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Alternative Ceremony Seating

November 30, 2016

A wedding day won’t mean anything without the presence of family and friends. In order to make your guests comfortable, you must think about the seating. The fact is that where every guest sits is important.

The wedding ceremony is essential and the most important part of every wedding. This is the reason why every guest must be seated in the right way. They must feel comfortable and respected while the ceremony lasts.

In the past, people didn’t have many dilemmas about ceremony seating. Namely, they have always opted for straight rows. The truth is that most couples choose this option even today. Even though this seating option has proven to be practical and simple, this doesn’t mean that you can’t go with an alternative ceremony seating plan. In case you are wondering why you should do this, we will give you one simple answer – to unleash your creativity. Making your ceremony stand out is easy when you have a good alternative ceremony seating plan. This change won’t cost you anything except your time. With the right alternative option, you can rest assured that all your guests will be more excited, which means that you spiced up this special day from the start.

People have used many different alternatives to the traditional ceremony seating and some of these alternatives we more successful than the others. That’s why we have decided to highlight a few ideas that might help you find the best alternative ceremony seating option.

First of all, you can choose a spiral formation for the chairs. You arrange the chairs in only one row and set them in a spiral shape. This is an excellent way to see and greet every guest as you and your partner move to the center of this spiral. Keep in mind that this is a good solution in case you have a small ceremony because creating very long spirals is not practical for the couple.

Furthermore, you can also try the so-called horseshoe plan. As the name suggests, the chairs are placed in a way that resembles a horseshoe or a simple semi-circle. The aisle leads right in the middle of this area. With this alternative ceremony seating solution, you can rest assured that you will face all the guests. This is a common problem with other seating plans because in most cases you will have to turn your back on some of the guests.

Finally, instead of choosing one side, why not use all the sides around the altar? This means that you can place chairs on each side and place the altar in the center of this area. There is no better way to feel surrounded by the people you love and respect than this.

These are just some alternative ceremony seating ideas that you can use. When you are thinking about changes, you should take these things into consideration – the sight lines, wedding party size, sound, accessibility, taking photos and the position of the aisle.

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