7 Wedding Music Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

December 13, 2016

Many brides and Grooms are skipping the typical wedding band and DJ in favor of putting together their own playlists. Not only does this save money at a time when many are looking for what costs can be cut, it can give you full control over your music (and as a result, the atmosphere) of your wedding.

Playlists can be a great way to play music at your wedding, so long as you avoid these 7 mistakes:

1. Using Shuffle

One of the biggest mistakes a couple can make with their wedding playlist is putting it on shuffle! For a playlist that’ll truly shine, skip the shuffle feature and instead create a playlist the old fashioned way: Mixtape style.

Your playlist will be at its best when you choose songs that will play well one after another. This allows you to fine tune the mood and atmosphere of your wedding by playing different genres and tempos of music at different times, which bring us to our next point:

2. Not Having a Goal

This may sound crazy at first, but every song in your playlist should have a reason for being there. Each song contributes to the vibe, the theme of the moment. This means that you should be using your songs to get guests pumped up and on the dance floor, to slow things down with romantic slow dances, then to give guests a break while they get drinks/eat, etc.

When creating your playlist, think about the guests who will be at your wedding. Think about when they’ll be listening to this music and think about what direction you want to nudge the party. Do you want guests on their feet and dancing? Choose some of today’s hits and sprinkle in some oldies to nudge the wedding guests into dancing.

3. Not playing music that EVERYONE will enjoy

Keep in mind all of the guests at your wedding. You’ll likely have an older crowd and a younger crowd to please, so ensure that everyone hears music that they’ll enjoy. A great way to bridge the gap (so to speak) is with modern remixes of classic songs. In these cases, you can appeal to both crowds as it often retains the same feel as the original while updated with more contemporary bits.

4. Lacking Variety

You can make two major mistakes when creating your playlist – not including enough variety and not spacing genres out enough. If you play 4 club bangers back to back and then switch to jazz, it’s going to leave your guests confused and even disconnected. On the other hand, if you play only one genre at your wedding it’ll lose your guest’s interest.

Try to blend a good mix of genres and give them space to breathe. If you’re in doubt, you can always add top 40 hits from different periods.

5. Not Playing Your Favorite Songs

Don’t leave yourself out either! It’s your wedding and you ought to enjoy the music at it! If you’ve got songs that are a must play, but fear that guests may not like them as much don’t fear! If you want to play one of your favorite songs, but it’s a lesser known track an easy trick is to sandwich it between two popular songs with a similar tempo and feel.

6. Making Too Few Cuts

Imaging your playlist is a book. Now, picture you’ve just written your book and, without editing, send it off to the New York Times. It’s not going to be a best-seller no matter how good because it lacked editing. Your playlist is the same exact way. In order for it to truly shine you’re going to need to make some cuts.

Start by checking the playlist’s length. You’ll want about 3 hours of music to ensure that the playlist is long enough to last without missing out on some great songs. After getting the length right, listen to your playlist a few times and look to ensure there aren’t any offensive lyrics or odd songs that disrupt the flow of the music.

7. Having No Backup Plan

Last but certainly not least, many forget to make a backup playlist. Your Best bet is to create a quick list of top 40 hits that you can switch to in case your main playlist isn’t playing well with the current crowd.

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