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5 Top Performing Marketing Ideas for Events

April 6, 2016

It’s an ages old dilemma: your potential attendees have a pocket full of plastic and cash, but you struggle to get them to spend that on your event tickets. Most event professionals use marketing to achieve one or more of the following benefits:

  • Increase ticket sales and event attendance
  • Increase awareness for event
  • Establish reputation and credibility in the industry (to attract new speakers, presenters, etc.)
  • Increase social media followers and email subscribers.
  • Increase engagement during the event

The marketing ideas in this list, will help you achieve those benefits and more. Here are the 5 top performing marketing ideas for events:

1. Pre-Even Ticket Contest

One of the most popular ways to increase followers on social media platforms is to raffle off a pair of tickets. Avoid doing a contest across multiple platforms as it makes things much more complicated, instead host a contest on a single platform at a time. There are a few different ways to require entry: You can do a sweepstakes in which nothing is required, or you can ask for a follow or a like. Keep the entry requirement simple, as the more you ask from your audience, the less they will participate.


2. Content Snippets

If you have a yearly event, one of the easiest ways to market it is to create content snippets from prior events speakers, presentations, etc. Did a speaker have a powerpoint presentation on while they talked? Upload it to slideshare. Transcribe one of the presentations into a brief article. Upload a snippet of video to YouTube. Your event is a goldmine for content.


3. Live Polling

If you want to increase engagement during the event, and create a powerful marketing tool at the same time, consider doing live polls! Say a speaker is going to be using a few statistics in their presentation, in addition to those statistics, they can tell the audience to answer a poll on social media during the event and then use the results of that poll in addition to their statistics.


4. Live Streaming

Live streaming is considered the next big thing by many, but how do you use it for your event without cannibalizing ticket sales? Simple, just live stream one presentation or one speaker. This will help increase your event’s awareness and will result in increased ticket sales for the next event.

5. Team Up With Influencers for Discount Giveaways

Another powerful method that I’ve seen very few event professionals use is to team up with industry influencers and offer discount tickets. You can do this by approaching the top professionals in your event’s industry (including your speakers and presenters!) and giving them a predetermined amount of discounted tickets to give to their followers! Set this up with a limited use coupon code so that they can tweet with the coupon code or send it via DM.

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