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5 Wedding Theme Ideas for Totally Awesome Couples

January 21, 2016

Are you looking for super unique wedding themes that’ll be the talk of your family and friends for years to come? This list contains some of the best wedding theme ideas out there right now.

Unique wedding theme ideas - Spy Themed Wedding

Spy Wedding

Since everyone is going to be wearing suits and dresses anyway, a spy or secret agent wedding works really well! It can, and should be, subtly incorporated into your wedding. Here are some great ideas:

  • Invisible Ink Messages
  • Secret Agent Cake Topper
  • Top Secret Invitations
  • Rings in a Safe (image above)
  • Helicopter ride instead of limo ride!

Big Kid themed wedding

Kids at Heart Wedding

There are way to many good ideas to be included here, but we all have to let the inner child out every now and then and a wedding makes for the perfect occasion. Here are all the childish elements you can incorporate into your wedding:

  • A Pinata!
  • Balloons. Lots of Balloons.
  • School Bus Instead of a Limo
  • Kid’s Desserts (Mud Cups, Cotton Candy and Hire an Ice Cream Truck!)
  • A Bounce House
  • Children’s Games with a Twist (E.G. Guess Who with Guest’s Photos)
  • Giant Jenga and Other Lawn Games

Dr Seuss Themed Wedding

Dr. Seuss Wedding

We’ve seen so many creative ways to incorporate Dr. Seuss into your wedding day, and each ways is just the right amount of cute and creative to make for a perfect wedding day! For starters there are Dr. Seuss inspired wedding vows! Here’s a favorite section of mine:

Celebrant: Will you love him if he’s rich?
Will you love her in a ditch?
From today until the end of time,
Even if his words don’t rhyme?

Groom: I will love her if she’s rich
Bride: And I will love him in a ditch
Groom: And I will even love her when she’s being a b…eautiful princess.

You can find the full vows here.

Dr. Seuss weddings incorporate a lot of whimsical decorations, so if you’re looking for a whimsical theme that’s easy to pull off with some DIY work this is it! Here are some other ideas to incorporate into your Dr. Seuss wedding:

  • Truffula Trees
  • Books for Table Numbers
  • Dr. Seuss inspired cookies and cake pops
  • The Lorax Mustache

awesome wedding themes - zombie wedding theme

Zombie Wedding

The zombie wedding (or Walking Dead wedding) is a popular take on Halloween weddings, and while we haven’t seen a wedding with people dressing up as zombies yet (I’m sure it’ll happen at some point!), we have seen a few of the following things done, and they are all super creative!

  • Have a zombie themed wedding cake, or if you need to still have a traditional cake, make the cake have a split personality with the front appearing normal and the back with zombies crawling up!
  • Zombie engagement and wedding photos are some of the most popular ways to incorporate the dead into your big day and they never cease to be entertaining!
  • Zombie themed invitations are also a fun way to incorporate zombies, and it also gives you the option to mail the zombie themed invitation and save the date to only your close friends and family, while traditional invitations can go to those who don’t appreciate zombies as much.

pirate wedding themes

Pirate Wedding

A pirate wedding is a tough one to pull off, but when its done right it can be one of the coolest wedding themes. Both little details and big ideas come together to make a pirate wedding special. Let’s start with the big ideas that make up this theme:

  • A Caribbean Island
  • A Sail Boat Cruise
  • Pirate Clothes

The above 3 items are the biggest parts of this theme, but there are a few smaller details that’ll make it seem more authentic:

  • Write your wedding vows on scrolls
  • Use treasure chest favor boxes
  • Message in a bottle escort cards

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