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5 Things to Learn From Hollywood’s Top Event Planners

March 7, 2016
5 Things to Learn From Hollywood's Top Event Planners

Every year Hollywood’s best event planners plan and throw extravagant corporate parties and events, especially around the bigger awards¬†shows like the Oscars. With some of the event planners throwing these parties for 27+ years, they’ve accumulated a wealth of information and are willing to pass it along to anyone interested.

Here are the 5 things you need to learn from Hollywood’s top event planners:

1. Put energy into all of the senses

One of the biggest suggestions was to invest time and resources into all of the senses, many event planners take care of 2 senses, sight and sound, but incorporating the other senses into your event makes for a more memorable experience. Guests will remember how the event made them feel, because they were able to feel the event with all of their senses.

2. Stay mindful of the food you serve guests

Food can be a tricky thing, and many will order catering without putting enough thought into what type of food they are serving their guests. Will you guests have eaten recently? Do they expect a formal dinner or are they looking for food to be more of a snack. Will the food ruin their nice clothes and jewelry? All of these are things to take into consideration.

3. Bad lighting is the biggest buzzkill

According to some of Hollywood’s best planners, having an event with bad lighting is the worst thing you can do. The lighting sets the mood for the event and plays a major role in how the guests will interact with each other and the event venue itself. Lighting can be used to encourage guests to remain in certain areas or to call attention to certain items.

4. It’s as much about the small things as it is the big things

While many event planners would tell you not to stress the small things (this is especially common advice in wedding planning), the crowd in Hollywood argues that the little things are just as important as the big things. They suggest you take the same amount of time and care on the flowers, the valet, the way refreshments are provided, and other “small” things as you do the larger items to improve guest satisfaction.

5. The layout is of the utmost importance. Make no guest feel like they’ve been B-Listed

While this advice may seem like it only matters because of the celebrities in Hollywood, this advice is surprisingly relevant at all events. The idea is that every guest who attends your event should have the same experience. This means they all have the same amount of space, the same view, the same decorations and they all leave the venue feeling the same way: Glad they attended and looking forward to next years event.

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