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How To Turn Any Venue into A Dreamy Wedding Place

August 30, 2016

How Decorations Can Add Wow To Your Reception

Not everybody can afford to celebrate their wedding reception in a 5-star hotel ballroom or a vineyard. So if you have chosen a plain white tent or a blank space such as a loft for your dinner reception, you can still dazzle and mesmerize your guests upon entering the reception venue with just a bit of creativity here and there.

Here are some elements you can use to transform your wedding reception venue:


Flower Power

Flowers have a way of cheering up an otherwise boring room. Choose colorful mix of blooms that matches your wedding motif and use it in different elements at the reception: your stage backdrop, centerpieces, etc.


Highlight the Ceiling

Hang lots of lights at the ceiling and be amazed on how these immediately change the ambiance of your reception venue. Anything from chandeliers, lanterns, to bulb strings will do as long as this is well coordinated with the overall theme that you are going for.



Take on a Wedding Theme

Take your reception on a different level by embracing a theme for your wedding. Beach-themed, Coachella, Hollywood, and Rustic Chic are just some of the themes you can use. You can even personalize your wedding by using a theme that speaks a lot about how you and your partner met or something that you both love doing such as a travel-themed reception.



Display several photographs of you and your partner all over the venue to keep your reception interesting. Aside from adding your own personality in the venue, it also serves as a conversation starter for your guests while waiting for the reception to begin. You can display some snapshots of your love story, travel photos with your partner and even some cute pictures from your childhood.



Ceiling Décor

If your venue has a high plain ceiling, you can choose to add few elements to beautify it. You can install drapes or hang Chinese lanterns, chandeliers, paper pom-poms or a combination of any of this at the ceiling.


Handwritten Messages

Scatter several chalkboards or wood planks with handwritten notes such as important milestones or dates of your love story, love quotes, or a few lines from your vows to keep it interesting and cute.


Cozy with Candles

Use lots and lots of candles especially for a dinner reception. A candlelit room will immediately cozy up the mood and make the ambiance apt for a romantic evening.




Check out our Pinterest boards for more inspiration!


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10 Tips to Being a Good Wedding Guest

August 27, 2016

The bride and the groom, as well as their families, will spend a lot of time, effort and money into planning a wedding. Being invited as one of the guests should be treated as an honor and privilege. This only means that the couple considers you special and wants you to be a part of this very important occasion in their life.

It is only right to return this privilege by putting on your best behavior before and during the wedding. Check out our list of tips below that will surely make the bride and groom happy on their big day.

1. RSVP on time
Every penny spent for the wedding is hard earned money so be sure not to waste it. Never keep them guessing if you can make it to their wedding or not. Respond to the RSVP on time whether you can attend or if you want to decline the invitation.

2. Don’t bring a plus one
Needless to say it is only polite not to invite a guest when your invitation does not say you can do so. In that matter, you should not call up or insist on the couple if you can bring a plus one, it will only pressure them to say yes to you. The invite should be indicative enough.

3. Ask if it’s okay to bring kids
The main concern about kids is that they will add up to the headcount. This means they will have to be allotted a seat and food during the reception. Second, the couple might want to keep the event formal and solemn. They might want you to enjoy the party without the hassle of minding your kids.

4. Special diet must be announced in advance
Give the couple a heads up if you are following a strict diet for health or religion reasons. Inquire for the menu and see if there are any of the courses that you can eat. In case of allergies, better let them know in advance so they can make special arrangements for you with their caterer.

5. Come on time
Do not miss any of the happenings! If the invite says to come at 10AM, it is only respectful to arrive at least a few minutes before that.

6. Dress for the occasion
There’s no need telling that a wedding is almost always a formal event. So unless specified, keep your shirts and jeans away for a day and come to the wedding in your best attire.

7. Wait until the wedding is over before you leave
The couple prepared hard to make this wedding special. Show them proper respect by staying until the party is over before leaving.

8. Wait to be seated
The couple might have prepared a seating arrangement for the ceremony and the reception. If you really need to sit, approach any of the wedding coordinators to help you find your seat.

9. Avoid posting online
The couple might want to be the one to post their wedding photos first or at least wait for the official photos to be out. So unless the couple provided an official wedding hashtag, try to go offline and just enjoy being a spectator at the wedding.

10. Be game for anything
Some reception programs require guest participation. Don’t be a party pooper and gamely participate when asked.

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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Caterer

August 26, 2016

How To Get The Best Caterer For Your Event

They say there are very few things in your wedding that will last in your guests’ memories; the beauty of the reception setup, the emotional vows, the hilarious toast by the best man, and of course, the food! The food could be considered one of the most important aspects of any event!

In choosing a caterer make sure you get the one that will provide not only most delicious food but also the perfect service. Here are some of the questions and items that should be in your checklist when choosing a caterer.

1. The Basics
– Are they available on your wedding date?
– How many events can they hold in a day?
– How many events do they accept in a year?
– How long have they been in the business?
– Can they provide you with references and portfolio?
– Are they complete with licenses and health permits?
– Do they sign a contract with clients?
– Are they accredited by the venue you have chosen?
– If not, have they ever held a wedding at this venue?

2. Price and Package
– What is the minimum number of guests to reserve?
– Can they accommodate rental upgrades? e.g. flowers, seats, arrangements, etc.
– Do they have Menu samples with prices?
– Can they customize their menu?
– Can they work around your wedding budget?
– On top of the amenities, are there other freebies?
– When can you schedule a food tasting?
– How many can you bring during food tasting? Is this free?

3. Food and Service
– Do they offer set menus? Buffet?
– Does the service include the setup and clean up?
– Do they provide wedding stationaries such as menu cards, place cards, etc.?
– Can they serve alcohols if provided?
– Is there a corkage fee for self-supplied items such as cake, alcohol and desserts? How much?
– Do they provide children’s meal? How much? And how will it be served?
– How about vendor’s meal? How much? And how will it be served?
– Will the assigned account executive be present during the wedding?
– What is your server to table ratio?
– Will you assist during cake cutting and wine toasting?
– Will you provide for the reception program necessities like the cake cutter and wine flutes?
– What type of glassware and utensils do you have?
– Do you have linens to match our wedding motif?
– Can they customize their arrangement based on your inspirations?
– Do they offer meals for special needs and preferences (allergies, vegetarian, etc.)?
– Where is your kitchen located? How far from the venue?

4. Payment and policies
– What payment terms do they offer?
– What is their cancellation policy?
– How about if you are just moving the date due to unavoidable events?
– What will happen if the cancellation is due to fortuitous events?
– What is their refund policy?
– When is the deadline in submitting guest estimate? How about additional guests afterwards?

After talking to them, do you feel heard? Do you think they get your vision? Also make sure that the person who discussed with you is someone you feel you can trust and will enjoy dealing with until your wedding day.

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Guide to Wedding Financial Roles – Who pays for what?

August 24, 2016

If you were not able to save a lot to cover all wedding expenses, you would have to accept financial support from your families at some point. And that is actually okay. Although back in the days, the cost of planning a wedding is really part of the responsibilities of the families of both the bride and the groom.

For those sticking to the norms of wedding finances, let us breakdown to you the traditional financial roles in a wedding. From rings to flowers to the biggest expenses of venue rental, know who pays for what.

Bride’s Expenses

• Groom’s wedding ring
• Bouquets of her bridal party
• Gifts for her bridesmaids
• Wedding present for the groom

Bride’s Family

• Engagement announcements (e.g. newspapers)
• Engagement party
• All cost for the ceremony
• Bride’s wedding dress, veil and accessories
• Floral arrangements
• Transportation during wedding day
• Photographer
• Lodgings (if needed)
• Wedding reception costs


• Engagement ring
• Bride’s wedding ring
• Gifts for his groomsmen
• Honeymoon

Groom’s Family

• Rehearsal dinner
• Marriage license fee
• Officiant’s fee
• Corsage and boutonnieres for the groomsmen
• Transportation and lodgings for the groom side of the family
• Alcohol for the reception


What are the common arrangements for wedding expenses today?

There are now very different opinions as to who should pay for the wedding. If the couple has lived on their own for quite a long time, people believed they should be able to pay for the entire wedding. But of course, parents will always want to be part of the planning and would love to offer financial support.


Here are some ways on how you can divide the wedding expenses:

• If they are able, all expenses will be paid by the couple
• Expenses to be divided evenly by the couple, the bride’s family and the groom’s family
• Evenly split the wedding costs among the two families
• Each family covers for the cost of each guest from their side

The key is not to impose anything on anyone. Financial obligations must be decided based on willingness and the capacity to pay. It is very important that everybody is comfortable with their assigned contribution.


Most Commonly Forgotten Things by Brides on Their Wedding Day

August 20, 2016


No matter how many times you prepare and run through the wedding scenarios in your mind, there will always be something (or things) that will be overlooked and forgotten. Avoid the panic and stress by making sure you get all the items ready and done before your wedding.

Check out our list below for some items that brides forget during their wedding day so you can include these items on your wedding reminders.

Vendor meals

On your wedding day, your wedding vendors are going to be up really early and will be working hard until the last hour of your after-party. Keep their energy up by making sure they are well fed during the day. Prepare more than one meal especially if you know that the hours will be really, really long.

Marriage license

Forgetting to bring probably the most important document in your big day is the worst. Of course in the worst case scenario, you can always sign a mock up license or a blank document. But then you would not want to get into the hassle of tracking all of your witnesses again after the wedding and let them sign the license one by one.


So you got your marriage license ready but then lo and behold, you also forgot to pack a pen. Be sure that on your big day you have a pen or two in your bridal purse along with the other necessities.

Wedding rings

Yes believe it or not, there are some couples who forget to bring their wedding rings to their own wedding ceremony. So make sure you entrust this to someone, like the best man or the wedding planner a day or a few hours before all becomes busy during wedding preparation.

Thank You notes

Never forget to thank all those people who took a part in your wedding day. Not too elaborate, just simple notes saying you are grateful for their presence and for the wedding gifts. This goes to your wedding vendors as well. Write them an honest review online so that other brides can hear straight from you how awesome they made your wedding celebration.

Media files

We know a lot of couple who got so stressed out a few minutes before the reception because they forgot to bring that flash disk that contains all the media files for their first dance and engagement videos to be shown during reception. You can avoid this by simply making multiple copies saved on different storage disk and entrusting it to someone or by giving advance copy to your DJ and technical team days before the wedding.

Gadget chargers

Avoid panicking at the last minute because your wedding vow is saved on your mobile notes or worry about missing out on some of your wedding moments just because your phone battery is running low. Always bring your phone charger or power bank so you are always ready.

Wedding invitation

The wedding invite is an item that most photographers love to take a shot of before the wedding but most brides forget to bring this. So just to make sure, ask your photographer for a checklist of the items they need you to bring during the pictorial so you can be confident that you don’t forget any.

The items above are just some of the common things that brides forget to do or bring during their wedding day. How about you? Did you forget any other items during your wedding? Feel free to share your list by leaving a comment!

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First Major Decisions After You Get Engaged

August 18, 2016

What To Do After You Are Engaged

Just got engaged? Expect the hundreds of well wishers to greet you soon. But after the euphoria of being engaged wears off and once you are able to take off your eyes from the glittering ring on your finger, it is time to face the taxing tasks of planning your wedding.

What are the first few things you should take care of?

Set a wedding budget

Decide on how much will you spend for your wedding. This will determine a lot of aspects in your wedding: how many guests to invite, what vendors you can hire, and what kind of venue to book, among others.  Review your finances, compute expected income until wedding day and check for other sources of fund that can contribute to cover the expenses.

Decide when to say “I do”

Set a timetable. Although it is important to know that nothing is final yet until the wedding venue is set, it is important to set your mind on a few options already. The average engagement period is usually a year, but you might also want to consider major holidays, season preference and family events before setting the date.

Plan your guest list

Determine the number of guests you can afford to invite based on your budget. How big do you want the wedding be? Who are the people you would want to share this precious moment with?

Select your dream wedding venue

Do you want an outdoor or indoor venue? Will it be the same venue for wedding rites and reception? Search the best wedding venue options near you where you see yourself walking down the aisle and saying your ‘I do’s’

Choose your wedding party

Pick those who have been a part of your love story and those very dear to your hearts because they will fill in on the most important roles in your wedding.

Insure engagement rings

Sometimes unfortunate things really happen. Engagement rings cost a fortune so it is always best to be practical and prepared. Contact you current home insurance and apply it as an extension or better yet, find a jewelry insurance that will protect this valued treasure.

Get some help

You might be busy with your career and to add all these wedding works on top of that will surely be tiring that at some point you would need to get some help from a professional. Hire a wedding planner that will suit your needs and someone you can trust to give you peace of mind that the wedding will be absolutely perfect.

Create a wedding vision

Talk to your finance about how you want the wedding to be. There’s no need to go into details yet but at least decide on what you visualize your wedding day would look and feel like. Do you want it intimate or grand? Do you want to get married in the morning or under the stars? Do you like it formal or would you prefer it fun and loud?

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How To Prepare For Your First Dance

August 17, 2016

how to prepare for your first dance when you have two left feet

Are you afraid or uncomfortable dancing in front of others? The bad news is one of the most common wedding traditions is the newlywed’s first dance. Of course you have the option to take this out of the program but why let go of a tradition if you can learn how to do it?

The wedding’s first dance does not necessarily require you to move so much, it’s more like slow dancing but with a bit of choreography. But then there are no rules in terms of how you want to carry out the dance. How long you want it, what type of music to dance to, slow or fast, all depends to you.

Find your beat

The great thing about first dances is that there are no rules and no limitations at all. You can dictate what type of music you want to use and choose whether you want to dance slow or fast. So in selecting your first dance music, choose the one that gets you grooving most of the time. Also, choosing a song you both love or have meaning for the both of you will help you enjoy that spotlight moment.

Go to classes together

If you don’t have any dancing background, better to begin taking classes early. 3-4 months before the wedding will be ideal to get you comfortable with dancing. This will also be a great opportunity to spend quality time together and a good way to sweat out all the stress you have been feeling while planning the wedding.

Hire a good teacher

If you are not at ease with being in a class together with several other couples then you can opt to hiring a pro. Not everybody is born with body coordination and blessed with a knack for dancing. So get someone you are comfortable with who will create the perfect dance steps for your wedding and will patiently teach you the moves.

Keep it short and simple

Keep the dance short and sweet and use very basic steps so that it will be easier for you to memorize and keep up with your partner. You can do a routine for the first half of the song and use the rest to get everybody on the dance floor.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

As they say, practice makes perfect. You will not get it the first time around so take time to practice the dance together as frequent as you can. Here’s a tip: Practice the dance using the shoes you are going to use at the wedding so your feet will be comfortable with it and you can check whether the shoes is a good fit for the routine that you have.

Enjoy the moment

Finally, learn to embrace the moment. Who cares if you are not the world’s best dancer? No one really knows the routine except you both and no one expects you to dance professionally anyway. Lighten up and laugh at the mishaps. Remember your audiences are the people who love both of you dearly. So just dance your heart out and enjoy the moment.

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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Planner

August 12, 2016

Choose your perfect match – get the best wedding planner for you.

Once upon a time, the maid of honor and the best man were entrusted with majority of the wedding planning and coordinating tasks to help the bride and the groom. But the changing demands of modern weddings have paved way to the need for a superwoman (or man!) to help every bride and groom with all the grueling wedding tasks.

When you find yourself overwhelmed with all the preparation and decision making on hand, it is about time you get a wedding planner. Choose the right wedding planner that will help you lessen the stress and anxiety giving you a peace of mind until your big day comes. Search for reputable wedding planners in wedding sites or ask friends who recently got married for referrals. Make it a point to do further research once you have narrowed down your choices into two or more wedding planners.

Depending on your needs and budget, you may hire a: full service planner, partial coordinator, or a day-of coordinator.

Getting Ready For Your Initial Wedding Planner Interview

Schedule a face-to-face interview to get to know the wedding planner better. Here are some of the details she will ask you (better be ready!) before the interview:

  • Wedding date
  • Wedding budget
  • Number of guests
  • Wedding venue (if you already have one)
  • Wedding vision (no need to worry if you don’t have one yet, a skilled wedding planner will guide you in visualizing your dream wedding!)

What to Ask Your Wedding Planner:

  • Are you available on our wedding date?
  • How long have you been a wedding planner?
  • Why did you choose this as a career?
  • What is the hardest problem you have encountered as a wedding planner? How did you handle this challenge?
  • How many weddings can you handle in a month? Do you handle more than one wedding in a day?
  • Up to what extent is your involvement in the weddings that you manage?
  • Will you be at the wedding personally? How many assistants will you have?
  • Is the wedding rehearsal part of your services?
  • Do you have a contingency plan in case of emergency that you cannot be present on our wedding?
  • How soon do you answer inquiries from clients?
  • How often would you meet us for consultations?
  • Do you have an office, website or social media pages for easier communication?
  • Do you charge a flat rate, a percentage of the wedding cost, or per hour?
  • What are the services included in this fee?
  • What is your payment policy?
  • How about refund policy for cancellation?
  • Have you ever worked at the venue we have chosen?
  • Do you have a network of wedding vendors we can consider? Are we required to get only them?
  • Will you be present in all our meetings with the other vendors?
  • Can you show us a portfolio of your past weddings?
  • Can you provide us a list of references?

After the initial interview, reflect on these questions:

  • Do you feel that you were heard?
  • Did she understand your vision?
  • Can she work around your budget?
  • Did you like her work ethics?
  • Do you think your personality matches?

Remember that you will be partnering with her for the wedding for the next couple of months. If you feel that something doesn’t click then you probably should look for other options. You only get married once so make sure you hire someone who can help you achieve your dream start to your happily ever after.