6 Beautiful Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

April 13, 2016
Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

One of the recent wedding trends that’s been gaining in popularity is choosing a non traditional wedding dress. Many brides are choosing to express themselves and their personality a bit more by wearing a wedding dress that reflects the style they like.

A few ways that wedding dresses can go against tradition:

  • Printed designs
  • Adding color
  • An all lace dress
  • Going with separate pieces
  • Metallic dresses

Here are the 6 non traditional wedding dresses:

1. Floral Print Wedding Dress

Floral print wedding dresses are probably the most popular non tradition wedding dresses right now. As a whole, floral print designs have been trending and while most are content with just using them for the bridesmaids, some brides take it a step further – and it looks great!

Floral Print Wedding Dress

2. All Lace Wedding Dress

This is a great dress as it can pass as both a traditional wedding dress and a non traditional wedding dress. The lace is a beautiful way to add personality to what would otherwise be a fairly simple design.

All Lace Wedding Dress

3. Two Piece Wedding Dress

If your wedding is taking place at a beach, or you’re just feeling particularly adventurous, this two piece wedding dress design is sure to look great. It’s definitely non traditional and it’s very unexpected, but that all just adds to it’s charm!


4. Dip Dyed Wedding Dress

If you’re not looking to go with a full color wedding dress, a dip dyed wedding dress (sometimes referred to as an ombre wedding dress) is a recent trend that is as much mind blowing as it is beautiful. There are several ways to do it, and you could even add color to one layer of the dress while leaving the other white (for example, dying a top layer of lace purple while leaving the rest white).

Dip Dyed Wedding Dress

5. Metallic Gold Wedding Dress

Metallic gold wedding dresses have both a vintage and a modern, Hollywood styling to them. You could go with a silver wedding dress, but the full gold wedding dress tends to be more eye catching!

Metallic Wedding Dress

6. Lace Wedding Dress

Another lace wedding dress, this combination features a transparent lace dress on top with a short, form fitting dress below. This combination is definitely non-traditional and would work well during the summer or on a beach!

Lace Wedding Dress

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