8 Wedding Reception Dances to Never Do

January 31, 2017

While many are stressing out about what dances to do at a wedding reception, a few should consider the dances to never do (you know who you are):

1. The Shuffle


Source: Pinterest

This song was a huge hit in 2011, but that was 6 years ago. A lot of things have changed within 6 years and the shuffle dance should stay in the past. When business make their animated animals do a dance it’s time to modernize your dance moves.

2. Vogue-ing


Source: MTVAsia

Models do this because the photographer instructs them to do poses. It is their job, not a kind of dance for people to do. I’m sorry to say, but you don’t look cool “vogue-ing” in the middle of dancing.

3. Twerking


Weddings are formal events, not clubs or parties. Keep it classy! I’m sure you can go one evening without bumping, grinding, or twerking and still enjoy yourself. You have many other dance moves that are more appropriate for the occasion.

4. Intense Dance Faces

d4Source: DailyMail

While not specifically a dance, it’s important to note that while often hilarious, Intense faces are either frightening and embarrassing. Nobody wants to be remember as that person who makes the face when dancing. Tone it down and just do your best to keep your face calm while dancing. I know that dance helps you feel free and release your soul, but please for your own sake, dial it down.

5. Breakdancing


If you can do this, then you are talented. However, most wedding receptions are not the right place or time for this kind of dancing. (If you have any doubt whether it’s acceptable you shouldn’t do it.) Plus, you don’t want to show off or scare any grandmothers. The wedding is about the couple being the center of attention, so keep your dancing formal.

6. Cotton Eyed Joe


Unless the wedding theme is country, I don’t suggest doing the cotton eyed joe. Many weddings don’t use this song in their wedding playlist so it is safe to say that you can leave your cowboy boots at home. Just ask the bride or groom if they plan on playing this song and then you will know for sure.

7. The Worm


Source: NonStopMusic

It is adorable when kids do it, but for adults that time has ended. You could get hurt doing this, or worse hurt someone else, so it is best to leave it to the resilient-bodied children. Plus the kids will laugh and it is entertaining to see them trying to learn or be the best. Cheer on the kids while they are cute and small enough to do the worm at a wedding.

8. Raise the Roof


Source: Pick’s Post

This dance move has reached the point that parents and grandparents do this to embarrass their children. It is safe to say that raising the roof is dead in the sense of it being popular. Now it is a dance to be silly and laugh with friends. Don’t do it at a wedding unless you are trying to be funny.


Just remember to keep it classy and have fun. It is best to not do the dances listed above unless you want to make people laugh or get the bride and groom upset. And please do not make any grandparents have a heart attack from the dances you do.

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