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4 Unexpected Types of Wedding Venues

July 26, 2016
Winery Wedding Venue

There are more and more couples looking to have an out of the ordinary wedding. Of course, they want to keep some of the traditional elements, but experiment with others. As a result of that, unexpected types of wedding venues are becoming very attractive. A place that is new and unusual attracts many young couples as a perfect place to get married. Many couples use this opportunity to express their creativity and to make this experience more comfortable and enjoyable. In order to find out what is thought of as unexpected wedding venues, here are four examples:

1.  Sport wedding venues

In the past, the vast majority of sports fans were men, but the situation is different today. It’s not unusual for both partners to be interested in a specific sport. They watch the games on TV or visit the local sports complex. In a situation like this, choosing a sports venue is a perfect solution. If a couple enjoys playing golf, you could find a golf course that allows wedding ceremonies and enjoy the reception in the clubhouse. You can also spend some of the wedding outdoors or even allow the guests to play golf if they want to. Many other sports venues can be turned into wedding venues, so take this option into consideration.

2.  Historical wedding venues

People have always been fascinated by history and tradition, so choosing a wedding venue that represents some important landmark, ruin, or place that has a national significance guarantees a unique experience. We are sure that many of the guests will be thrilled to be part of your wedding. In addition, historical wedding venues represent great places for taking memorable photos. We should not forget that many of these historical sites are already developed for the accommodation of tourists, so you won’t have a problem with the infrastructure. Finally, the majority of historical sites are surrounded by beautiful nature, so you can easily organize an outdoor wedding.

3.  Parks

In case your wedding is scheduled in late spring, summer or early fall, you can choose a local or state park for this purpose. This is definitely not an ordinary place to get married, but these parks look lovely. A big plus is that you won’t spend a large fortune on decorations if you choose a local or state park as a wedding venue. Before you choose this solution, make sure that you are following the local or state laws.

4.  Wineries

Wine tourism is growing every year and there is more than one good reason for that. When it comes to unexpected types of wedding, we suggest wineries because they are usually nestled in a beautiful, isolated place which makes them ideal for intimate weddings. You and all your guests will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the stunning views around the winery. Of course, you will also get a chance to enjoy top-quality wines.


Top 10 Wedding Planning Books

July 26, 2016
Wedding Books

The majority of weddings are breathtaking and glamorous, but this is not something that happens by accident. In order to throw a wedding like this, everything must be planned carefully. Finding the right date, venue, photographer, and caterer, as well as, making guest lists and bookings – are only some of the things that you must take into consideration when planning a wedding. There are people who hire wedding planners to finish this job for them, but other couples want to do this on their own. If you are one of them, you should know that a good wedding planning book can be quite helpful. These books can help you rest assured that everything will be perfect on your big day. Now let’s check the list of top 10 wedding planning books.

1.  New Manners for New Times by Letitia Baldrige

As one of the leading experts in domestic, social and executive manners, Letitia Baldrige has decided to create a book that can help couples plan their perfect wedding. It mostly focuses on protocols and conventions and contains a lot useful information.

2.  A Practical Wedding: Creative Ideas for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration by Meg Keene

This wedding planning book is focused on making a wedding on a budget. The author explains that the extravagance of the weddings atmosphere does not mean that a large bill in necessary. With this book, you can save a lot of money on your wedding and create a fabulous atmosphere.

3.  A More Perfect Union: How I survived the Happiest Day of My Life by Hana Schank

Hana Schank has created a memoir of her own wedding, spicing it up with social critique. Thanks to this book you will figure out why we practice some of the wedding traditions and when it is okay to miss some of them.

4.  The Big White Book of Weddings by David Tutera

Those who have no clue what they should do to plan the perfect wedding can rely on this step-by-step guide. This wedding planning book covers even the smallest details that help make a wedding special.

5.  The DIY Wedding: Celebrate Your Day Your Way by Kelly Bare

Do-it–yourself weddings can be fantastic and this book proves it. With the help of this book,  you won’t have to hire a florist, wedding planner, photographer or other wedding professionals if you don’t want to. Kelly Bare’s book teaches us how to create a guest list, manage guests, decorate the space, arrange flowers and many other wedding necessities.

6.  Handmade Weddings by Shana Faust, Sabrina Moyle, and Eunice Moyle

This book is written by three experienced writers that offer numerous DIY projects that will spice up your wedding.

7.  Instant Wedding Planner by Jennifer Shawne

Why hire a wedding planner when you can become one? Learn how wedding planners work and how to create the perfect wedding ceremony and wedding party.

8.  The Wedding Planner & Organizer by Mindy Weiss

Mindy Weiss helps couples take care of all the details related to their Big Day by helping them stay relaxed and happy when the wedding day comes.

9.  Wedding Chic by Colin Cowie

If you lack inspiration for your wedding, this book will definitely help you. Even though it lacks information for DIY brides, this book will help you come up with the creative ideas.

10.  The Bride’s Book of Lists by Amy Nebenes

Learn how to create lists for your wedding by reading this simple book. This book also contains many useful tips for saving money and hiring the right professionals for your wedding.


With your newfound knowledge, you can use VenueCenter to find your perfect venue and put your skills to the test. VenueCenter makes it as easy as 1-2-3; just search it, price it, and then book it! Click here to find your dream venue!

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8 Reasons Couples Hate Wedding Venues

July 26, 2016
beautiful wedding venue

Let’s be clear, the wedding venue is one of the most important elements of every wedding. If you find a good wedding venue, you can rest assured that you have finished half of the job related to the wedding day. There are some things that many wedding venue managers and owners do that make couples angry and frustrated. By learning more about these problems both couples and wedding venue managers can improve this experience.

1.  Complex quotes

It is quite natural for couples to ask for space, rates, and dates when they are contacting a wedding venue. In most cases, the manager will say that they will call you back in order to create a quote. However, many of them make the same mistake and send complex quotes that include tons of images, confusing menus, and sometimes unnecessary information.

2.  Not being available

If there is one thing that makes couples frustrated about wedding venue managers, it is their unavailability. With this very special moment occurring, couples must be sure that everything is going to go well, so it is not unusual for them to ask additional questions from time to time. The management of the venue must be available almost all the time, even during weekends.  

3.  Forcing couples to choose a specific caterer

Some wedding venues give a minimal amount of options for caterers. If couples choose to have a caterer not from the specified list, they will be charged an extra fee.

4.  Not having an updated website

Websites should have functioning links, be modernized, and easy to navigate. Couples should be able to find the information they need in well laid out site navigation.

5.  Missing information on the website

If the wedding venue was renovated, expanded, reduced or changed in any way, this information should be available on their website. Couples need to know the venue information so they can plan accordingly for their guests. Additionally, the wedding venue should have a website with precise information like capacity, exact location, spaces, parking space, additional services etc.

6.  Inadequate audiovisual infrastructure

Modern weddings often require sophisticated video and audio equipment use and the wedding venue should have suitable AV infrastructure to meet the couples’ needs.

7.  Insisting on a lengthy inspection

Performing a wedding venue inspection is beneficial for everyone, but wedding venue management should know when the potential clients are in a hurry. There is no need for a lengthy inspection especially if the venue is simple.

8.   Being very rigid

Keep in mind that the use of the venue, price and other things related to the venue are not written in stone. Every client is different and good wedding venue owners should know that flexibility is appreciated by all clients.

How to avoid these issues

VenueCenter has an updated and accurate website for any couple looking for a venue. They make it as simple as 1-2-3; all couples have to do is search it, price it, and book it. Click here to learn more about how VenueCenter can make choosing your wedding venue a breeze!


Top Wedding Songs for 2016

July 17, 2016
wedding music

Truth be told, there are many things that every couple that is planning a wedding should take into consideration. The wedding venue, the food, the guest list and…the wedding songs! Don’t panic, there are tons of excellent tunes that can make your wedding even more interesting and livelier. People can visit a record store and get at least a couple of wedding song compilation CDs. The same goes for the popular online stores.

The Importance of Wedding Music

The selection of music at your special day demands careful thought and the reason is simple – without a good music, your wedding planning is useless. If there is an abundance of tacky and simply inadequate songs, you risk killing the mood. So, what every couple should do is to spend some time to discover the top wedding songs. The lists that contain the top wedding songs in the last decade contain many bad songs. This is not a surprise because not all people are the same, some like slower songs while others opt for livelier dance songs.

Wedding Song Best Practices

The best idea is to choose a variety of songs that belong to different genres. Don’t forget that besides you, there will be many guests and they should be satisfied with the selection of songs too. Another thing that you should take into consideration is the lyrics of these songs. You should focus on joyful, interesting and fun songs and avoid songs that might cause some negative reactions or ambiguous songs. Using a mix of classic and new songs is probably the smartest option.

Top Wedding Songs in 2016:

That’s why we have prepared a list of top wedding songs for 2016.

  1.   Beyonce – Love on Top

Beyonce is one of the most popular female singers for many years and she is best known for her love songs. Generally speaking, almost all of her songs are good for dancing , but Love On Top is definitely one of the best for your wedding. The lyrics and the rhythm will make everyone dance.

  1.   Bruno Mars – Marry You

As the name suggests, this song is all about marriage. With his beautiful voice, Bruno Mars has created several hits and if you are a fan of his work, you should definitely choose Marry You as one of your wedding songs. The lyrics will remind you of the day when the groom proposed and the catchy lyrics will certainly make guests sing and clap their hands while enjoying the lovely event.

  1.   Adele – Remedy

Adele has an incredible voice. Her songs are very deep and her love ballads are unique. This song comes with some interesting lyrics talking about the power of love and commitment.


Of course, these are just some of the top wedding songs this 2016. Other songs that are worth mentioning include Hold My hand by Jess Glynne, Yours by Russell Dickerson, Cake by the Ocean by DNCE, Stand by You by Rachel Platten, All Night Long by Lionel Richie, I want it that way by the Backstreet Boys and Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran.  

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DIY Wedding Centerpiece How-to Guide

July 17, 2016
DIY wedding centerpiece

Do-it-yourself or simply DIY projects are becoming quite popular today. People use DIY projects on different occasions and it seems that many of them have witnessed great success when they’ve used such projects on their weddings. We all know that every DIY project can save you a lot of money, but the fact is that the benefits of such projects go beyond saving money . For instance, they can add a personal touch to this memorable day. By creating a DIY wedding centerpiece you can expect do get a centerpiece that will make your wedding different and more enjoyable.

The following is a how-to guide to making the best DIY wedding centerpiece:

Before You Start:

  1.    For starters, choose the wedding theme. Without this crucial decision, you won’t be able to proceed. This means that you should choose the textures and color patterns you will use on your wedding day.
  2.    After you solve this dilemma, you should decide whether you need and want a small or large centerpiece. One of the best ways to make the right decision is to take the number of guests into account. In other words, you will need to find out how many guests will seat on one table. If the group is larger, the centerpiece will be smaller.

Now, let’s take a look at some DIY wedding centerpieces:

Simple Vase and Blossom Branch Centerpiece

To start with, you can choose a tall vase for this purpose. Buy transparent glass vases for every table. Find a vase that is about 24 inches high. It is up to you to select the best width.

In order to create this centerpiece, you’ll need glass beads in any color although transparent are most popular, tall blossom branches (artificial) as well as a feather or floral accents. You can also use water in the vases. Let the branches touch the edge of the vase instead of clustering them in the middle.

If you use water, leave at least two inches free under the rims.

Floating Light Centerpiece

Another great idea is to use floating light centerpiece. This is another simple DIY project that can be done by almost anyone. The best part is that this DIY centerpiece for your wedding lets you unleash your creativity.

Buy cylinder glass vases (10 inches high) – one for each table. Buy the same number of mirror-looking square candle plates made of glass and cylinder candle holders. In addition, you should purchase real roses one for each table, glass beads in any colors (make sure that they match the color of roses), votive candles in white color and some water.

Begin by cutting the stems of the roses so they can stand at around three inches right under the rim. You can also add some water, but leave at least two inches under the rim.

We hope that these DIY wedding centerpiece ideas will help you create outstanding centerpieces. You can use the Internet to find dozens of ideas and you can also use your own imagination to spice up things a little bit.


How to Plan for Attendees with Special Diets

July 17, 2016
wedding food

Recently, there are a growing number of people who are following special diets. Some of them have allergies and other problems caused by food while others are just trying to lose or maintain their weight. In case you are planning your wedding, you should definitely make a plan for attendees with special diets. Don’t forget that every guest remembers wedding because of food (among other things) and you certainly don’t want these attendees which have some special needs when it comes to food to remember the wedding because the food was inadequate. Now let’s see how to plan for attendees with special diets.

Get Some Help from your Caterer

First of all, since you will probably use the help of caterers, ask them whether they have experience with special diets. The vast majority of caterers should have knowledge in this field, but talking to them is one way to figure out how much experience they have. They should be able to name special baking and cooking techniques and foods they have prepared in the past. Ask them whether they can prepare sugar-free, gluten-free or other similar non-traditional desserts.

Ask your Guests

Another good idea is to ask your guests about their food limitations and allergies. For instance, you can use the wedding invitation to gather this information. Ask the receivers to call you in case they are following some food restrictions or if they are allergic to some foods. Share this information with the caterer. They should be able to create a food menu that will meet the requirements of all attendees.

Label your Food Items

Weddings are events that include large amounts of foods and drinks and it is easy to cross contaminate the food. That’s why the caterer and the organizers must be very careful. If cross-contamination happens, everything you’ve done before the wedding will be useless because the attendees might experience food-related issues. The best idea is to use labels on all the foods, so guests can easily find out what kind of ingredients they can expect in each piece of food. It is also a good idea to make separate stations for specific types of desserts and meals specially designed for people dealing with food allergies. Kosher, vegan, vegetarian, non-dairy, but-free, sugar-free and gluten-free are some of the labels you can use. If there is a guest that has some life-threatening allergy, consult them twice before serving any food at their table.


Those who will follow the aforementioned tips should know that they have done everything they can to make sure that the attendees of their wedding are satisfied and safe during this special event. So, make the plan and execute it before the wedding day, but once this day comes forget about all the concerns and worries. You should leave the catering staff to do their job and enjoy these moments. Finally, remember that there are always some guests that won’t be satisfied with the food, but the main point is to serve food that is safe for every attendee.

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How to Quickly Pick Your Wedding Venue

July 3, 2016

If you want to make your wedding day memorable and special, then you must be prepared to take some important decisions. One of them is selecting the right wedding venue. With the best venue for your wedding, you will be able to add a personal touch and create the best atmosphere. In other words, you will feel comfortable and your guests will be pleased and happy.

But, planning a wedding is a time-consuming activity and couples usually spend a lot of time selecting the right wedding venue. The good news is that there is a way to speed up this process!

Here are a few tips for picking your wedding venue faster:

Set a Budget

For starters, set a budget limit. Even before you start with this process, it is crucial to find out what your maximum spending amount is. Keep in mind that the cost of the wedding venue is just one of the expenses you’ll have. So, by setting a maximum budget you will be able to cut the list of possible choices and accelerate this process.

Use the Season to Your Advantage

Next, think about the period of the year when you are getting married. Of course, when it comes to summer weddings, most people opt for outdoor weddings. In addition, the opportunity to have a wedding on the beach or in nature makes the situation less complicated. However, since more people have weddings in summer, it is very likely that you will need to book the venue weeks or months in advance.

Ask for Minimum and Maximum Capacity

Another thing that you must take into account is the number of guests. As you are probably aware, every wedding venue has a certain capacity. What is interesting is that you should not only look for the maximum capacity but also for the minimum number of guests you can have because some venues ask couples for a minimum number of guests. This is especially true when they are providing the catering. So, the number of guests will reduce your options and accelerate this process.

Look at Hotels if Many Guests are Coming from Out of Town

Furthermore, you should think about the needs of your guests. For example, if you have a lot of guests that are coming from areas located far away, it is very likely that they will have to stay overnight. So, choosing a wedding venue that offers accommodation might be a good idea. Many of these venues provide special deals because of the high number of guests you’ll provide.

Use a Wedding Planner

Finally, don’t forget that you can always use the help of a wedding planner. If you are in a hurry or you just want to speed up this process and all the others activities related to your wedding, hiring a wedding planner is a smart idea. Although some couples might think that this is a costly investment, the fact is that with their help you will save time and possibly money because they have connections with many venue managers and they can get discounts.

We hope that these tips will help you speed up this process and enjoy your wedding!


6 Questions to Ask Before Booking a Venue

July 2, 2016

Given that the wedding is one of the most important events and days in our lives, it is not unusual why so many couples want to make sure that everything on this day will be perfect. Of course, one of the first and most important decisions that couples need to make is to find a good wedding venue.

Although there are many wedding venues offering their services, the truth is that not all of them are the same. Keep in mind that you need to select a venue that suits your needs, requirements, and desires. So, if a wedding venue was good for your newlywed friends, this doesn’t mean that it will be good for you.

The following is a list of 6 must-ask questions before booking a venue.

Is the venue available on the specific date you have selected

Many couples think that they have found the perfect wedding venue and they start discussing other things before they ask whether the venue is actually available. So, this is obviously the first question you should ask. So, once you set a date and you want to look for a venue, ask them whether it is available or not. If you have not chosen a strict date yet, you can adjust this date depending on the availability of certain venues (in case you believe that you have found the right venue).

Ask them about the seating capacity and plan

Here’s another important question to ask. It is not logical to book a venue that has a capacity for 300 guests in case you are inviting 100 people. On the other hand, it would be impossible to find room for 300 guests in a venue that has a seating area for 100 guests. What is very important is to make sure that the guests will feel comfortable and that the seating area won’t disrupt the dancing area. It is also a good idea to ask for a seating plan.

When can you access the venue?

Most wedding venues say that the venue is available for the entire day. However, different venues have different rules when it comes to accessing the building. The best idea is to make a deal while you are still negotiating.

What will we get for the venue hire?

Once they reveal the venue hire fee, it is the best idea to ask them what you will get for that fee. For instance, do they provide chairs and tables? Do they provide drinks or food packages? Are the taxes covered by the fee?

Do you provide caterers and can we use our own caterers?

Some venues don’t allow external caterers, so you better ask this question before you make a deal. If you think that their caterers are professional and don’t cost much it is usually easier to use their services.

Is onsite accommodation an option?

This question is important for weddings where many of the guests come from other cities or states because they will definitely need a place to stay overnight. It’s generally only offered at hotels, resorts and summer camps/lodges.

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Can You Get Married for Under 5000?

July 1, 2016
Wedding under $5000

So, you have finally decided to make the big step and get married. If you have set the date for the big day, you should start planning your wedding right away.

Surely by now you will notice that the happiest day of your life can become one of the most expensive days too!

According to some wedding planners, the average cost of a wedding is around $25,000. But, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t have that amount of money you should postpone your wedding or cancel it. On the contrary, it is possible to have a memorable wedding even if you can only afford to spend $5000!

We truly believe that this is possible and we will explain how you can achieve this:

The Wedding Venue

First of all, one of the biggest expenses is the wedding venue. One of the best ways to cut back on expenses is to use public venues like parks and beaches. In case you are a church member, churches usually allow their members to use the facilities for a certain symbolic fee or even for free. So, for this purpose, you can spend between 0 and 450 dollars.


When it comes to wedding dresses and tuxes, you can find them at very low prices. One of the best ideas is to buy a wedding dress and tuxedo online. There are many special discounts found there, but you must make sure that the wedding dress will fit you. Of course, there is always an option to borrow a dress or rent one. These special dresses and tuxes will cost you no more than $500.


Decorations are an important part of every wedding. The good news is that you can unleash your creativity and come up with some memorable decorations at a low price. There are many DIY decorations that can add a personal touch to this event. But, if you want to use DIY decorations you will need help. Instead of using separate floral arrangements, you can place the bridesmaids’ and bride’s bouquets on the main table. If you have an outdoor wedding in nature, let nature decorate this event. We believe that you can decorate the grounds for no more than $350.


If you want to keep memories from your wedding, then using photographers is a must. But, you don’t have to use the help of a professional photographer. You can ask some of your friends or relatives who are talented and have great cameras to help you. In addition, it is a smart move to buy disposable cameras and place them on each table and ask the guests to take photos, you can print the photos later. The approximate cost of this activity will be up to $700.


Creating CDs can help you with the music, but remember to ask some of your guests to monitor the playlist. So, this activity can be finished for free. In addition, use DIY invitations (up to $100) and prepare your wedding cake or buy a smaller one ($250). In the end, bring your own food and drinks. Depending on the number of guests, the food and drinks should cost you no more than $400.

Getting married for under $5000 is possible and what is even more important you can still have a memorable and fun wedding!