in bulk. A nice plus is that you could get a reimbursement on any unopened bottles. Just be sure they have a liquor license with liability insurance! It will make things easier on you if they provide the cake. If they don’t provide bundles, don’t stress about it. It’s easy to find a baker who can make your dream cake.

Do you provide rentals and a setup and breakdown fee?

Your caterer can coordinate with rentals because you will need tables, chairs, glassware, plateware, and dinnerware. As for the setup and breakdown fee, it should be applied towards your contract. Having them do all the work will take some stress off your plate. Something that any bride would love.

Do you provide vendor meals and is your staff trained?

Your vendors will be hungry after the long days work. It is a kind gesture to feed them and supply them water so they stay hydrated. When they are well taken care of, they will continue to do amazing work. Making sure the caterer has a well-trained staff will ensure that everyone has a wonderful time. The staff should know the proper ways to serve your guests, have nice manners, and wear the proper attire.


You are hiring them to do a job. They will work hard for you and try their best to keep you and your guests happy, but they need to be treated kindly and with respect. Ask them all of your questions and find the best caterer for your wedding. They need to meet your standards but you need to be willing to compromise on some things. Good caterers will work with you as best as they can.

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Want to Avoid Having Regrets on Your Wedding Day?

February 1, 2017


Almost every bride has a regret or two from their wedding day that they would change if they could have a redo. This is not to say that you can’t have an amazing wedding, but it’ll take some extra care to ensure that your day is one of the perfect weddings. Learning from past brides mistakes can help you avoid those issues and give you the best chance of having your dream wedding. Here are some common regrets brides have that you’ll want to avoid:

Not Listing Special Photo Shots

Photographers might give you a spreadsheet to list out special shots that you want taken. You need to make sure that you list everything you want because if it isn’t listed, you probably won’t get the photo. They can’t read your mind if you want a photo of everyone at the wedding or an extended family photo. List every kind of photo you can think of so you and your soon-to-be husband have all of those memories to look back on.

Hiring People You Have a Bad Feeling About

One bride’s mother had a friend she wanted to do the day-of coordinating. The bride has a bad feeling about it but didn’t hire a professional because she trusted her mom. She regretted it because the person didn’t show up. Luckily, everyone helped with the setup and they enjoyed the rest of the day.

Being too Frugal

If you want quality wedding photos and a great video, you are going to have to pay for it. Finding someone that is just starting out and is cheap, might not be the best option for such a special occasion. The photos might be overly saturated and the editing of the video might not be up to par.

Not Getting a Wedding Video

Even if you can’t think of anyone that you would invite over to watch the wedding video, you and your husband will want to watch it. If you have kids, they will probably want to see how your lives together started. It also allows for you to see a lot of the behind the scenes footage!

Not Hiring a Wedding Planner

Wedding planners keep everything organized and scheduled for you. If you have trouble being organized and on time, you need a coordinator so everything goes off without a hitch! This one bride was late to her wedding and hates her dress and pictures. The coordinator can help you with all of these issues and allow you to have as little stress as possible.

Not Keeping Track of the Car Keys

If your or your groom’s family are pranksters, keep track of the car keys! If they don’t have the keys, they can only “decorate” the outside of your car. As long as you can get inside, you can drive and get the car washed which isn’t a big deal. If they do get the keys, you may end up with a car full of shredded paper, balloons, silly string and/or more!
Try your best to prepare for these issues and do whatever is best for you and your soon-to-be husband. Keep an eye out for a continuation of this blog with more regrets to avo


8 Wedding Reception Dances to Never Do

January 31, 2017

While many are stressing out about what dances to do at a wedding reception, a few should consider the dances to never do (you know who you are):

1. The Shuffle


Source: Pinterest

This song was a huge hit in 2011, but that was 6 years ago. A lot of things have changed within 6 years and the shuffle dance should stay in the past. When business make their animated animals do a dance it’s time to modernize your dance moves.

2. Vogue-ing


Source: MTVAsia

Models do this because the photographer instructs them to do poses. It is their job, not a kind of dance for people to do. I’m sorry to say, but you don’t look cool “vogue-ing” in the middle of dancing.

3. Twerking


Weddings are formal events, not clubs or parties. Keep it classy! I’m sure you can go one evening without bumping, grinding, or twerking and still enjoy yourself. You have many other dance moves that are more appropriate for the occasion.

4. Intense Dance Faces

d4Source: DailyMail

While not specifically a dance, it’s important to note that while often hilarious, Intense faces are either frightening and embarrassing. Nobody wants to be remember as that person who makes the face when dancing. Tone it down and just do your best to keep your face calm while dancing. I know that dance helps you feel free and release your soul, but please for your own sake, dial it down.

5. Breakdancing


If you can do this, then you are talented. However, most wedding receptions are not the right place or time for this kind of dancing. (If you have any doubt whether it’s acceptable you shouldn’t do it.) Plus, you don’t want to show off or scare any grandmothers. The wedding is about the couple being the center of attention, so keep your dancing formal.

6. Cotton Eyed Joe


Unless the wedding theme is country, I don’t suggest doing the cotton eyed joe. Many weddings don’t use this song in their wedding playlist so it is safe to say that you can leave your cowboy boots at home. Just ask the bride or groom if they plan on playing this song and then you will know for sure.

7. The Worm


Source: NonStopMusic

It is adorable when kids do it, but for adults that time has ended. You could get hurt doing this, or worse hurt someone else, so it is best to leave it to the resilient-bodied children. Plus the kids will laugh and it is entertaining to see them trying to learn or be the best. Cheer on the kids while they are cute and small enough to do the worm at a wedding.

8. Raise the Roof


Source: Pick’s Post

This dance move has reached the point that parents and grandparents do this to embarrass their children. It is safe to say that raising the roof is dead in the sense of it being popular. Now it is a dance to be silly and laugh with friends. Don’t do it at a wedding unless you are trying to be funny.


Just remember to keep it classy and have fun. It is best to not do the dances listed above unless you want to make people laugh or get the bride and groom upset. And please do not make any grandparents have a heart attack from the dances you do.


7 Activities to Do with Your Besties before Your Wedding

January 30, 2017

Being a bride brings on a lot of stress to make sure your big day is perfect! Not only are you trying to plan everything so your guests are happy for the whole wedding, but you also need to keep up with your normal life. That includes your social life!

You can’t just leave your besties out to dry; they have been keeping you sane throughout this whole journey. Carve out a day to show them your appreciation and do something you all would enjoy. Here are 7 activities that you can do with your girls to show them the love:

1. Slumber Party

Slumber parties are a chance for you and your besties to have your girl talk, pig out on whatever snacks you want, have a movie marathon, and give each other mani/pedis! You will feel like a teenager again but with the added bonus of not worrying that your little brother will barge in. Take advantage of this opportunity because you might not get the chance again after you start your new life with your groom. If you have to be up early the next day you can still do all of these activities but not have them sleep over.

2. A BYOB Painting Class

A bottle of your favorite alcohol plus painting with your besties while they have their own bottles, how can that not be fun? One of them is bound to be hilarious when they get tipsy, just make sure you all have a safe way of getting home afterwards! Who knows, maybe one of you will scream at a painting? No matter what, you should feel loose and stress-free after this.

3. Spa Day

Need I say more? Massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, maybe a sauna, and a healthy lunch. Yes please! Reserving a private space would be perfect for you and your girls to enjoy a nice relaxing day together.

4. A Yoga Session

You can arrange to do yoga on the beach, in a park, or even in a yoga studio room. This allows you to get your workout done while spending quality time with your besties. Yoga helps you destress and clear your mind. If yoga isn’t your thing, you could look into pilates or even zumba!

5. Picnic

With this option, you can have the scenery be whatever you want. All you need is a day with good weather and you can enjoy the picnic at the beach, in a park, or even your backyard. Each person can make a sandwich how they like it, have snacks for everyone to enjoy, and you can decide if there will be alcohol or not. Enjoy connecting with your friends without technology and really catch up with one another. Preparing the picnic all together could be a fun activity to do as well.

6. Paintball

An active way to have some friendly competition. You all could do a free for all against each other or find a group of people to go against for a “team deathmatch”. In a team deathmatch you and your friends will need to work together to beat the other team. Beware, you could ruin the outfit you wear so choose clothes you don’t care to have splattered in paint.

7. A Cooking Class

Find one that you and your friends can do as a group. You may need to schedule your own class for your group. All of you will have fun cooking together, maybe drink a little, and eat some delicious food you all made. Maybe you will learn a skill in the kitchen to impress your soon-to-be husband!


Whatever activity you all decide to do together, focus on your communication. Choose an activity that will fit you and your group of friends and have those heart-to-hearts. You will soon start your new life as a wife, but that doesn’t mean your friends are not important and special to you.


The 10 Best Ideas to Announce Your Engagement

January 25, 2017

How you announce your engagement sets the precedent for your entire wedding. This announcement shows what kind of couple you are and is the perfect time to let your personalities shine!

1. Engagement Photo Shoot


It is classic and beautiful! You can pick whatever you want to wear and make your hair look exactly how you want. It is also great that you will have plenty of photos to remember this special occasion. Once you see the prints, you’ll be so excited to send them out and share the wonderful news.

2. Have Someone Capture the Moment


Going this route will let you reminisce about that day for years to come. Everyone will feel like they were there because your face was actually caught in that moment. This photo will be an important part of your relationship’s history and it will be so great to have as a keepsake.  

3. A Cute Hands Photo


This is another traditional and cute photo to send to announce your engagement. It shows off your beautiful ring  while showing the love between you two! You could opt for the photo to be in black and white to give it the classic look. However, having it in color is great and will help you remember what you both were wearing for the special photo.

4. A Play on Words


Using your engagement ring as the ‘O’ in a word like, “f’O’rever and always” or “l’O’ve” would be a cute way to show the new ring and bring out your personality! Scrabble pieces are great to do this with or you could get wooden chips and paint the letters you want on them. The great thing about this choice is that you can use whatever message you want. Maybe you have a favorite quote that would work or even an inside joke! Whatever the message you choose, it will be special to you.

5. Use Your Pets


Photo Credited to: JoPhoto

Your pets are adorable so why not use them to add some humor to the announcement? They are important parts of you and your spouse’s lives so show off your entire soon-to-be family. Adding a sign saying that “our humans are getting married” or “my mom and dad are getting married” will give the photo that extra cute factor.

6. Starbucks can Help You Out


Starbucks employees will write what you want on the cup so if you normally go for your morning coffee, take the photo op! Include the ring in the photo to show it off under “Mrs.” or “Future Mrs.” or even “Bride to be”.

7. Be Funny


Source: On

Need I say more? The picture itself is worth a thousand words! It is a funny and cute way to show off your new ring while you enjoy your cup of coffee.

8. The “I said yes!”


Source: Instagram

Again, the photo says it all! Use a washable marker to write “I said yes” on your hand or you could write it on a sign of your choice.

9. Your Ring and Soon-to-be Spouse


Source: Instagram

Announcing your engagement this way will show off your new ring as well as your soon-to-be spouse who chose it out! Show people how great they did with their face being a part of the special photo.

10. Use a Sign



Using a sign to announce your engagement will let your personality shine because you can have a sign say whatever you want! You can buy the sign already made or make your own sign with your own clever message!


Top Birthday Party Themes for 2017

January 24, 2017

Children are unique and have their own special interests. However, there are certain things that all children love which is why you often see similar themes repeating each birthday party. Here are the themes that will be popular for children’s birthday parties in 2017:




Pokémon has been big ever since it came out in 1996 in Japan and 1999 in the United States. With multiple generations, a TV show, video games, and a trading card game, It is loved by many, no matter a person’s gender. None of the kids will want to be on their phones with a theme this fun! The possibilities are endless and there are plenty of DIY projects related to Pokemon that can be found online.




Shopkins was very popular in 2016 and in 2017 it’s expected to continue to be a popular theme! If you have a girl, you should really consider this theme. By adding cute faces onto inanimate objects this theme will make the objects, feel alive and as if they have personalities. Bright colors, sweet treats, and cute faces on objects; what little girl wouldn’t love it?

Star Wars


Source: Pinterest

Need I say more? This theme is every boy’s dream, even some girls would love this! There are so many decorations for Star Wars out there and there are plenty DIY projects you can do. You can easily turn your living room into space with some curtains and glowing stars. Your creativity can go crazy with this theme and all children will love it!

Disney’s Moana


Source: Pinterest

Moana was a big hit when it came to theaters. Boys and girls loved this movie and who doesn’t love a good luau? You can bring a slice of Hawaii to your backyard by getting the children leis, making fruit kabobs, and having flower and tiki decorations. If you want to really impress everyone and get some great pictures, you can get a balloon arch of coconut trees and a balloon statue of Moana!

Petting Zoo or Reptile Encounter



Petting Zoos are great for boy and girl birthday parties! You just need to be careful that none of the guests at your child’s birthday party are allergic to the animals.This theme allows for children to learn in a fun way and make your child’s party special. You can also opt to get a reptile and amphibian party if that is preferred. Either way, it is a fun way for children to learn about different animals.

An Emoji Party


Source: OrientalTrading
If your kid loves emojis then this is the party theme to choose! Emojis are super popular and new ones come out every year. The yellow face emoticons are the classic loved ones that are the icons for all emojis. There are many decorations to get for this theme and all the kids will love to see the cute funny faces everywhere.

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Plan Your Dream Wedding with These 15 Online Wedding Planning Tools

January 20, 2017


Here are 15 wedding planning tools that should be used to plan every wedding:



VenueCenter is the simplest way to search for, request a quote, and book venues online. With an extensive collection of thousands of venues and powerful filtering tools you’ll be able to find the perfect venue in a matter of minutes.


The Knot Wedding Websites

The Knot’s free wedding website tool allows you to choose from 100+ designs and then customize and personalize the site providing guests with important details such as the date, location, gift registry and more.



GigMasters was designed specifically to hire live musicians and DJs for your wedding but has since come to include other vendors as well. It allows you to see photos, videos and verified reviews of a variety of vendors in your area.



HitchSwitch helps you change your name after getting married. (It’s harder than you think and can take months to do it on your own!)



Skipper is a hotel booking website that specializes in booking large blocks (8 or 9 rooms) for weddings.



Brideside simplifies picking bridesmaids dresses, allowing you to choose over 350 styles from the world’s leading designers, and providing help along the way including inspiration, sizing and more.


WeddingWire Planning Tools

From a powerful budget tool, to a checklist, seating and more, WeddingWire’s free tools promise to help alleviate stress and start planning.


Wedding Hashtag Generator

Wedding Hashtag Generator helps you create the perfect hashtag for you wedding. This is especially important when doing crowdsourced photos or other things which incorporate an Instagram feed.



AllSeated is a powerful tool created for event planners (but just as easily utilized by couples) for creating and managing seating arrangements and guest lists. AllSeated offers exact floorplans to scale, and uses 3D viewing, timelines and more to make your life simpler.



Few consider using VistaPrint for their save the dates and invitations, but it’s quality, design and pricing is hard to beat – even when going a DIY route! You’ll wow guests and save time by customizing and sending invitations and save the dates with VistaPrint.



TaskRabbit is a marketplace originally created for projects like cleaning and small home repairs/improvements. Don’t let it’s original purpose fool you though, if you’re looking for a photographer, DJ, or other vendor you may be able to find them on this platform for cheaper than on wedding specific platforms!



NearlyNewlywed allows you to get your hands on beautiful designer wedding dresses for significantly less by only selling used and sample/showroom gowns. If you do get your dress on here, you’ll save hundreds on the gown of your dreams!



Zola is a wedding registry that enables you to combine different brands, experiences and even ask for cash all on the same page. This makes it easier for both you and your friends and family.


The Black Tux

The Black Tux is a Tux and Suit rental service that doesn’t suck. They use high quality fabric, great looking designs, and do it all at a great price.



Loverly is unique as they offer virtual wedding planning services. You’ll connect with and chat with an online concierge to help inspire, plan and coordinate your wedding!

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What You Need to Do When Planning a Business Event

January 19, 2017

There is a lot of preparation and planning that goes into making a business event come to life. Here are the key points that need to be met to have a successful business event.


You need to reserve a venue that will accommodate your entire guest list. Knowing your party size is important to get the right venue. For example, a large party size may require an outdoor venue while a smaller party would do better in a more intimate, indoor setting. Once you have your event’s size figured out, you can begin to think about the location.


Your event’s location is the most important thing you need to plan out. Some guests may have special requests such as wheelchair accessibility, a non-smoking environment, designated smoking areas, and more. Make sure you plan for these guests accordingly. If you have an outdoor event you need to account for bad weather possibilities. Indoor venues require extra care as a venue can quickly feel cramped if too many guests are in the space. Different venues can also help inspire certain messages so you need to find a venue that will match the message you are trying to get across. There are pros and cons for both indoor and outdoor events which will help you determine which site is best. It is crucial to reserve the venue early enough because many spaces fill up very quickly and some even have a wait for an entire year!

Food Choices

The food and beverages that are served are very important to making your business event a success. Diverse options are crucial if you plan on everyone being satisfied and happy with the food choices. Your attendees need to be able to choose between an assortment of healthy options. Some guests will have dietary restrictions like gluten allergies or religious requirements that you’ll need to take into account. Variety is key!

Meeting Guests’ Needs

Everyone uses the internet and now rely on having access to it at all times. Having free, fast, and reliable Wi-Fi is key to pleasing your guests, so be sure your venue has it. Creating an app for your event will also make life easier for your guests to check in and keep track of the event’s agenda while also making it easier for you to keep track of your RSVPs.

If the event is longer than 3 hours, guests need to be able to get up and move. Some venues offer creative exercise breaks, like a yoga sessions or a zumba classes. These are great for keeping guests energized and happy!

It’s important to keep guests happy by having good entertainment options. You can look into having a team building exercise the day before the actual event at the same venue. It will help make your team communicate better, benefit those who go, and depending on what you do, the community as well.


20 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

January 16, 2017


When it comes to finding wedding ideas and inspiration, many instantly jump to Pinterest, but there are plenty of great accounts on instagram that you can follow if you prefer the Instagram interface more than Pinterest. Here are


Bash, Please

Bash, Please is an event and wedding planning company consisting of leading designers, authors, travelers and more. They operate in the Los Angeles and San Francisco area.


VenueCenter is an online event venue finder. It allows you to research, quote and book a venue all in one place.

Moon Canyon

Kristen Caissie is a florist whose pictures are sure to inspire your bouquets and floral decorations.


Minted is a marketplace that connects you with artists. Their feed is filled with inspiration because of it.

Geraldine Magazine

Geraldine Magazine is a fine art wedding publication and their instagram feed is sure to inspire and benefit couples.

Our Labor of Love

Our labor of love is a instagram account shared by several photographers and is a great way to get inspiration for wedding and engagement photos.

Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty’s Instagram account will help you find inspiration in the pretty details.

Zola Registry

ZOLA’s Instagram account features a wide range of wedding photos and is sure to provide plenty of inspiration.

Cake Bloom

We all need a little more cake in our lives, and Cake Bloom’s Instagram account will provide plenty of eye candy for us to drool over!

Hair and Makeup by Steph

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration or advice on your makeup or hair, in that case look no further than Hair and Makeup by Steph.

Bob & Dawn Davis Photography

Wedding photographers not only capture unique poses, backdrops and more, but also details like the dress, makeup hair, and more. That’s why you can’t follow too many wedding photographers!

Amaryllis Inc.

Amaryllis Inc. is a floral design company and their instagram account will definitely help inspire your wedding’s floral accents.

Alex Events

Wedding event planners are great ways to find inspiration on a large variety of details, and Alex Events is no exception.

Laura Hooper Calligraphy

One of the toughest spots to find inspiration can be for your invitations and save the dates, but Laura Hooper’s Instagram account will provide all the inspiration you need!

Revelry Event Designers

Revelry Event Designers specialize in event & interior design, furniture rental and uber draping. This’ll give you a great look at inspiration in areas that many couples forget to consider such as seating arrangement and more.

Jordan Payne Events

Jordan Payne is another great wedding planner to follow.

Christine Bentley Photography

Christine Bentley is a celebrity photographer, which means that she is sure to capture some of the leading styles and looks – perfect inspiration for the trendy couple.

Empty Vase

Empty Vase is a luxury florist and makes a great account to follow to get floral inspiration.

Ira Lippke Studios

Ira Lippke Studios is a collection of photographers and filmakers who specialize in weddings. It’s like following several photographers at once, so you’re sure to get different styles and plenty of inspiration.

Mindy Weiss

Mindy Weiss is another events planner who’ll be sure to provide loads of inspiration.

Event Planning

The Rules about Plus-Ones

January 10, 2017


A lot of time, money, and planning go into making a wedding happen which limits how many plus-ones can be allowed. Both the couple and the guest need to be understanding and caring. Since it’s the couple’s big day, it should be both special for them and remain in their budget, which means they may limit plus-ones in order to allow the guests closest to them attend. However, guests don’t want to be miserable and lonely because their loved ones aren’t there. Weddings are meant to be enjoyed by everyone and celebrate the start of the couple’s life together.

So, with that in mind, here are the some rules for both the couple and guests:

The Couple

The bride and groom need to make sure the invitation is set up correctly so people know whether they are able to bring guests and if so, how many guests they can bring. This is best done by writing the list of people invited by name on the invitation and then adding how many guests or plus-ones may be brought at the end. Another way is to write “and guest” alongside the specific people who you’ll be allowing to bring a guest.

When it comes to the wedding party, they should always be allowed a plus-one. Allowing a plus-one will show them the couple’s gratitude for helping with the planning, stress, and giving support.

If the couple isn’t allowing plus-ones for certain guests, make sure to plan so they have an enjoyable experience at the wedding. Don’t have all the single guests stuck at one table, but seat them with friendly people that they have something in common with or already know. It will allow everyone to have a nice time and encourage people to meet one another.

If guests reach out to ask for a plus-one, the couple needs to stand their ground. They already talked about it and planned everything out according to who was invited. Replies should be calm and kind saying that it is an intimate gathering and that they are sorry. Sticking to the plan will allow couples to keep the wedding how they planned and wanted.

The Guest

Guests need to be respectful of the couple’s wishes. Often times, it may feel upsetting, but if the couple did not offer a plus-one, don’t be offended as it’s not personal. They likely are on a tight budget and need to limit the number of guests at the wedding.

If you’re offered a plus-one and can’t think of someone to bring, then you can choose to go solo. Just ensure that you write that you’ll be attending alone on the RSVP so that the couple knows to plan accordingly.

If you are bringing a plus one, it may make it easier on the couple if you write the guests name on the invitation. This will assist them if they are personalizing items at the wedding such as putting names at seats for guests.

If your guest has to cancel, don’t bring a new guest. The couple probably made placement cards and planned the seating arrangement carefully, a new guest could throw things off and the couple might get upset even if the headcount is still the same.

Being offered a plus-one means the couple chose you to have a guest over others so be sure to show that generosity in return with your gift. Your guest shouldn’t feel obligated to give a gift if they don’t know the couple, just make sure you show your appreciation and the couple will be happy in return.
Couples and guests all want to be happy, so just be considerate and reasonable and enjoy the event.

Wedding Themes and Colors

Why Nontraditional Wedding Dresses Will Never Be Popular

January 8, 2017


Traditional wedding dresses may be the one constant in our pinterest fueled wedding trends. Though spectacular looking, floral print, dip dye, color, crop tops, rompers and other nontraditional wedding dresses will never be more popular than a more traditional styled wedding dress.


The yellow line indicates color wedding dresses, dip dye wedding dresses in blue, and crop top wedding dresses in green. Floral print and romper wedding dresses are shown in red and purple. When we added traditional wedding dresses to the graph, the nontraditional dresses became a little more than a line on the bottom of the graph.

Nontraditional dresses have never seen a true increase in popularity

These nontraditional dresses tend to have one-time spikes in popularity, but they return to their previous levels of popularity (or is obscurity a better term?). These short-lived boosts in popularity are likely the result of a viral article, post or picture of one of these styles.

Looking back at the last 5 years, we can see that these dresses don’t become more popular over time, instead, they remain at their same level of popularity. The only dress which didn’t conform to this rule was the crop top wedding dress, but that may be because it’s a new style of wedding dress.

So the next time you read about the new style of wedding dress that’s “sure to become the most popular style” take it with a large dose of skepticism. At best, the dress will have a momentary spike in popularity but will settle at a lower popularity level.

Does this mean that you should avoid nontraditional dresses?

Not at all! If you feel drawn to a dress that doesn’t conform to the norm, choose it by all means! It’s your big day, and you should feel free to have it just the way you want it. Besides, nontraditional dresses have tons of character and look beautiful! Just take a look at these dresses:

wedding dresss nontraditional

These dresses are modern, colorful, and full of personality. While you may catch some of your guests off guard, their surprise will turn to awe as they marvel at the beauty of your gown, and maybe it’s a good thing that these dresses will never be popular. If they were, they might lose some of their appeal.

At the moment, these dresses are reserved for the daring brides. The brides who are willing to take a big risk and as a result end up with a big pay off. Are you a daring bride? Or do you like to keep things traditional? Let us know in the comments below!