3 Smart Ways to Create an Active Participatory Conference

November 23, 2015

The active participatory model addresses the 3 biggest trends in the conference industry today:

  1. It creates personalized experiences
  2. It addresses the “big why”
  3. It aims to create the most engaging conference possible

Unfortunately, many of the online guides and advice focus on using cumbersome new apps and start up technology to achieve this when there are ways to create an active participatory event that skips the tech, cuts down on costs, and is just plain easy to do!

1. Integrating Storytelling From the Beginning

As an event planner, you have 3 main goals:

  1. Get people connected
  2. Get people engaged
  3. Get people to interact with your organizations brand

Each of these goals should be started from the moment an attendee registers. So how do you reach all these goals from the get go?

With an interactive welcoming event that tells a story in a creative and unique way. With this welcome event you want to bring out peoples emotions, utilize experimental design and promote engagement and team building.

2. Use a Conference MC

Investing in an experienced conference MC will not only help with transitions between speakers, you’ll find these additional benefits as well:

  • An MC will help set the tone for the event
  • They will help to make the most out of your planning
  • Attendees will be inspired to network and retain new information

3. Utilize Peer to Peer Learning

Getting attendees to learn while networking has always been tough. Traditionally, if you wanted your event attendees to retain new information, you would use the sit and listen method. The problem with forcing your attendees to sit an listen to a lecture is that it ignores their desire to participate and network in the conference.

Polling applications are more of a novelty than an effective tool, and short pitches followed by deep dives make it hard for attendees to retain new information. So if those two methods aren’t up for the task, what is?

Using peer to peer and small group discussions along with your lecture is great way to encourage networking and participation while keeping the ability to teach your attendees in an effective way.

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