4 Incredibly Cute Ways to Include Your Pet on Your Wedding Day

November 9, 2016

Dogs and cats have already found their way into our lives becoming welcome at home, in public, on the internet, and at work. But what about a pet at your wedding? Yep, they’ve already inserted themselves into one of the most important days in our lives.

For many of us, our pets are our best friend, so it is a no-brainer to include them, but the difficult part comes when you think about how to include them. Here are four special ways to include your pet in your wedding:

1. Let your pet be the videographer

You can take a unique and adorable approach by strapping a GoPro to your pets’ back and letting them record the big day from their perspective.

This would not be a wedding video replacement because you can’t guarantee that your pet will get the important moments, but it’s a fun way to get some extra video that’s bound to make you laugh, say awe, and give your pet a good hug.

pets 2

2. Let your pet be the ringbearer

Giving your favorite pet the rings to walk down the aisle is a growing trend now. Many couples are overjoyed to see their beloved companion bring the rings down the aisle. There are a growing number of items on Etsy which can help you dress your pet up for the occasion.

Most couples let a friend walk their pet down the aisle, but well-trained pets could do this themselves with the proper motivation (hint: treats).

pets 3

3. Dress them up and put them in the bridal party

Another growing trend is to include your pet in the bridal party (if they have the patience to stay there the whole time). Finding an adorable dress or suit for your pet is easy and can add to the cute factor. You and your guests may get a good laugh out of it too!

pets 4

4. Include them in your wedding photos

One of the most common ways to include a pet in your wedding is to take your wedding and engagement photos with them. It’s a cute way to include them, and one that will guarantee some great candid shots.

A Parting Thought

When incorporating pets into your wedding it’s best to embrace the slip ups.There’s going to be awes, a few gasps and plenty of laughs, but that’s part of the joy of including your pet in your wedding.

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