8 Times You Won’t Want to Wear Your Engagement Ring

November 28, 2016

The desire to wear your engagement (or wedding) ring at all times is completely normal, but if you want to protect the ring you’ll want to avoid wearing it in several, sometimes surprising, situations.

You don’t only need to worry about losing your ring, but about damaging the ring or simply putting it in situations where the gem or the metal will lose its shine. Here are the times that it’s best to go without your engagement (or wedding) ring:

1. The Beach

Besides the obvious risk of losing your ring in the ocean or even just in the sand, you’ll want to avoid taking your ring to the beach because you risk damaging your ring or the stone. The abrasive sand could result in scratches along your ring’s band and even the stone. This’ll cause your ring to lose some of it’s shine. You may also get sand in between stone and the setting, which could cause major damage.

2. Working Out

When working out, you’ll run the risk of a ring slipping off of a sweaty finger and being lost. Plus depending on the type of exercise you’re doing, you could damage the ring significantly.

3. Taking a Shower/Bath

Wearing your rings in the shower or a bath is a perfect way to lose a ring. It’s so easy to take the rings off during this time that there’s really no excuse for protecting your rings.

4. In a Pool/Hot Tub

Wearing a ring in a pool or hot tub makes it easy to lose it as well. Hot tubs will be worse when they are on, but at least they aren’t as much ground to search. One thing that few consider is the effects of chlorine on their rings. Chlorine will cause a filmy look on your stone making it lose it’s luster.

5. Cleaning Anything

For similar reasons as the chlorine in the pool. You won’t want to clean with your rings on as the chemicals in the cleaning products may cause your gem to lose it’s shine. You could research each cleaning product to ensure it’s safe to use, but it’s easier to just take the rings off and store them someplace safe.

6. Moisturizing

This may surprise some of you. Moisturizer will actually leave a filmy layer on your gemstone and will require you to have your rings cleaned in order to restore their luster.

7. Playing Sports

Playing sports doesn’t only risk losing a ring, but also damaging it. In sports with swinging motions you may have a ring fly off and if so it may be difficult to recover and even damaged if recovered.

8. Gardening

Gardening can result in a buried ring, which is one of the worst ways to lose a ring. Even if you don’t lose the ring, particles can get in between the setting and cause your gem to come loose, and you don’t want that!

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