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6 Necessary Wedding Tips to Show off Your Beauty

December 30, 2016

You don’t want to be the bride that admits that hindsight is 20/20. This list will help keep you prepared for any mishaps or cover any basis you didn’t think of.

Here are 6 tips to make sure you look flawless on your wedding day:

1. Dirty Hair Will Make Styling Your Hair Much Easier

Washing your hair 4-5 days before your wedding will be the best amount of time to let your hair get dirty enough to hold the hairstyle while making sure your hair still looks nice and clean. Dirty hair will hold curls, stay more tame, and stay in an updo because the grease in your hair gives it good grip to do whatever you want.

2. Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Don’t go heavy on the makeup or try to look like someone else. Embrace how you look and do things that enhance your natural beauty. It would be smart to try different makeup styles and hairstyles and you choose what makes you comfortable. You should be able to look at the pictures and easily tell that you were being yourself.

3. Have Freshening up Essentials

Making sure you have baby wipes to clean yourself of sweat because you will be nervous, excited, and tired from all the events throughout the entire day. Bring your deodorant and the perfume you wear to remain smelling nice. Have the correct makeup colors to touch up your makeup in case it gets ruined. Either ask your makeup artist for what they used on you and get it your self or hopefully they will give you the necessary makeup for touchups.

4. Wear the Right Products

Use waterproof mascara! If you are not a fan, use the mascara you like and then use waterproof mascara at the ends so you don’t look like a raccoon if you start crying. Don’t use too much blush because your cheeks will get redder throughout the day. Do a classic nail color choice. A nude or pale pink color would look nice, also you can never go wrong with a french manicure.

5. Wear Your Veil

If you bought a veil, wear the veil! You bought it for a reason and it makes you look very beautiful. It completes the bride look and you will love seeing your pictures with you wearing it. The veil adds the flowiness that most women love and gives your look the perfect amount of elegance and romantic quality that you were aiming for.

6. Don’t Do Any Major Changes Close to Your Wedding Day

Only do a trim and a color touch up (if necessary) two weeks before your wedding day. If something goes wrong at least you have sometime to fix it. You should get a facial done about a week before the big day so your face isn’t red. Avoid chemical peels, laser treatments, and injections because they won’t heal in time.


These are all simple things you can do to show off your natural beauty and look your best on your wedding day. Following those 6 tips will save you from any regrets or embarrassment and allow you to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest!

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4 Pet Friendly Wedding Venues in DFW

December 27, 2016

If you’re a couple who has fallen in love with unique ways to incorporate pets on your wedding day, you may be surprised to find out that most wedding venues won’t allow you to bring pets on your wedding day. Don’t give up though! There are still plenty of great pet friendly wedding venues out there!


These are the top 4 wedding venues in Dallas-Fort Worth which allow pets:

1. Glass Cactus Nightclub

pet 1

Glass Cactus Nightclub – Grapevine, TX

Overlooking the romantic Lake Grapevine, the Glass Cactus Nightclub offers a great space for a contemporary, but romantic wedding. Featuring in house cuisine and a full bar, the space will be perfect for couples looking for an all in one package. The soundstage is perfect for live bands as well, making for a great space for any wedding.

2. Studios 1019

pet 2

Studios 1019 – Dallas, TX

With rock walls, lush greenery and the soothing sound of a 15’ tall water feature, Studios 1019 makes for a wonderfully contemporary wedding venue that feels more like New York than Dallas. The studio space is actually an awe inspiring loft and features wardrobe and makeup rooms, wifi, bathrooms and plenty more. Your guests, including your 4 legged friends, will love this space and the beautiful backdrop it provides.

3. 129 Leslie

pet 3

129 Leslie – Dallas, TX

129 Leslie is the perfect space for your wedding, reception, or both. This industrial-chic, white canvas of a space can be colored with flowers, table skirts and draping. This space is huge, accommodating up to 350 wedding guests. During the day this versatile space has stunning natural light provided by large skylights and sunlight coming through the piercing front entrance. Evening events can be dramatically lit in any way you can imagine.

4. Perot Museum of Nature and Science

pet 4

The Perot Museum – Dallas, TX

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is one of the most distinctive new wedding venues in DFW. It’s truly a one of a kind location, with plenty to take in and a unique backdrop for your wedding or reception. Plus, being close to some of Dallas’s best hotels, it’s a great choice for out of town guests.


68 Activities to Do with Your Fiance to Help Cure Wedding Planning Stress

December 16, 2016


Planning a wedding can feel like a full time job, especially if you’re taking on a lot of DIY projects. The best way to destress is to spend some time having fun with your fiance. Here are 71 activities you can do with your fiance to stop wedding planning stress right away:

  1. Take a wedding free weekend (don’t even mention the upcoming wedding and just enjoy time in each others company.)
  2. Spend time with friends
  3. Go on a fancy date
  4. Go on a cheap date
  5. Take a scenic drive
  6. Netflix and chill
  7. Cook each other’s favorite meals
  8. Go for a walk
  9. Work out together
  10. Take pictures together
  11. Try a new restaurant
  12. Play video games
  13. Go to a football game (or any sporting event)
  14. Head to the nearest theme park for a day
  15. Go to a water park
  16. Go to the zoo (and see who can name the most animals correctly)
  17. Watch a circus
  18. Have a board game night
  19. Go on a hike
  20. Ride a bike
  21. Head to the busiest (most touristy neighborhoods) and enjoy some time taking in what your town has to offer
  22. Eat ice cream together
  23. Watch a movie
  24. Learn a new language together (using an app like duolingo)
  25. Head to a museum
  26. Go to a fair
  27. Take a spa day
  28. Massage each other
  29. Take an early honeymoon
  30. Plant a garden
  31. Plant a tree (so that you can watch it grow during your marriage)
  32. Watch a play
  33. Watch ballet
  34. Attend an opera
  35. Head to a concert
  36. Picnic
  37. Head to the beach
  38. Do a puzzle together
  39. Read a book together
  40. Put together a photo album of your time together
  41. Watch the sunset (or sunrise)
  42. Play a sport together
  43. Take a class together (like a cooking or yoga class)
  44. Get some coffee together
  45. Daytrip to a special location nearby
  46. Head to a local bar that has live music and hangout
  47. Check out a local brewery
  48. Go out in a boat, kayak or canoe
  49. Start a blog together
  50. Play mini golf
  51. Play real golf
  52. Go whale watching
  53. Recreate your first date
  54. Go camping (this works well with the no wedding weekend!)
  55. Go Kart racing!
  56. Walk around the mall
  57. Go people watching
  58. Go ice skating (or rollerblading)
  59. Go horseback riding
  60. Learn how to make your own sushi together
  61. Learn yourselves something new by watching a Youtube Tutorial together
  62. Do a DIY or arts and crafts project
  63. Go to a planetarium
  64. Watch or put on a fireworks display
  65. Create a scavenger hunt for each other
  66. Head to the casino together
  67. Go whitewater rafting
  68. Go skydiving
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How to Plan Your Wedding Seating Chart

December 15, 2016

The seating chart for a wedding is one of the most detailed, thought-intensive parts of the entire wedding planning process. It is super important because you can’t have guests that don’t get along at the same table or guests that came solo with heavy-PDA couples.

You want your guests to be happy, comfortable, and be with people that have similar interests. Here are some key things to consider when you are making your wedding seating chart:

Do you need a formal seating chart?

If your guest list is 50 or less, then you probably don’t need a formal seating chart. Having a seat yourself reception would be fine in this case. For receptions with more than 50 guests, it would be best to have a seating chart so everything is kept in order. Having a seating chart no matter the guest size is still good because then people know you put thought into where they should sit. You arranging the seating chart will also allow for you to have people together that will get along and this will minimize unwanted friction between guests. Ultimately it is up to you but the rule of thumb is that if you have over 50 guests, make a seating chart.

How it should be set up

You need to start planning the seating chart after you received all the RSVPs; start as early as possible! Then you need to decide if you and your groom want to sit at a sweetheart table or not. If not, you need to decide if you want the wedding party at the table with you or if your families get along you could have the combined family table that you both sit at. The sweetheart table will allow for you and your groom to have a cute secluded table for yourselves but all of your guests came to be with you and your groom. Arranging for the sweetheart table to be in the center so all the other tables are equidistant will keep your guests happy and feel included.

Make sure to mix and match your guests so everyone is seated with a person they know and people that they have something in common with. Not all of your guests have to know each other at the same table, but try your best to have a nice variety. Avoid combining people that have a bad history or don’t get along together, it could ruin your day. Single guests should be placed with other single quests but also add a couple or two so there is a variety.

If you have a good number of children attending, think of having a kids table so all of the children can have their own fun space. This will also allow the parents to relax and enjoy the wedding much more!


The seating chart is important to ensure your guests enjoy your wedding to its fullest, and by putting in the time and effort to seat guests next to those they’ll get along with, you’ll have a more enjoyable, less stressful wedding day.


7 Wedding Music Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

December 13, 2016

Many brides and Grooms are skipping the typical wedding band and DJ in favor of putting together their own playlists. Not only does this save money at a time when many are looking for what costs can be cut, it can give you full control over your music (and as a result, the atmosphere) of your wedding.

Playlists can be a great way to play music at your wedding, so long as you avoid these 7 mistakes:

1. Using Shuffle

One of the biggest mistakes a couple can make with their wedding playlist is putting it on shuffle! For a playlist that’ll truly shine, skip the shuffle feature and instead create a playlist the old fashioned way: Mixtape style.

Your playlist will be at its best when you choose songs that will play well one after another. This allows you to fine tune the mood and atmosphere of your wedding by playing different genres and tempos of music at different times, which bring us to our next point:

2. Not Having a Goal

This may sound crazy at first, but every song in your playlist should have a reason for being there. Each song contributes to the vibe, the theme of the moment. This means that you should be using your songs to get guests pumped up and on the dance floor, to slow things down with romantic slow dances, then to give guests a break while they get drinks/eat, etc.

When creating your playlist, think about the guests who will be at your wedding. Think about when they’ll be listening to this music and think about what direction you want to nudge the party. Do you want guests on their feet and dancing? Choose some of today’s hits and sprinkle in some oldies to nudge the wedding guests into dancing.

3. Not playing music that EVERYONE will enjoy

Keep in mind all of the guests at your wedding. You’ll likely have an older crowd and a younger crowd to please, so ensure that everyone hears music that they’ll enjoy. A great way to bridge the gap (so to speak) is with modern remixes of classic songs. In these cases, you can appeal to both crowds as it often retains the same feel as the original while updated with more contemporary bits.

4. Lacking Variety

You can make two major mistakes when creating your playlist – not including enough variety and not spacing genres out enough. If you play 4 club bangers back to back and then switch to jazz, it’s going to leave your guests confused and even disconnected. On the other hand, if you play only one genre at your wedding it’ll lose your guest’s interest.

Try to blend a good mix of genres and give them space to breathe. If you’re in doubt, you can always add top 40 hits from different periods.

5. Not Playing Your Favorite Songs

Don’t leave yourself out either! It’s your wedding and you ought to enjoy the music at it! If you’ve got songs that are a must play, but fear that guests may not like them as much don’t fear! If you want to play one of your favorite songs, but it’s a lesser known track an easy trick is to sandwich it between two popular songs with a similar tempo and feel.

6. Making Too Few Cuts

Imaging your playlist is a book. Now, picture you’ve just written your book and, without editing, send it off to the New York Times. It’s not going to be a best-seller no matter how good because it lacked editing. Your playlist is the same exact way. In order for it to truly shine you’re going to need to make some cuts.

Start by checking the playlist’s length. You’ll want about 3 hours of music to ensure that the playlist is long enough to last without missing out on some great songs. After getting the length right, listen to your playlist a few times and look to ensure there aren’t any offensive lyrics or odd songs that disrupt the flow of the music.

7. Having No Backup Plan

Last but certainly not least, many forget to make a backup playlist. Your Best bet is to create a quick list of top 40 hits that you can switch to in case your main playlist isn’t playing well with the current crowd.


Can a Wedding Dress Be Too Sexy?

December 12, 2016

We’ve all heard about Pam Anderson’s white string bikini wedding dresses, and many have seen the lists on The Knot and other top publications. This has left many brides questioning what makes a dress too sexy.

Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin Dress

Your best bet for choosing a wedding dress is to pick something that you feel comfortable in, while still showing your personal style. You want all eyes on you during your wedding day, not blushing and looking away. Wedding dresses come in all styles and shapes, so there’s always going to be the perfect dress, one that is sexy and classy all at the same time. If you’re not confident in your dress, don’t wear it! (Don’t mistake that to mean you shouldn’t wear a dress to your wedding!)

Does Sexy = Revealing?

There’s no such thing as being too sexy on your wedding day, you can however be too revealing. Neck lines lower than the great depression, deep V’s in the back, short skirts, sits that go up to the thigh and see through fabric can all make a wedding dress uncomfortably revealing. The trouble isn’t that the dress is uncomfortable for you, but it may be uncomfortable for your guests.


Dresses like this one are beautiful, but most brides can agree that the neckline was cut too low and is too revealing. The lacey, transparent fabric isn’t helping either!

Here’s the good news: your dress can be sexy without being too revealing! Strapless and sleeveless dresses can be a great way to up the sexy factor while still leaving your guests comfortable. Just make sure the neckline isn’t too low!

You Make the Rules, but Try to Be Considerate

Ultimately, you’re the queen of your wedding day. You make the rules and have the ultimate say,  but a good queen is considerate of her people. So at your wedding take your guests feelings into consideration. Do you really want to make your grandparents or other relatives feel uncomfortable on your special day?

Other Considerations

Certain wedding venues (think churches and other conservative venues) will require certain attire. You may also need to take into consideration, you or your significant other’s family tradition and religious practices.

So, Can a Wedding Dress Be Too Sexy?

Yes it most definitely can! However, there are some great dresses out there that will make you feel sexy while keeping things classy and elegant. Just keep searching until you find the perfect dress – you’ll know it you find it.


Should You Upgrade Your Wedding Ring?

December 8, 2016

Obviously, the choice to upgrade a wedding ring is a highly personal decision, but if you find yourself wondering whether you should or shouldn’t upgrade, here are a few points to consider:

What are your reasons for upgrading?

“Keeping up with the Joneses.”

There can be valid reasons to have a flashier ring. In some cases you or your significant other’s profession requires you to go to conferences and other events in which you need to convey an appearance of success and grandeur. In these types of situations, it may be beneficial to your career to have a flashier ring. If so, upgrading is totally okay and remember, you can compromise by wearing a flashier ring at events where the appearance may matter and your original in everyday life.

You can afford a nicer ring now.

In many relationships you’ll end up in a much better financial position than when you were first married. In these situations, you may have purchased a ring that wasn’t your dream ring, but was all you could afford at the time. Now that you’ve move up on the ladder and are earning more than before, you may be able to afford your dream ring. If that’s the case, it won’t hurt to talk about it. Afterall, life is meant to change and as we mature and become more successful we upgrade our wardrobe, our homes, our cars and more. Why not your rings too?

You never liked the ring to begin with.

In some cases, you love everything about him, and everything about the proposal, except for the ring. In these cases, it’s best to bring up your feelings immediately. If you’ve already waited, it’s best to wait until 5 years or so before bringing it up as this may offend or hurt your significant other.

Why wouldn’t you upgrade?

There are more important things to spend money on.

A point that likely came up when you purchased your wedding ring is that you could spend the money on more important things. This is an important point to consider as dropping a few grand on a ring may not make you as happy as say putting that towards a new car. Take into account how much happiness your upgrade will bring you versus spending the money elsewhere.

Your ring holds sentimental value.

Your original wedding ring contains a lot of sentimental value. It can remind you of how your significant other proposed, the memories you had in your early relationship and more. Plus, there’s the fact that your significant other picked out the ring which makes it special in its own way. The argument could also be made that as a family heirloom the ring would be more meaningful if it was the original. Though – you could argue that it’s more valuable as an upgraded ring as well.

It comes down to you and your significant other

Ultimately, no list of pros and cons, nor opinion from friends and family should make this decision for you. It’s good to take these into consideration, but the decision should primarily lie in the feelings you and your partner have. So take the time to discuss it with them and come up with your own answer.

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Checklist: Everything You Need as a Bride

December 6, 2016

As a bride, it’s always difficult to remember everything you need on your big day. Between all the traditions, the stress and all the work you’ll have to do, you’ll have a tough time keeping track of everything. That’s why it’s crucial to keep a wedding checklist handy so you don’t forget anything on your big day.


Here is a checklist that makes it as easy as possible for you to keep track of everything you need:

  • Your bridal gown – it’s a must-have! Keep it clean and unwrinkled in a garment bag!
  • Your headpiece or veil – your dress wouldn’t feel complete without it.
  • A slip for you gown – if necessary. Not all types of dresses will need it.
  • Shoes – you need these to walk down the aisle!
  • Bridal hosiery – not necessary but it gives your look that extra touch.
  • Your garter – it is tradition for the groom to take it off and toss it during the reception. It would be hard to do if you don’t have one. You can usually buy them in pairs so you can keep one.
  • Gloves – again not necessary but they do look nice!
  • Your bouquet – bouquets are tradition and beautiful.
  • Lingerie – you are going on your honeymoon after the wedding and lingerie is a must-have for you and your new groom. If your bridal shower was lingerie themed, then you should be covered.
  • Jewelry – you should sparkle on your wedding day because it is your big day! Wear jewelry that is special to you.
  • Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue – it is a fun tradition. You get to be creative with it. Your shoes or jewelry can cover some of these categories. Usually your dress is the something new, but it is up to you!
  • A bridal emergency kit – if a button from your dress falls off, a spare button and sewing kit is essential. Gum in case you forgot to brush your teeth, or deodorant just in case it is hot or you are more nervous than you thought.
  • Your vows – if you wrote your own, it would be a good idea to have the paper you wrote them down on so you don’t forget.
  • Your groom’s wedding ring – you will give it to your maid of honor to hold until it is time to exchange the rings, but you need to make sure you have it.
  • The wedding favors – more specifically for the wedding party. It is customary to gift the wedding party with special gifts that you and your groom picked out as a special thanks for their support and help.


That was everything you need to have as the bride. If you are like most brides, you have to worry about the wedding party as well. Here is a list of things that they need so that nobody forgets anything.

  • The groom – his tuxedo, dress shoes, boutonniere, socks, and your wedding ring.
  • Your bridesmaids – their dresses, shoes, bouquets, and accessories.
  • The groomsmen – their tuxedos, socks, dress shoes, and boutonnieres.
  • The flower girl – her dress, shoes, basket, and flower petals.
  • The ring bearer – His tuxedo, socks, dress shoes, boutonniere, and the pillow with rings on it.

Following these checklists will make sure you, your groom, and wedding party are ready to go on the big day! Just relax and take care of yourself and delegate the tasks to responsible, trustworthy people if necessary.