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September 2016


Wedding Superstitions – Good Luck or Bad Luck?

September 23, 2016

Find out how these wedding superstitions originated and why a lot of people in this modern time still believe them. Can you count how many of these you still believe in?

1. Bride and groom seeing each other before the wedding
BAD LUCK: This belief stems from the old custom of arranged marriage. The father of the bride will not allow the groom to see his daughter’s face in fear that he will have second thoughts and back out if he sees and finds the bride undesirable. Today some couples prefer seeing each other before the wedding because it calms them and gives them reassurance on this commitment. Some still follows not seeing each other though because adds up to the excitement and longing for the wedding.

2. Rain on your wedding day
GOOD LUCK: Most would think it is very unfortunate if it rains on your wedding particularly if they prepared for an outdoor wedding and failed to have a Plan B. In some culture however, rain is considered good luck. It signifies cleansing of the couple’s bad memories and past. It also means fertility and long lasting marriage for the newlyweds. Some will even argue that the rain represents the last tears that the bride will shed for the rest of her life.

3. Fitting the wedding gown before the wedding day
BAD LUCK: In some cultures, it is believed to be bad luck for a bride to fit her wedding gown before the wedding because the wedding day will not push through. These days, this belief is no longer very popular as brides want to become their best beautiful self during her wedding that she wants her dress to be a perfect fit.

4. Getting knives as wedding gift
BAD LUCK: When a newlywed receives a knife set as a wedding gift, many will believe that the marriage will not last because knives represent broken relationship.

5. Spider on the wedding gown
GOOD LUCK: Though a lot of brides will probably shriek in horror in finding one creepy crawlers on her garment, a lot of people actually believe it is a sign of good fortune as spiders are considered a best of luck omen.

6. Pearl engagement ring
BAD LUCK: With the pearl’s look resembling a tear, some people believe that it is bad luck to use it in any of the bride’s jewelries. They believe that the bride will have a marriage full of tears.
In the end, the only thing that will matter is not whether you choose to believe any of the wedding superstitions are true; what will matter is whether or not you will let any of your beliefs affect the happiest day of your life.


Wedding on a Budget – Make It Work!

September 13, 2016

Not all couples are lucky (and wise!) enough to save for their weddings. So for those planning on having their dream wedding but working on a very tight budget, read on and catch a few tips to still make this work.
1. Decide on your budget early and be strict about it.
Let’s take a tour inside your finances and find ways to work this around. Open your bank account and check its status. Do you have enough funding there to use for your wedding? No? That’s okay. Compute all fixed income starting today until the day of your wedding. Also check if there will be other sources of fund – maybe the parents are willing to provide funding aid?

Next, list down all current non-wedding expenses and obligations (car insurance, family responsibilities, bills, etc.) and post-wedding expenses (savings for new home, utility bills, mortgage, etc.). Remember to take care of NECESSITIES FIRST! Afterwards, compute what’s left and stay firm on that budget. It might be tempting but stay away from loans as much as possible. You would not want to begin your happily ever after with debt.

2. Try not to rush your wedding preparation.
Take your sweet time planning your wedding. The longer the time you have before the wedding means more time to earn and save for it. This also gives you ample time to carefully select your wedding vendors. Have sit-down meetings and book only those who you can trust, have a long list of recommendations – and of course the ones that can offer the best price to fit your budget.

3. Make your priority list
Make wedding decisions easier with a priority list. Simply put, it is a list differentiating what you need vs. what you want. You can list down all the wedding vendors that you would probably book and arranged according to priority. Top of your list should be the non-negotiable (church, reception venue, caterer, photographer) and the bottom ones would be the nice-to-have’s (alcohol, lights and effects, DJ). You can even go further and make a comprehensive list with different options for each category. From this list, it will be easier to decide which vendors will be paid first and which ones will have to take a backseat for the meantime.

Next, draft your guest list. Remember to invite only those who are important to you. Limit it to immediate family and closest friends and colleagues only. Ask yourself some questions such as – do I really need to invite the whole office?

4. Tap your creative side and enjoy some DIY’s together
If you enjoy doing arts & crafts then why not try to do some of the items on your wedding checklist yourself? Make your own thematic decoration or personalize your gifts to your wedding party. If you don’t have any idea on how to start, there are plenty of references you can gather from the internet. Browse on Instagram, Pinterest or wedding sites for new ideas.

No talent? No problem! Ask your talented friends who are willing to lend a hand. Maybe you know someone who does calligraphy as their hobby. Why not ask them to do your wedding invites?


In the end it all comes down to what you want. Do you want to have a simple wedding yet a secure future? Or do you still prefer a grand wedding but with a hole in your pocket the next day?

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Choosing a Venue – items that should be on your checklist

September 7, 2016

We all have an idea of what our perfect wedding venue is. It should be somewhere you can see yourself walking down the aisle at, exchanging vows and grooving to your first dance. Don’t make the beauty of the place your only consideration when booking the wedding venue. Make sure you only book the best wedding venue that meets all your event needs and gives you your money’s worth. Arm yourself with the right questions to ask and knowledge of what has to be considered. Be sure to clarify the items below before you sign any contract.

1. Budget and amenities

Check out the cost of the venue and verify if it matches your wedding budget. If it’s a no, don’t get disheartened yet. Check all the facilities that they provide and see if they offer some freebies that cross out some of the items on your wedding checklist. Value for money should always be considered.

2. Outdoor considerations

If you are eyeing for a beach or garden wedding, check if the venue offers contingency plans for rain and other unexpected situations. You may also want to visit the place on the same time of your wedding as well to check other important elements; best lighting spot, venue ventilation, etc.

3. Number of guests

Be sure you already decided on or at least have a ballpark figure of the number of guests that you will invite for the wedding. The capacity of the venue should be able to hold this number and still have enough spaces for an activity area, a registration and a few spaces for your other wedding gimmicks like a photo booth or dessert table.

4. Proximity

If you are having separate venues for the wedding rites and the reception, make sure that the distance from the preparation venue (if you will stay in a hotel for make-up and pre-wedding shoot) to the church and up to the wedding reception is not that far from each other.

5. Venue house rules

Be aware about every rule in the wedding venue so you can adjust your preparations (wedding decorations, effects, etc.) accordingly. Also good to check what other fees they will charge if you bring in outside food and beverages or not accredited wedding vendors.

6. Parking spaces

It is important to check if there are enough parking spaces to accommodate your guests’ vehicles and how secure it is. Check also if there will be another event same time as yours so you can check for shared parking rules and make reservations if necessary.

7. Venue hours

How long will they let you rent the venue? Is this enough to cover the wedding rites, reception program and a few more hours for the after party? How early is the ingress time and how late is the allowed time for egress?

8. Facilities for special needs

Are you having elderly or PWD guests? Be mindful of their needs and check if there’s a ramp at the entrance and also if there are PWD restrooms available.

9. Other amenities

Is there a changing room where you can retouch before the wedding reception starts? How about the basic sounds system offered? Are there built-in lights available and how does it look like?

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Why an Outdoor Wedding is the Best and the Worst

September 2, 2016

One of the most important decisions that an engaged couple will make is choosing their wedding venue. Not only will this dictate when the wedding will take place, but it will also be that place where you will exchange your vows to forever. It will also be marked on your mind and your guests’ memories. So it has to be special and perfect.

Contemplating if an outdoor venue will be great for your wedding? Let us help you by pointing out some factors why outdoor weddings are the best and could be your worst nightmare.

Pros of an Outdoor Wedding

1. Natural beauty
Whether you choose to get wed at the beach or a garden, you can be assured of amazing photos in an outdoor venue. With its breathtaking scenery, your guests will have fun taking their selfies because every area is a photo worthy background.

2. Natural light
Photographers love natural lighting. And any outdoor venue will offer this with the presence of the gorgeous sun.

3. Kid-friendly
Good thing for couples who have so many guests bringing kids. Kids by nature are restless when enclosed in an area such as indoor venues. They run around and throw tantrums that sometimes interrupt the prepared program. An outdoor venue will distract the kids and will help their guardians manage them better.

4. More affordable
An outdoor venue can be more affordable especially if chosen venue is not your typical wedding venue being rented. In addition, an outdoor wedding offers more options for themes and has very minimal need for styling – letting you play with your creativity better and guarantee you more savings over an indoor wedding venue.

5. Great ambiance
There is always something about outdoors that gives off a romantic and calming vibe among the guests. Guests feel more informal and relaxed that adds up to the intimacy of the event. Whether it is a fantastic sunset as the backdrop or garden lights and lanterns, it will certainly set the mood for a romantic night.

Cons of an Outdoor Wedding

1. Uncontrollable weather
Probably the biggest challenge in an outdoor wedding is the unpredictable weather. It could be sunny all week but suddenly rain on your wedding day. This can certainly be a disaster if you have not prepared any Plan B.

2. Bugs
In a wedding, sometimes surprise guests come. But you wouldn’t want this unwanted guests to ruin your wedding– bugs! Summer season attracts flying insects everywhere. It can be an irritant for guests and distract them from the ceremony or reception program.

3. Heat
Warm summer season with the sun blazing down could be a good thing for your photos but certainly not for the comfort of your guests. Sweat clinging on the backs of your guests and constant fanning can be really irksome. To reduce this concern, provide refreshments or fans as gifts and you may also set a dress code so your guests can come ready.

4. Uneven ground
Outdoor weddings will help guests get comfortable with nature. But their feet rarely do! Imagine your guests coming in high heels or their best shoes without a decent cemented pathway to walk at. It could ruin their favorite shoes forever and will make them uncomfortable all throughout the wedding.
In the end it’s all up to you. The key here is to be proactive and always be prepared for the inevitable. Best of luck!