Why You Should Honeymoon in Your Hometown

November 28, 2016

While many couples envision travelling to faraway countries for their honeymoon, you may be better off taking a staycation for your honeymoon.

Honeymooning in or near your hometown is an appealing prospect for many couples, especially if you live in or near a large city. Here are all the reasons you may be better off staying rather than going for your honeymoon:

1. You know the it!

One of the biggest benefits of honeymooning in your hometown is the fact that you know the area. Because of this, you can easily pick the best places to eat, check out the most exciting areas, the most romantic scenes, and the best sites and activities.

Have all of your friends been to a restaurant and insist you must go? Is there something on social media that you’ve always wanted to try/do in your hometown? Maybe there’s a location that you’ve never visited. Take the time to play tourist in your own town.

Tip: You want to make sure you’re trying new things, but it’s okay to mix a few of your favorite destinations as well. Especially if you’re going to locations that have significance for you and your partner.

2. You can save money on travel expenses

Rather than spend a couple hundred (or a couple thousand) on plane tickets, put the money towards a neat activity, fancy restaurant, or other fun thing to do. You’ll save money on the cost of travel and won’t have to deal with long flights and or jet lag.

You could also spend the money saved on gifts or memorabilia to remember this special time.

Tip: Rather than spend your money on a plane ticket, choose an activity to do each day. You’ll find that you can afford to have a longer honeymoon, do more and eat out at nicer restaurants.

3. You’ll discover new areas to visit on the weekends

Another plus of honeymooning in your own town is that you can take the time to explore the areas. You may discover a new mall or a new area that you just love. You can also find new activities and explore new hobbies that you could end up doing frequently.

Tip: Try to do a mix of exploring in city with exploring parks, nature preserves, etc. Balancing city exploration with some time in nature will give you a balanced feel and help you find cool new things to do on the weekends! Who knows, maybe you and your partner will both be really into kayaking or something similar and take it as a hobby together!

A few parting words

Honeymooning in your hometown can offer you a chance to skip out on the cost, jet lag, and stress of a traditional honeymoon. It can also give you the ability to find great new weekend destinations when hanging out. One last tip is to stay in a hotel. It’ll be worth the extra cash to get out of the house and be close to activities.

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